Chapter 8 – Like a Boiled Down Corpse of Rotten Slime

As I was preparing the second prince’s medicine, I noticed something. The poison was evolving. The antidote I was making was definitely weak. To me, it worked just as well as the prototype, but I had no obligation to tell the person who killed my man that there was a better and quicker cure.

It was just that, for the sake of living, for the sake of not getting killed, I had to act as an apothecary.

Once I had the chance to examine the prince’s body, I saw it. There was a dark curse mixed in with his circulating blood!

It was amazing. My hubby was definitely such an ideal man. He thought they wouldn’t die so easily, so he even evolved his poison! Even after he died, he was still trying to kill them through it!

I loved how severe, detestable, and sickening it was!

The resentment of having graduated from three thousand years of virginity and being forced to end his lovey-dovey sweet life that was about to start right on the first day was profound. Well, I could understand. The same went for me, as I had just gotten thoroughly accustomed to it. I was already so disappointed.

As I returned to my cabin at night to ponder, I knew immediately. What that dark, viscous sludge oozing from the poisoned, blood-soaked earth that seemed to shine gently only to me was!

It was clearly filthy and repulsive, but—gently and cautiously, I moved my finger close to the dark, filthy, gooey, disgusting thing that looked like a boiled down corpse of rotten slime.

It wiggled and trembled as it came up to my finger… and curled around it tingly like a slug.


How cute—!

When I gently lifted it up, it shuddered and shook uncomfortably. However, I could tell! This little one was saying it was happy!

“It’s black in color, but it’s also rotten… Aah~ So adorable! It doesn’t stink either…”

Once I put my nose close to it, it would tremble like it didn’t want to get exposed to the wind.

“It doesn’t exactly have a consciousness. Just like protozoa… It’s an accursed poison. Ahh, I love it!”

He must have had a lot of resentment that it evolved into an accursed poison… It was lovely.

And the lovely thing about this little one was—it would curse and poison everything but me.

The earth from which it seeped was also pitch black and barren. It cursed the land where the fire dragons lived. Little by little, bit by bit, they were leaving the earth to rot.

Since I was here, it gathered from nearby and stuck to my fingers like a nasty slug.

As expected of the curse born and evolved from the blood of Dianus. I guess he really liked me so much~ So adorable! I would have loved to continue playing with it, but it would be troublesome if anyone saw it, so I let it loose on the land.

Go ahead, curse, and destroy everything to your heart’s content! I cheered for it, and it once again shuddered uncomfortably and permeated. It was so cute!

The extremely vicious poison that was sickening to everyone but me, was finely dissolved in the blood of the second prince and circulating throughout his body. I would say it had been three years at most.

The same thing must have happened to the fire dragons that survived that time.

It was never a good idea to mess with Dianus. He had done nothing to the fire dragons. So, it was even worse for them to suddenly attack him without warning and in large numbers.

They came to kill him, so they must have been prepared to be killed.

Oh, I can’t wait to get out of this place and back to our nest. Though, it’s a poisonous swamp. I fell asleep that day, holding his filthy-colored scale dearly.

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