Volume 2 – I am the Hero, the Prisoner, the Demon Lord’s Exclusive Livestock for Blood, and the Confectioner.

Character Notes
(May contain spoilers)

Traffic Lights Trio and Maruo (Chapter 33)

Traffic Lights Trio (Air Force Dragons)

Ario (Middle)

From a clan of crimson dragons called Fire Drake. He’s a man who easily loses his temper, but also emotional and cheerful. Leader of the trio special attack unit. Even if he’s the red light, he never stops.
Ingredients: Always the first one to speak.

Olga (Right)

From a clan of jade dragons called Gargouille. A cool-looking and mischievous man who somehow calmly entrusts his judgement to Ario. He’s the green light, so he fully moves on forward.
Ingredients: The next one to jump in the conversation.

Kireau (Left)

From a clan of amber dragons called Cuelebre. The most jittery and sensible of the trio, but easygoing when you get to know him. He’s the yellow light, but his judgement is weak.
Ingredients: The last one to jump in in the conversation.

Maruo (Bottom)

One of the demon lord’s lesser demon room attendants, the cupbats. He is one of Azel’s bloodkins, so he is very obedient and devoted to him. After Shal gave him a name since Shal especially adores him, the other cupbats looked up to him and envied him.
Ingredients: One of the author’s favorite characters. A mascot character. I want to maintain this form.

Ulysse (Chapter 42)

Ulyssetts Ketomago

He is a member of the noble Ketomago family, and son of the Admiral of the Navy. He is a beautiful young boy who always smiles and is also an excellent researcher of magic tools.
He is pushy and domineering, but he is surprisingly sensible. He is also a tsundere who only cares about those who are close to him. Non-combat personnel. A die-hard fan of Azel and doesn’t want to share him to others. Romantically in love with Azel and ships himself with him (unrequited love → idolized him eternally).
Ingredients: A valuable straight man1a tsukkomi, the one who points out something that is ridiculous or silly. Really loves handsome men. Romance novels are his favorite.

Translator’s Notes:
I will be adding the other characters when they get introduced, to avoid spoilers.

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