Volume 1 – It’s Surprisingly Comfortable at the Demon Lord’s Castle.

Character Notes
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The Protagonist, the Demon Lord, the Prime Minister, and the Air Force Commander

Ookawa Shouryuu
(Prologue: Part 1)

He usually has sleepy eyes. His facial muscles are lacking. He is honest and straightforward, but he is also a natural airhead, hence his weird slowness (or insensitivity).

He is quite sincere and affectionate towards those around him. He has low self-esteem, so he is easily carried away. Even if the results are disastrous, he doesn’t feel bitter and usually manages through hard work.

Ingredients: Comfortable to be with, and serious to a fault. Lewd innerwear (what he is wearing on the bottom left of the image). A man who would rather give than be given.

Azelidias Nilegown
(Prologue: Part 1)

A so-called tsundere. He is not very good at expressing his emotions, so he can’t be honest, but he is very emotional and full of joy, anger, and sorrow.

He wants to be himself when he is with Shal, so he is more obvious. He has been alone for a long time, so his mental age is like a childish puppy. He is usually cold to others, except for Shal.

Ingredients: A man who is enticed when he feeds on Shal. Personification of cheat. Actually has beautiful legs.

Reisephon Amarald
(Prologue: Part 2)

The mother of the demon lord’s castle (unofficial). A hard-working prime minister of the demon realm. Ever since Azel became the demon lord, he has been his confidant, and he is devoted to him and respects him.

He is a beautiful man who should not be turned into an enemy because he is terrifying when he is angry. Basically, his smiles aren’t two-faced. But, when he gets mad, he becomes a demon.

Ingredients: Likes people who work hard. Provides support. One of the few decent demons in the demon realm.

Gardvine Sylvarius
(Chapter 15)

He is the Air Force Commander of the Demon Realm Army and a free and cool dragon who is a young boy at heart (according to him).

He is a man who lives by instinct and adores Azel like an older brother. He is very fond of Shal, who is Azel’s benefactor and is good at patting his head.

He quickly finds something to become his favorite.

Ingredients: Very similar to Azel. Free, Spartan Air Force Commander, according to his subordinates. Good at getting others to spoil him.

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