Chapter 8 – Fluffball and Peaches (Mofumofu Momo) (Side Azel)

—After that.

I spent a week telling all the powerful demons living near the castle that Shal was a resident of the demon lord’s castle and thus, my property.

Those who weren’t interested in humans were quick to follow; however, there were also those who hated humans. After all, humans were pain in the ass.

Just as we ate humans, they too were diligent in subduing us for material collection. But well, we also had certain races that did the same.

Those guys were now being subjugated by force.

Still, I wasn’t much of a fan of that stuff, so unless Shal had the authorization of someone from that race, he would be prohibited from entering their territory.

There wouldn’t be any problems since the castle was a residence. And, I had no intention of showing him off to the others.

That leaves those inside the castle… However, Shal mentioned he wanted to go out yesterday, so I had to take them on in one-on-one fights at quick pace to make that happen.

If the demons were dissatisfied no matter what, I would fight them individually and the loser would be subject to absolute obedience.

Then, the stronger demon would protect the weaker one. We were that kind of creature.

And now.

I was in front of the prison door in a small version of my Kudlakion form, my mouth holding a basket full of peaches that Shal had wanted.

This was a form that I usually use during my evening strolls for moon-viewing.

I wasn’t wielding the scythes made with my own magic and blood, and my claws and fangs were in their normal state.

My magic was also covertly suppressed, so even a half-baked magic user wouldn’t be able to detect it.

Damn… I’m such a genius… It’s perfect. Peaches and animals – with this form, I can even fulfill Shal’s wishes by myself.

Peaches feat. me. How splendid.

Normally, I would leave it up to my power to open the door with an awkward flick of my fingers, but it wasn’t possible to do that in this form, so I tried scratching at the bottom of the door with my forelegs.



Shal opened the door and stared at me blankly, dressed in his usual light clothing. Just by seeing him made me wag my tail in a good mood.

He froze a bit but opened the door wide afterwards.

What? Is it so unusual to see a Kudlakion? Well, of course. I’m a pretty rare monster, after all!

I walked in lightly and placed the basket on the usual table.

And then, I wanted to be praised for procuring peaches, so I ran back to Shal who had been slowly following me after he closed the door. I held a triumphant look.

“Sh-Shal! How’s that? They’re peaches! I rushed off to the human realm yesterday! And look! An animal! How’s that? Are you happy?”

I conversed with him by transmitting the monster language through magic. It was telepathy.

I rushed off to the famous region for producing peach and hurriedly took the best peaches from the farmers.

I was able to shop since my first form looked like a human at a glance. I could hide my magic too.

When I handed some of Reisen’s tail feathers that I plucked off the other day as an additional fee for the connoisseur together with the payment, the farmer went in a hurry and gave me a lot of extra peaches. Peach farmer! Splendid work.

With this, Shal would thank me and there was no doubt it would increase his affection for me!

That’s how it should’ve gone, but… H-He’s not responding well…! What’s going on…?!

When I intently stared at him, Shal leaned over and approached me, then smiled at me sweetly.

“Is that what I’m having for breakfast today? You’re smart.”

Huh? Sure, I told the cupbat in charge of his breakfast that I’d bring it to him instead, but… to be called smart… Carrying peaches is an easy feat to a demon lord. In fact, I don’t think anyone in the majority would have a hard time with it.

I frowned when he suddenly treated me like a child, but I immediately remembered what I had left out and jumped around dexterously.

Agggghh! That’s right! Shal, who is neither a demon nor a monster, can’t hear our language!

The demon lord was too shocked. I felt depressed when I stared at my squishy paws, and then at Shal with his lovely smile.

No wonder. Not to mention, he was also wearing a magic sealing choker. I had forgotten about it, but I heard that there were times where the summoned hero had the language in their skillset. I guess Shal didn’t have it…

I drooped so much I felt like I was going to dry up despite all my efforts of becoming the perfect existence of Shal’s favorites, which were peaches and animals.

I could’ve become what Shal likes… W-What he likes…!

I felt regrettable and was about to vomit blood, but I wouldn’t be able to talk to him unless I released this form and returned to my usual form. It seemed that he had no idea who I was either.

I slowly released my magic in an attempt to lift my form, albeit unwillingly—suddenly, my body was gently wrapped in something warm.

“?! Woof?!”

I-Is he hugging me?!

“Mm, don’t be so sad. I don’t know why you’re disheartened but cheer up and let’s eat the peaches together.”



…H-He doesn’t need to know that it was me. After all, it’s the demon lord’s duty to be fluffed for Shal.

I-It’s not like I was thinking that he’ll fluff me if I just stayed like this! Don’t get the wrong idea!

I quickly stopped the form release and braced myself, focusing all my attention on enjoying Shal’s warmth.

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