Chapter 3 – You Like Me, Don’t You?

I had started my life together with Master. Within a few days, he broke.

“Sugar. Call me by my name, Dianus.”

I grinned and would sometimes call him Master in a mean way. Dianus—Di had become so much nicer to me.

“Sugar. Sugar? Where did you go?”

“I’m here, Di. I was reading a book.”

As soon as I was out of his sight for a while, he would call my name. He would hold me in his arms once he found me. At first, I felt pain and discomfort when I touched Dianus because of the poison, but now I didn’t feel anything. I probably got used to it.

“Sugar. Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t. Once I get used to it, everything seems to be fine.”

“I see. That’s good.”

Di rubbed his cheek against mine. He mentioned before, though embarrassed, that he never had this much contact with people before. In the end, I let him have his way. If it had been the other way around, I might’ve done the same thing.

He also taught me a lot of things. The first one was using Appraisal.

“I used Appraisal on you. You didn’t have a name, so I figured I could bind you to me.”

“Names are important in this world, aren’t they?”

“If your opponent is stronger than you, they can use Appraisal against you. You won’t be able to look at mine without my permission.”

“Do you think I can use Appraisal?”

I wasn’t really sure what I could do.

“You should be able to. It was in your skills. A gift from the goddess, perhaps. Try using it on yourself.”

Di patiently taught me everything to the letter.

“Hmm… 『Appraisal』 Oh, there it is.”

A display that looked like a game screen appeared in front of me.

Name     Sugarion Veno
Age         6 years old

HP          10/10
MP          5/10

Poison Resistance              EX
Pain Reduction                    8
Poison Production              10
Medicine Production         10
Appraisal                              10

Reincarnated from Another World
Under the Creator’s Divine Protection | Under the God of Medicine’s Divine Protection | Demigod | God’s Fallen Child | God’s Beloved One | Follower of the Poison Dragon, Dianus | Under the Poison Dragon’s Divine Protection | Poison Dragon’s Beloved One

“Somehow, there’s quite a lot of them.”

“Anything is better than nothing, right?”

Hmm, the strangest thing about my skills was…

“Hey, Di. What’s a demigod…?”

“Hmm. Something like a god, but not a god? I don’t know, but maybe you’ll be getting some kind of directive from the goddess?”

Eugh, that sounded like a pain in the ass. Well, if the goddess had anything to say to me, I would complain about being thrown into the swamp. That one was horrible.

“By the way, you really like me, don’t you?”

“Master has been lonely for years, after all!”

Di became overly elated and kissed me on the forehead.


My forehead became swollen with sores and made me look unrecognizable for about three days. Body fluids. It was really severe.

“Sugar, I want to kiss you.”

“Are you trying to kill me?”

“You won’t die.”

“I won’t! But! It’ll hurt like hell, okay?!”

“Just get used to it!”


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