Chapter 67 – In Other Words, I Love You ※

My insides were already starting to remember Azel’s shape as he penetrated my back again and again and ravaged me.

The inner walls linked to my mind kept saying that they liked it and only wanted this.

It was as if my body had been remade into such a being, and it sent a shiver down my spine.

If so, that would be really great, wouldn’t it?

“Idiot, you… you’re too straightforward…! Don’t ever let anyone but me stain that honest body… nn?”

“Hah… nn, nhh… ah…”

Azel began to bite me from my neck and finally to my shoulder blades, growled deeply, and scolded me in a voice like he couldn’t bear it anymore as he dug and moved his mucous membrane deeper in my stomach.

—Ahh, all this… rubbing and thrusting inside feels so… good…

Even him biting me on my vital nerves and the skin above my bones felt so good. Him rubbing my pulsating erection all the way from the scrotum to the tip felt so good too.

“Hwaa, ah… Azel… feels goood… nn…”

“Gh…! Hah… Shal…”

I felt good not because I was being held by a man, nor because my organ that hadn’t ever accepted anyone else was getting ravaged, but because Azel was the one doing it.

I could get so turned on not only by Azel’s body but also by his breath, his sweat, his voice, everything.

My head was already slowly melting from the heat. I was sure of it.

Tears started to well up in my eyes.

“ahh, good… Just feel me… Azel… Azel… nn…”

I sank into the sheets, my upper body twitching while I swayed on the creaking bed, and called out his name with my gasping voice.

A single drop trickled from my bluish black eyes.

—What do I do…? I can’t take it anymore. I think I’ll end up telling him…

The thought of touching him to find out if he was interested in me, making an effort to have him like me, or building up my confidence before I confess my feelings just disappeared.

Was his affection for me in the sense of feeding himself? Or was it another kind of affection?

Even my wish to hear your feelings was being painted over by my own feelings.

I couldn’t think of anything else other than what my heart desired at this moment.

I want to love him. And if possible, I want him to love me just as much.

Other than that, nothing else matters, right?

And so, my mind skipped reason.

“A-Azel… nn, aah…”


The surging pleasure brought me to a climax, and my whole body twitched.

Still, it didn’t stop. After a colorless and sloppy ejaculation, the undeterred erection breathed with a twitch.

In the midst of my vision turning white, Azel called my name, and my caregiving instinct for him melted away.

“…zel… Azel, I like you…. I like you…”


I could never maneuver my way with the person I loved when he held me so passionately.

Male or female. Demon or human. A demon lord or a hero.

I was a coward who would think about a lot of problems, but I couldn’t just give up anyway.

After all, I like you.

“I like you more than anyone else in this world… My entire heart is now… yours, alone… You’re the only one I want…”

“Wh…! Hah, nngh…”

It was right after my confession in a sweet, muffled, almost teary voice.

“It’s hot… hnn…! Nnn, nghh…!”

I was hurt by his fangs on my nape, though the pain was short-lived.

The bulge that had been pressing the base of my cock from the inside pulsated, and suddenly—something burst out.

Immediately, hot liquid like magma poured into me.

An unfamiliar sensation that was so hot seeped into the crevices inside me that couldn’t be reached.

“Ngh… Hhh, nn… ah, inside me…”

I could feel the heat inside my body as it swirled around my creases.

This was the first time I had someone else’s cum poured into me. If I hadn’t met Azel, I was sure that I would never have experienced this warmth.

“Hh… nghh…”

“…nn, aah… ha…”

He must’ve had retracted his fangs, which had been sharpened in excitement, as quickly as possible before they lodged in me completely.

Azel bit into my nape with teeth that didn’t hurt and slightly trembled as he sucked on my skin.


The sensation of semen pouring into me was more vivid than I had expected.

A sweet numbness ran through my lower abdomen and waist. I was glad to see that he was lusting after me.

I didn’t want to spill a drop, so I moved my weak muscles and tightened them.

—This is… bad.

When I did that, the feeling that I belonged to this man was too strong.

I wouldn’t be like this if it was with someone I had no feelings for, but if it was with a man I was in love with, it felt like a drug that made you want more.

“Nn… a-ahh… ha…”

I closed my teary eyes and immersed myself in the sensuality of being ejaculated upon.

I guess my brain had already loosened up so much that I even worried about the impossible, that it might spill out of my mouth.

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