Chapter 9 – You are the Only One I Love

I had turned twelve.

I was given the rather delicate title of a genius court physician. I was not that amazing. It was just that the caliber of physicians in this land was relatively low.

There were a lot of dragons with a strong constitution here, so it was no wonder that there was not so much demand for potions. Still, no matter how long I waited, no one could make medicine better than I did.

“Sir Sugar.”

“Oh, High Priest. Good afternoon. You don’t have to address a child like me as Sir.”

I lowered my head and greeted the primed man with a bow.

“I insist. Without your medicine, the church would not be able to function… We really appreciate your help.”

I smiled ambiguously. The accursed poison of Dianus was spreading and taking over the entire land. While the curse was still rather faint, a “kind of unpleasant air” prevailed, and the wind spirits began to flee. A “kind of bad feeling” also permeated the water, preventing the water spirits from getting any closer.

The earth spirits had run away and were almost gone. Those bound to the earth and unable to escape were starting to go mad.

Only fire spirits had a good affinity with fire dragons, not with poison dragons, so it looked like nothing happened.

With the land in this state, illnesses were more frequent, and the number of sick people in the church increased rapidly. And the first to fall ill was not one of the strong dragons but a lowborn.

I made potions at my own expense to temporarily suppress the effects of the accursed poison and dropped them off at the church. Aside from potions, the accursed poison antidotes were really only a temporary fix since they did not break the curse that was accumulating in the body, but it was still so pleasing enough that I could pray.

“Besides, your presence alone is enough to make everyone happy.”

“It’s nice to hear you say that.”

Yes. I had grown into a beautiful boy, to say the least. I had platinum-colored hair that fluttered and deep emerald eyes. I looked delicate and was often mistaken for a woman. My eyes were big, but they were also said to be mysterious because of their melancholic look.

Well, during those times, I was thinking about my late husband, Di, and wished I had not fallen asleep and let him do me to his heart’s content.

It had been two years, yet I had never met a man who was better than Di. I met quite a few who were below Di, but they were all men…

I told the High Priest that I would be back soon, and as I walked down the hallway…


A man just called out to me.

“Allure. Are you taking a break?”

I smiled at him a little. With his fiery vermillion hair, Allure embraced me and kissed me on the cheek.

“No, but I saw you, so…”

“Not while you’re on duty, okay? Prince Resch will scold you.”

I tried to pull my cheek away from him, but there was simply no comparison between me, and the power of a fire dragon turned into a human.

“Don’t be like that. Ahh, you feel so cool. It’s nice.”

“Allu? Do you have a fever again?”

“I’m fine as it is.”

He was probably having a fever so bad that he wasn’t alright. Well, it was just right. In this town where the accursed poison of the murdered Di was prevalent, he held me in his arms.

I guess he was deeply affected by it too…

“But… if you die like Celei… I don’t know what I’m going to do…”

I hung my head, on the verge of tears. I had become very good at acting to live in enemy territory. No one ever found me out.

“Shu… I’ll be fine…”

I nodded, although I knew better than anyone that he wouldn’t be fine at all.

By the way, Celei is Allure’s elder brother. He was a fire dragon working for the Knights who found me through Di’s hidden door.

He was one of my validation items. But he died six months ago. Back then, the only one still alive in the group that came to attack Di was the second prince, Resch.

The reason why Celei and I got together was because he was given a lot of Di’s fangs. He had also been directly poisoned by Di, so he had terrible aftereffects and often came to see me.

I eventually learned that he had a lot of Di’s fangs. I really wanted them.

“I want to use it for research to heal the prince.”

I told them that at first, but I just wanted to collect anything that had a hint of Di. I only wanted every fang, and even every hair of his, to be mine.

Well, I also love him so much.

However, Celei said, “If you become mine, I’ll give it to you.”

Having been poisoned and consumed by the aftereffects, Celei was looking for an outlet. I pretended to be captivated and was readily embraced.

I wasn’t interested in him. I wanted Di’s poison that was going around in his body.

I was so happy when I kissed Celei because he tasted slightly like Di. The first time we had sex, it hurt so much that I almost cursed him for thrusting into me without much acclimation. But, the semen that was spewed into my insides was full of Di’s poison, and it seemed to heal and soothe my wounded body. I was so happy I couldn’t help but cry.

I had no idea how Celei misunderstood those tears, but he apologized and gave me one of Di’s fangs. I forgave him for everything.

Naturally, each time Celei held me, he got sicker. When he couldn’t get out of bed, he would still say he wanted to fuck me, so I straddled him and swung my hips.

The semen was truly delicious when the poison was around, and death was in sight. I missed the taste of Di and savored it to my heart’s content, but Celei died.

I wanted to at least extract just the poison from the corpse, but they said he was a hero or something and buried him. What a waste!

Every once in a while, I would go to collect poison with a face that mourns his death. I was satisfied every time with the quality of the items I gathered.

In the process, I started talking to Allure, whom I would see at his funeral and grave.

Allure was a good man. He used to see me from afar, crouched down for a long time in front of Celei’s grave. I was just happily talking to Di’s poison, sneaking it home in a jar.

He seemed to think I was never going to recover from Celei’s death, so he took care of me in some way. Well, it was none of my business, but when I heard that Allure had received Celei’s belongings, I drew closer to him.

Say whatever you want! I really love Di!

And so, I started going out with Allure. Honestly, the amount of Di in him was too lacking. But recently, the accursed poison had finally gotten stronger, and it was getting a little better.

After all, Allure began to feel ill. I had nothing against Allure himself, but this curse wouldn’t stop. In other words, it was wrong of them to kill Dianus.

I caressed Allure’s cheek, feeling bad.

“Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Accumulate a lot of poison, then die, or so I wished.

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