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Author: 鏑木うりこ (Kaburagi Uriko)
Genre: Fantasy, Tragedy, Yaoi

Original Links: Alphapolis

Translator: Ecs


I am a little bit strange. I ate aconite, a deadly poison, out of curiosity. Then, I was reincarnated into another world and ended up living with poison. In this turbulent world, I eat poison.

 “I’m going to try all kinds of poison that I could’ve only tasted once before!”

I ignored the cold stare of the person I’m living with as I smiled again today in satisfaction.

* May contain elements that might be uncomfortable for others.
* Translation may be taken down if author decides to bring down the novel.
* No proofreader for this project, but if you’re interested just send me an email.
* No set update schedule.

Table of Contents
(Chapters marked with ※ have NSFW or R18 content)