Chapter 4 – A Kiss with the Taste of an Antidote

I continued to eat poison, day after day. I already got used to it before I even knew it. No matter how strong the poison is, as long as you keep on receiving it even little by little, you will get used to it.

“Fwa… Hya… Tii… Ti… i.”

“Sugar, you’re so cute.”

After a year of eating poisoned meals three times a day, I grew up fast and had developed a tolerance for Di’s kisses… But, the paralytic and neurotic toxins were so strong that I couldn’t move my tongue, and my mind was so clouded that I couldn’t think straight.

Di had once poured a lot of poison into me in a hurry. It went so bad that I was unconscious for a while.

“Uwehhhhh! Sugar! Wake up—! I’m sorry——!”

He was so loud that I could hear him when my consciousness emerged. I couldn’t help but forgive him.

I couldn’t open my eyes, nor could I speak. All I could do was lightly squeeze Di’s hand, which was holding mine.

I didn’t regain consciousness again for a while, and the next time I woke up, a sound came out from my throat, though it was hoarse.



I couldn’t open my eyes back then, so it was unfortunate that I couldn’t see him crying. I kept on falling asleep, then waking up and falling asleep again. It took me about three months to become fully conscious and about half a year to walk properly.

He really took good care of me and seemed to be quite remorseful, so I forgave him. This might have been quite a horrible, traumatic experience for him since he almost lost the one who had been by his side for the first time in a thousand years.

“Di… Everyching’sh… shpinning…”

“Ah, was it too strong? Do you want to take a medicine?”

“Yesh… Give ich chu me…”

Di took a sip from the vial beside him and poured the medicine into my mouth. I swallowed it down and slumped down on the bed.

“I’m cha onwy wife in cha worrd who hash to prepare an anchidoche to kish cheir hushband…!”

“Sugar! I’ll definitely make you happy!”

“Shuch up! Perish! Roricon! I’m shtill sheven yearsh old—! Hrm? Ishin’t it shochacon?”

“If age is an issue, I’ll wait as long as it takes. Just stay with me forever.”

“Shure~ Foreeeever, okay?”

I probably won’t live a thousand years, but I’ll do my best.

“I want to do it.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Yeah, I knew he would say that. After all, Dianus had been a virgin for three thousand years. If he touched anyone, they would die. To the point that they would rot and dissolve.

“Sugar, let’s raise your level! The higher your level, the higher your resistance. And the more HP you have, the less likely you are to die!”

“Not like I ever felt like dying! But leveling up seems like a good idea…?”

By the time I was around ten years old, the time had finally come.

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