Chapter 68 – This is ‘I Love You’ ※ (Side Azel)

—Aah, I’m dead.

I laid my skin against Shal’s, and my heart, which had been racing even before that, pulsated more than it ever had in my entire life.

For some reason, I was convinced for a moment that I was going to die now.

It was so hot that I thought my entire body was burning.

My brain was being useless – intoxicated and cut off from reality – that I happened to graze with my pointed fangs Shal’s nape, which I had been sweetly biting to make him feel better.

The pounding of my heart shook my entire soul in an instant.

When I thought I had stopped breathing—I let out every ounce of my pent-up desire into Shal’s hot and soft insides that were thoroughly sucking me in.

It hurts. My chest hurts. What is this?

I was so shocked. I was sure I was dead.

—Did I just really cum from hearing him confess his love to me?

“Gh, ha… No way… Ugh, what’s this feeling? Just what…”

Shrouding over him from behind, I released the arm holding his sweaty, obscene body. Then I sat up, holding my head in confusion.

“Nn, aah…”

Shal had been relishing the afterglow of being cummed into and made a faint cry when I suddenly moved.

His expression felt like he was feigning ignorance, but no matter how I looked at it, it was definitely earnest.

This isn’t good. It’s not a lie. It’s real. What are you gonna do, idiot? What the hell is this?

“I like you more than anyone else in this world… My entire heart is now… yours, alone… You’re the only one I want…”

“Gh… Shit, I’m hard…”

My member firmed up and gained mass just by remembering it.

His creases that I had trained were much more honest than I was and coiled around me in a sweet way.

“Hh…aa… nn…”

That was all it took to make his skin crawl and his toes curl up while he stared into the air, twitching as if he was completely out of it.

The sight of him was so provocative that my heart felt like it was about to burst, and the blood coursed through my entire body, urging me to take possession of him at once.

I tapped the lump inside of him with my fingertip over and over again, teaching him that it felt good when something hit there.

I licked him, touched him, bit him, and made him slippery to take away all tension and even the slightest discomfort thoroughly.

“Nn, a… ngh…”

When I moved my hips, rubbing his inner walls, and pulled out to the middle, Shal’s insides moved in such a way that you wouldn’t believe that he had been so innocent up until a while ago.

And that was something I couldn’t get enough of, either.

“Hah… I, like you…”

I broke out in a sweat not only because of sex, but also for reasons I couldn’t explain. I covered my forehead with my hand, squeezed my eyes shut, and bit my lip.

—’I like you’. Like… Like.

Shal—likes me, more than anyone else in the world.

This was a confession of love, an emotion I didn’t know about. And Shal directed it at me. He did, to me.

“Saying… you… like, me…”

“Hnn…! Aa, ngh…”

When I completely rooted myself in him while deep in thought, Shal raised a voice like he was in heat and twitched.

He had a lewd body. But it had never accepted anyone else. …Except me.

He invited me out himself. And he was willing to do it since he likes me.

That’s what this was all about, isn’t it? Shal was saying he wanted to be with me.

That’s what it meant—and I’m… I’m…?

I had never been in love before. Was it because of admiration? Was it because he was a benefactor? Or because he had delicious blood? Those were the only reasons I could come up with for these feelings.

I was shown a sample of it where I almost felt like I was dying, but now…?

“Hwa… Aze… n-nngh…”

“…You’re mine.”

The answer to that had just been proven by my body a while ago.

The man who had made me feel every inch of him confessed something like that to me, to the point where I even came, so the ferocious possessiveness and craving I had for Shal was filled to the brim.

The hand holding his waist caressed his skin, wet with various bodily fluids.

I poured into his insides, indulged in it, and engraved it as my own.

—What should I do, I’m so… filled. I feel like I could take over the world right now.

If I conquered the world, I would give it to Shal.

If I gave you half the world, we could share it alone, just you and me, right?


“n-nn, ah…?”


I held Shal’s body lying face down on the sheets and pushed him down on his back so I could get a good view of his lewdness.

Even now, Shal watched me push himself down, dazed and without strength, his world turned over.

His bangs were drenched with sweat and stuck to his forehead, and his flushed cheeks were wet with saliva and tears.

His hardened genital shivered and spilled precum into his damp bush.

“a… Aze…l… I like, you,”

“Kh… Aah, shit,”

Perhaps because he could see me in his blurred vision, Shal told me once again of his affection.

It felt so exciting for me, knowing what that meant.

He covered his mouth, trying to hide his heated face. I would’ve turned away like I always did, but it would be a shame not to see him in such a pleasurable state.

Just a few hours ago, I wouldn’t have ever thought he’d have such a lewd air about him. And yet now, he was an irresistibly lustful and seductive man.

He wore a neat face with an ascetic fragrance that probably wasn’t associated with his nectar.

The rhythms stopped because I came, and his creases were stimulated by my erect cock that was still firm inside him. He looked like he was begging for more, though unconsciously.

“gh… You’re a tempter, nn…”

“Ha, nn… mmn…”

I pulled his face close to mine as if I were being sucked in, and kissed him on the lips.

I couldn’t resist when he looked at me like that.

When I realized I was the reason for it, my heart couldn’t stop pounding, and I slipped my tongue in him to taste him.

I resumed the rhythmic movements that I had stopped and slowly explored his insides, unlike the first time, which was relentless.

I pulled out my tongue, and his jaded eyes were fixed on me, unwavering.

“You’ve… completely… taken over, me… ah… nn…”

—This is… love.

Shal said he wasn’t pretty. I’m sure he was referring to his appearance, but he looked so pretty in my eyes.

He’s pretty, beautiful, and lovely. And more than anyone else in this world… I—like him.

“Even I have ever since been completely taken over by you.”

“Nn, ah… a….”

“So this is love, huh… Heheh. Cute. You’re so cute… Shal. …Hey, I’ll give you half the world, so be mine.”

I’ll even take the whole world and give it to you on my knees if that’s what you want.

I won’t let anyone get in my way. I’m going to make the world a better place where we can hold each other forever.

“Shal… I like you, too.”

I chuckled in a good mood and took advantage of the fact that Shal was lost in pleasure to say something I would’ve been too embarrassed to tell when he’s in the right mind smoothly.

When I rocked my hips, my face broke into a smile, and I embraced my beloved hero, who started to breathe out sweet voices.

I kissed him over and over again, my love overflowing.

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