Chapter 81 – The Strongest Principle of Happy Office Work

The door was slammed shut. I guess that pretty much wrapped up the paperwork for today.

Reisen seemed to have a hard time wrapping his head around Azel’s behavior. Still, when I reported our relationship to him, he congratulated us so much, you know?

He was surprised to see us so close to each other when we returned after he sent us to do an inspection, but I found later that he had prepared a feast. He held my hand and told me to take care of the Demon Lord.

When I handed him his souvenir, he gave me a crystal with his own tail feathers in it as a gift.

So this is the famous phoenix tail…!

The fact that I got hold of a Final Fantasy revival item and how excited I got deep inside was so fresh in my mind.

Just to add for his sake, Reisen’s feathers couldn’t easily come off him. But he was delighted enough to give it to me.

He was the one who had been supporting Azel since he became a ruler.

He held more loyalty and parental love for him than anyone else. I think he really cared about Azel.


“—N… nf…”

I was staring at the closed door with my face relaxed when I suddenly felt a warm, sticky sensation in my earlobe, and my body jumped.

I don’t have to tell you who did it.

He continued to kiss it, leaving tender sounds in my ear.

“This is really amazing… it looks good on you. Y-You look beautiful, Shal.”

“Mm… Hehe, your choices aren’t exactly bad either. I see it every day in the mirror.”

“Urgh… M-Me too. I look at this every day, not worship it.”

The bashful and incoherent Azel raised his arm and showed me a silver bracelet.

It had a pattern of intertwined thin ivies, and a deep blue gemstone was embedded in the center.

On my right ear, where Azel was kissing me, was one of a pair of black earrings with red handiwork.

Whenever I moved my head, it would make a pleasant clinking sound.

These were our gifts to each other.

I wanted to buy a gift to commemorate the start of our relationship in Svenmarina, so I secretly bought one. To my surprise, Azel had secretly purchased a gift, too, so we ended up exchanging gifts unintentionally.

I liked the color blue, and Azel liked black. We were now wearing accessories every day, which was a mixture of our preferences.

We were not supposed to be alike, but we seemed to have some sort of similarities. And now, we had the same idea.

It would always get me in a tight spot when that happens.

I did mention that I could suppress my feelings, but it wouldn’t completely go away just by keeping myself from overexposing them.

There seemed to be no limit to how much I could like him. So, I felt like my heart was always full when in front of the mirror.

Azel held my waist tightly and moved his tongue around, licking my ear and tracing it down to my neck.

It felt ticklish, but I didn’t want to move, so I grabbed the arm wrapped around me and put a distance between him and my neck.

“Ha, Shal… Let me have some.”

“R-Right here…? Hm… Just make sure to stop before the venom gets to me.”


“nn… Ngh…”

When his fangs pierced me, the aphrodisiac venom coursed through my body, which wasn’t something I would consider little. I permitted him after giving him a warning since I was worried about this happening. However, Azel didn’t give me a response and bit my neck with his lips.

There was the sensation of being only scratched by the tip so as not to penetrate the skin moistened by the tongue and having the blood that oozed from my wound carefully licked.

It made me shudder a bit. This was better than having his fangs dug into me and being drowned in heat, but this was mild torture in its own right.

“Ha… Nn…”

He licked and sipped the blood that flowed out of me, and I couldn’t help but hold the hand that was supporting me. I felt something inexpressible rushing up to me.

A chill ran down my spine, and my hair stood on its ends.

He sucked hard on the wound, and I gasped loudly.

As I did, the arm holding my waist moved a little and began to caress my abs and hip joints, so I leaned back and pushed Azel’s shoulders away.

His warm lips left my skin, though he seemed reluctant to do so.

Don’t do that. You don’t have to look so unhappy.

“Ha… Come on, don’t do it here.”

“Urgh…! I-I didn’t mean to. I just kind of did.”

“You were about to put your hand inside my sweater.”


Azel groaned and looked away when I hit the mark.

Mm, I hoped he didn’t sulk so much. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to. However, I thought that the Demon Lord shouldn’t have sex in his office, where someone could come in any time.

And to be honest… I thought that I would terribly be in a hell of a mess if I was held by Azel while I got my blood sucked and ravaged by the aphrodisiac venom.

So with pain in my heart, I said no to Azel, who was crying like a puppy, and prevented the double combo attack.

I had no idea what I would do if I actually got hit by the combo and hooked into sex, becoming lascivious… My reasoning had a tendency to be blown away when I felt too much pleasure, you know. I didn’t want that.

“Hey, it’s fine if we just kiss, right?”

“You can do as much as you want, as long as they’re not the ones that feel good.”


“Mm. Only when we’re done with work, okay?”

I snorted as I chided Azel for somehow trying to turn me on.

Of course, that was because my cute lover started rubbing our cheeks together in a good mood as soon as I said that.

Perhaps it was because he was a wolf by nature, but Azel always looked like a large dog whenever he acted like this. The illusion of ears and tails was his default equipment.

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