Chapter 70 – Femininity x High Marital Duties: Part 1

“Ulysse… This is… embarrassing… I-If Azel sees me like this, I’ll…”

“Nevermind that, just get your hands off…! Unless it’s for my atonement, I don’t want to see your filthy body either. You idiot…!”


He forced open my arms, which were covering my chest with not much resistance, revealing my defenseless bare skin.

Ulysse’s large, almond-shaped eyes slowly reflected my exposed skin, and I felt his gaze skim over me. I hung my head, my face burning from shame.

My chest was studded with hickeys, slightly discolored. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to hide them.

Ulysse wasn’t allowing me to escape and then made a grim face when he saw those, but he only humphed at me as his eyebrows drooped pitifully.

Ngh, just say something, please.

—By the way, we were taking measurements, if you’re wondering.

When the demons kidnaped me, they tore my only set of clothes, so he was just taking my measurements to make sure I get clothes that fit. There was nothing wrong with it, but I just felt so embarrassed I could die.

Well, then…

Let’s retrace the past to see why Ulysse, who stood as a rival over Azel, was being so kind to me.

It was yesterday afternoon, I think… Ulysse had sneaked in to come and see me.

Despite having a prickly attitude, I figured he wasn’t really villainous at heart, so I took him in.

And I was right. He said he was sorry that I got hurt since he had been mean to me, but it went on for about ten minutes, his words verbose.

But I didn’t really mind what had happened, so I had to make up with him before it got any longer.

I even apologized back to him since that was all due to my own carelessness. I was even actually rather grateful to him for helping me realize feelings I wasn’t aware of.

But of course, I didn’t tell him that. I don’t think I would be able to bear it if, thanks to me having become the second male lead, my rival in love was now dating someone I liked.

I didn’t hate Ulysse. The fact that I hurt him as a result, was heartbreaking for me too.

So, I told him all about my complicated feelings, saying, “I’m sorry, but I can’t give up my feelings. You can hit me as much as you want,” and offered him my cheek, but he got really mad.

His response was something like, “I mean, sure, it doesn’t feel great for me deep inside, but you’re so pure that it feels absurd to condemn you.”

I commented that he was already doing so, but he said he was being totally nice to me. I laughed at him, saying, “I see,” and that was when we made up.

But afterward, the moment he told me that demons were okay with stealing one’s lover was terrifying, and I turned pale. Ulysse was really tough despite being so cute.

Incidentally, Azel had also been listening to our whole conversation and was making a hundred faces using all kinds of emotions.

Yeah, he was really adorable. I would never let anyone steal him from me. I must study to get better at sex too.

And just like that, yesterday’s enemy was today’s friend.

I wasn’t sure if I could get along with a demon who was quite the opposite of me, but we had become somewhat comfortable with each other.

As an apology, he told me he would give any of the clothes in the Ketomago residence that would fit me, and here we are.

You’d think anything would do since we’re just going back to the demon lord’s castle, right? There’s a reason why it couldn’t work that way.

In fact, I had to go on a date after this. I couldn’t go yesterday since I was still recovering from the fight.

Calling it a date two days ago was just one way of putting it, but today’s was a legitimate one.

Hehehe. After all, I would fail the mission given by Reisen if we didn’t get to have our date in the city of Svenmarina, right? I had a reasonable justification, so it wouldn’t hurt to take a slight detour.

We were able to stay another day here, given that excuse. The plan was to have a date today, then return to the demon lord’s castle.

Honestly, I felt giddy. And buoyant. I bet I could fly if I tried hard enough.

“Good grief… I couldn’t believe that was your only set of clothes, and to think that you even came back with it torn to shreds… That’s why this kind of thing happens when you go on a date.”

Ulysse finished taking measurements and said those in exasperation as he went inside the walk-in closet and rummaged through the clothes.

I scratched my cheek, though it didn’t really itch, feeling bad for Ulysse since he had to look after my lack of concern for clothing, as I followed and watched him search around.

“I went on an adventure with nothing but the clothes on my back, and then, well, here we are. I hardly have any belongings.”

“Well, even though you provide blood as livestock, you’re still technically similar to that of a gigolo.” 

“Nnh… I’m worried about that too. I hope you can excuse me. I can’t keep on depending on others, so I’m working as a confectioner to earn some money. I want to cut their expenses with my own money as much as possible.”

“No, I was just being sarcastic! Rather, humans aren’t even supposed to be able to make money in the demon realm, and yet, what are you thinking, opening a business like it’s normal when you’re under house arrest?! You should just let yourself be provided for. He’s annoyingly crazy for you, after all. You really aren’t used to being treated kindly without you giving anything in return, are you…?!”

“Crazy for… And, no… I’m just the kind of person who would rather give than receive. I really want to provide for the people I love. I just want them to spend their time normally. So if I ever get a job in the future, he could do whatever he wants with the money while handling the paperwork at his leisure, and spend his free time on hobbies…”

“Why are your marital duties so pointlessly high?”


When I told him about my ideal life of living together, which was actually quite egoistic since it was somewhat beautified, he looked at me like he couldn’t believe it and threw a sequin bow tie at me. It hit my forehead.

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