Chapter 6 – I’ll Live On

I heard faint sounds. It was a fierce battle between dragons. I could only pray in the darkness.




I had no idea how much time had passed. It had gotten quiet outside.


The door, which I couldn’t move with my own strength, moved little by little.


Ah… Di… Dianus…


I’ll live on…

There stood a man with crimson hair, whom I had never seen before.

Di was lying in the hall. His golden eyes, now dulled by the loss of power, motionlessly stared into space.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry, me.

A pile of crimson dragon corpses lay all around.

“Two generals, one commander, and thirty-five of his men are dead. I didn’t expect this many to be killed by just one person…”

“The poison is spreading fast! If we don’t hurry and neutralize it, the prince will die!”

“We have lost two men just now. We have to cure some of our own too…”

I wish they’d all just die.

“Who is this human?”

“He was inside the door by the treasury. Don’t you think he has something to do with the poison dragon?”

“But he looks awfully weak for a human. Let’s see. 『Appraisal』”

I intentionally accepted his Appraisal. He should be able to receive results that Di made up as a disguise.

“He’s so weak. His level is low, too… Hold on. He has three levels of the God of Medicine’s Divine Protection and Poison Resistance. Perhaps, he can make antidotes?”

The crimson-haired men stirred up a commotion.

“Hey, kid. What are you doing in this kind of place?”

Calm down. Just calm down. Don’t break your promise to him.

“I-I don’t know. I was suddenly brought here by a man I didn’t know… He told me to make medicine… He said I have the God of Medicine’s Divine Protection, so I can make them…”

I looked down as though I were frightened. But honestly, I was terrified. If they found out that I was a follower of Di… of Dianus, they would surely kill me.

“So, did you make one…?”

I nodded and took out one vial. It was a prototype of the antidote I had first made for kissing Di. It worked fairly well.

“This is the first time I’ve made one… It might not work…”

I handed it over to the man, gently placing it on his outstretched hand. On the other side of the hall, I could see crimson-haired men writhing in pain. It was no doubt caused by the corrosive venom on Dianus’ claws. It was the kind that makes your body fall apart, and when it gets to your vital organs, you die.

Oh, his throat’s rotting away. There’s no more hope for him. He’ll be dead before he could even scream.

“Damn it! This is what we get even after killing him! It was never a good idea to fight a poison dragon.”

“What are you saying now?! The prince is in danger. His paralysis is becoming more severe, and he can’t breathe.


The man whom I gave the vial to turned back to me.

“Have you ever taken it?”

“I have…”

It was something I made for myself. It didn’t taste good, however.

“Yes! His life’s in danger even as it is! Let’s give it a try!”

He started to run. Surrounded by survivors a little further back, he made a man, who was about to stop breathing, drink the medicine. Immediately, his paralysis had lessened, and his thoughts had become clearer.

Di’s venomous fangs… It was something that paralyzed and burned the nerves. It seemed that the medicine was precisely for that matter, hence immediately came into effect.

But it wasn’t enough to heal him. It was that kind of medicine.

“It’s working!”

“Prince! It’s us, can you hear me?!”

I heard them cheer. I secretly stole a glance at my beloved, who was no longer moving. I burned his image into my mind so that I could live. So I could remember this cruel sight for eternity.

“Hey! You, kid! Do you have any more medicine?”

I can’t let my guard down. I have to live.

“There’s only one left… I didn’t have the ingredients for the rest…”

“If you have the ingredients, you can make them again, right?”


I also handed him over the other vial I had with me. The last antidote I made was probably all destroyed, and I was sure Di had disposed of them.

“Come here. What’s your name?”

He asked, and I answered.

“It’s Sugar.”

I was placed on the back of a fire dragon and taken to the land where they lived.

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