Chapter 5 – I Love You. Afterward ※

“Ha… J-Just put it in already…”

I was melting and out of breath. I had drunk a lot of the antidote, and it was also smeared all over my ass.

“I… I’m putting it in, okay?”

“Hurry it up, please…!”

It didn’t hurt to swallow when I was sucking it in my mouth for a long time. I didn’t even mind having his semen inside of me anymore.

That’s why…

We decided to have sex.

“Ah! Hnn! I-I can’t, anymore—!”

“Sugar… Sugar!”

It wasn’t about feeling good, bad, painful, or difficult. It was about one man calling my name, desperately wanting me. With all his heart.

His hair was the color of a rotten swamp, and his eyes were golden, like butter melted by greed. A grown man like him was so intoxicated by a young body like mine, swaying his hips. There was the sound of flesh hitting flesh and meaningless sounds escaping from my mouth.

Di shuddered, and semen poured deep inside my body. It was alright. It didn’t hurt. I was fine, even with the thick poison spewed deep into my guts.


My voice was hollow, but it reached Di.

“Sugar… Is your body okay…?”

He looked so concerned, even though we were still linked together. Don’t worry, I’m fine. Without saying those words, I…

“I like you. Do it more.”

I like you. I like you. I love you. My beloved. We embraced each other once again.

When I woke up, I was in Di’s arms. My voice was still hoarse, but when I stirred a little, my eyes met his. They were not the eyes of a sweet lover. I wondered what had happened.

“Listen, Sugar.”

His voice was firm.

“The prince of the fire dragons and his troops are on their way here. I don’t know why, but it looks like their target is me.”


Why? What for? Why now?

A door made of stones opened. This was the strongest place in the building where Dianus was residing. It was a small room next to the treasury, a room he had made for me to escape to in case something happened. He gently set me down there.

“Sugar, I’m going to put a spell on your attributes. It’s something that will delude Appraisals. If you get caught, tell them this: you were brought here because you have the God of Medicine’s Divine Protection. And…”

What do you mean, Di?!

My voice was hoarse and couldn’t come out.

“I want you to live. I don’t stand a chance against that number of fire dragons.”

His golden eyes stared straight at me. A large tear fell from my eye.


“My poison would have killed them too, which is why they never attacked me before… But well, of course, I do plan on slaughtering them all.”

He grinned.

“The one to open this door after will be me. Just bear with it for a while, okay?”

Having the strength of a dragon, he started to close the door made of stones. No, Di! Don’t leave me alone! I tried so hard to reach out to him, but…

“Please, Sugar. Live.”

The door was closed.

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