Chapter 80 – Mama-sen Had Seen Much of Life

Currently, Azel was sitting at the study desk and I on his lap, checking and working on documents.

And Azel was hugging my waist and pampering me while signing and reading the documents, then using his magic to move the stamp and make his approvals.

It wasn’t nonsensical. After a great deal of deliberation, I figured this was the best and most efficient way to work.

Azel seemed to be busy hugging me with his cheeks flushed. Still, his eyes were swiftly reading, and he could control his magic to handle the documents without losing concentration.

It might have been because he had been doing this by himself before, so he was quite good at handling paperwork.

Even so, he was a man who controlled his magic with style as if it were his limbs.

“Hah…My lord doesn’t hold back at all these days, does he? I even fondly remember the night when you, whom I respect and admire, suddenly mentioned keeping a hero… What do you want me to do about this situation when I found out that you had become lovers with the said hero just very recently…?”

“Get used to it. It’s not that unusual, right? I heard that there was a demon lord who fell in love with a human who wandered in and loved him. I’m the same.”

“Shal was indeed lost, but he didn’t wander in, right? He came here to kill you, didn’t he? Besides, those favored ones let themselves be loved quietly. They didn’t get kidnapped, didn’t wield swords, nor did they assist the demon lord in his office with such proficiency!”

“Hahaha. In my original world, I was a lowly salaryman… a corporate warrior. I was often sent to support other departments when they were short on staff, so I’m accustomed to office work.”

“I’m sure you’re right. Thanks to you, my lord’s daily duties can be done in about two hours after tea time. However, I don’t think there is a need for you to be held in his lap.”

“What’re you talking about? Holding him is my job. You don’t have to let me do such a horrible thing. Prioritizing my work even though my you-know is here. Are you an ogre, Reisen?”

“He got dejected when I said that, so I just gave in, and here we are. For some reason, this is the form in which Azel performs best.”

“My lord’s job is to perform his duties. And, I didn’t want to see him refer to you as you-know just because he couldn’t say you’re his lover without being embarrassed, see? Good grief… My lord, who no longer cares about others and has found his special one, is truly unshakeable. I’m the only one who can’t stand it.”

Reisen had a distant look in his eyes as he said those words.

He had been seeing us flirt around for a while now, so I guess he finally couldn’t keep silent anymore.

I was embarrassed at first, too, but if I didn’t do this, Azel would feel disheartened.

He was dying to touch me, but he would just end up eating a few sweets, then return to his work dejectedly. That made me feel protective of him, and I don’t know. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I couldn’t help it when he was so obviously sad, saying things like, “It’s not like I’m lonely. I have work to do, so you can relax there all you want. I’m not, really. …Ughu…”

He looked frustrated while doing the paperwork. My demon lord was so cute.

“That is fine, although… Whenever I asked you two to go on an inspection or to a meeting but it was actually a date for the past month, you never failed to threaten those in the city… The Gentle, Demon Lord of Lamentation, who does everything with ease, is just a doting demon lord, it seems… It’s a miracle that the people haven’t found out that the reason for your sudden violent outburst is that you love your lover too much.”

“Is it puberty?” said Reisen, as he placed his hand on his forehead. I couldn’t deny him.

When I first came here, I thought Azel seemed like a junior high school student, being all aloof and shy, but I guess he really was.

Unlike me, a mature twenty-six-year-old, who could control his feelings, Azel’s first love was still in its honeymoon stage even after a month.

Reisen let out a big sigh and held up the documents I had prepared and those that Azel had settled.

“I don’t mind this, but if the other subjects see you, rumors will spread. So, please only flirt around when the two of you are alone.”

After saying that, a dismayed Reisen left the office.

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