Chapter 7 – Every Drop of His Blood

Volume 2 – Crimson Dragon

What I had arrived at was a big nation. Then, once the dragons reached the landing site, they all turned human and took me straight to the apothecary.

“Make that antidote.”

I did as I was told and started making that less effective antidote. I even had all the ingredients. There was no need to rush out to gather what was missing. The tools were also complete and tidy. I didn’t have to boil the medicinal herbs in the cooking pot.

However, I made a lot of fuss, asking more of this and that, despite knowing that the antidote I made with Di would work better.

Nevertheless, I made them. I had to do it to survive. If they found out that I was a follower of Dianus, they would kill me for sure. Do you think they would actually think I would make an antidote to save my enemies? Definitely not.

I also heard that the one I made previously saved the life of the second prince who was in charge of defeating the poison dragon.

Several days later, they brought the corpse of the Poison Dragon, Dianus, along with those of the fire dragons who passed away. When I saw his foul, swamp-like body, I felt like bursting into tears again, but I tried my best to hold it back.

Now, I was working on making medicine for the prince and the fire dragons that had been sent to defeat him. The production of medicines in this country was so far behind that even if they had all the ingredients, they wouldn’t be able to replicate it, even if they were taught.

I guess that was the downside of a nation full of powerful dragons. But, the fact that no one else could make it other than me meant that they wouldn’t kill me until the prince had fully recovered.

I spent my days carefully and discreetly so as not to arouse suspicion.

They took Dianus apart. His claws and fangs were apparently fashioned into magnificent swords, hides into shields and armor, and blood into medicines and poisons. He was completely torn to pieces. On the other hand, I heard that their generals and commanders who died in battle were buried. I thought from the bottom of my heart, Couldn’t they have made something better with them?

Right now, I had a piece of a filthy, swamp-colored scale in my hand. I cautiously tried to tell them that I wanted to study a little bit more about the poison. I did think I was treading on dangerous ground, but they agreed to it and gave me the filthy scale.

That night, I pulled the covers over my head and, for the first time, wept silently for the man I loved.

I had nowhere else to go, so I ended up staying in the royal castle’s apothecary. After all, I was only ten years old. It even seemed that the people at the castle said unnecessary things like how it could’ve been a good idea to send me down to the streets.

As for me, I just wanted to be rid of the place where Di’s enemies were living happily, but that wasn’t going to happen, so I had to bow my head and say,

“Thank you for helping me.”

Apparently, it was the second prince, in particular, who kept me from being sent down. Well, it was the antidote I made that had saved him.

It was what was left of my memories with Di, an antidote I had deliberately made less effective. But, the apothecaries in the castle still couldn’t replicate it, so they didn’t suspect anything.

The prince survived but was left paralyzed on his left side and suffered from severe migraines.

I was chosen to prepare the antidote. I wanted to keep the numbness and pain that Di had given me, but nothing remained anymore.

The pain that remained in the second prince could have been what Di left behind so that I could live without suspicion.

I had to live here. I continued making the antidote, adjusting it to make it less potent. To cure the people who killed the person I loved.

Six months had passed. If I worked hard enough for a year, the trust would build. They even seemed to like how I didn’t want to get too involved, that I didn’t seek power.

I was perceived as just some child who liked medicine.

And a child who liked poison.

I had a small cabin built for me in a corner of the castle. I had been going back and forth anyway, and partly because they were uncomfortable with me going deeper into my knowledge of poison.

It was a filthy place where no one would dare approach. Not a blade of grass, not a flying insect, not a fallen man, nor a dragon, had come near it ever since that day.

This was the place where they dismantled Dianus.

The land soaked with the blood spilled by the poison dragon was contaminated. You could see how deep the shades were just by looking at it. Everyone turned against it.

But it didn’t look that way in my eyes. Especially at night.

Faint phosphoric light rose and swayed softly from the corrupted earth. One by one, they gathered in my palm and twinkled.

Ah, how wonderful my man was. Even in death, he would still try to protect me with every drop of his blood.

I picked up every single trace of it to make sure they wouldn’t disappear, and collected them in a beautiful, beautiful, bottle. We would be together. Forever. I had achieved the best and most beautiful poison in my Di collection.

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