Chapter 66 – Realization of Being Affectionate ※

“Haa, ngh…”

—He pushed up to about my stomach and stopped moving.

He gently bit me on the nape as if to soothe me many times over while rubbing my secreting erection in between his hand and the sheets.

Then, he took his time, and I finally took in everything.


I could feel Azel’s skin against my buttocks and the pulsations in my body, even without trying to be conscious of it.

Unlike me, who had cummed several times already, Azel had not once cummed.

I could tell from his fevered breathing close to my ear that he was taking the utmost care of my body, suppressing the urge to ravish and devour me right away.

I found it endearing and sad. I didn’t mind the pressing feeling of something pushing up as if I was being penetrated up to my throat.

Am I being held by the man I love right now?

Sharing the pleasures as we made love with each other made me very self-conscious of that.

Azel was inside of me, and it was so hot and inviting. I think I just realized that now for the first time.

“Hah… Ha… gh…”

“ah… n-ngh…  It’s… so warm… I’m glad…”


Each of the creases inside me lewdly shivered as if it were breathing.

I knew I wanted whatever was going to happen from this moment. I was embarrassed, but an irresistible urge made me feel a sweet twinge in my chest.

We breathed heavily. The sheets grazed. The bed creaked.

The heat clung to my skin, filling the room with a unique ambience.

“gh… Ha… Azel… n-ngh…”

I was so excited I felt like I was going crazy.

Saliva spilled from my open lips, making another smear on the cushion.

I was so embarrassed by it that I softly bit the fabric for every smear to cover it up.

“Shal… Shal, n…gh…”

Azel had only been thinking about me with so much self-restraint up to this point and called out my name in a sweet, pleading voice.

His breathing was labored and erratic. Even as he waited for my response, he licked the teeth marks on my nape with the tip of his tongue.

As if to inform me that he had reached his limits, Azel touched my firm and erect cock with the hand supporting my waist and stimulated the tip of my cock with his thumb, enticing me.

I felt a twinge in my chest and my stomach.

Rather than being immersed in the sensations that I was feeling for the first time, I could only think about how cute Azel was, acting like a spoiled child.

I didn’t know if I had motherly tendencies or something like that, but it made my heart skip a beat.

My head was still melting from the heat when I pressed my lips against Azel’s hand, which had been loosely gripping the cushion next to my face.


I held out my tongue and licked the smooth, white, porcelain-like skin of his hand. Then, I took it between my lips and bit it sweetly like a child as I swept my gaze behind me.

—Just fuck me.

I want to be ravaged by you.

“Ghh… Shal…!”

“Kuh… a-Aah…!”

As soon as I transmitted that permission to him—the bulge inside me began to rage violently.

“H-Hnnh…! Gh, aa… ah…”

A sticky, obscene sound emanated from the part where we connected, along with the popping sound of bare skin colliding with each other.

After panting so erratically, the torture that was driving me crazy linked together with me, squeezing out a hoarse voice like a scream, as if I were a mechanical doll.

“Hah… Shal, it’s hot, inside you… and feels good… ngh, Shal, just feel more of me…!”

“Aaa… nn! Az…el, ngh… so, intense… nnh…!”

“Shit, I can’t stop…”

“My body’s… ngh… weird, ahh…!”

I could hear ferocious, bestial groans. Azel licked me, not letting a drop of sweat escape, and his heat devoured each of my creases inside.

Just when I was thinking about how he was knocking my prostate from an angle with fast movements, I suddenly felt a deep thrust into the corner of my insides.

Then, he pulled his hips so far back that he almost slipped out, and the warp of his head clawed at my prostate.

“Ah… hnn! Hnnh…”

My back arched.

Pre-cum flowed from the tip of my cock, which was erect to its limit.

The bed creaked as I lay on the sheets, my body becoming a part of Azel’s as he thrust into the deepest part of me and kneaded the shallowest.

He penetrated me over and over again. His sweat dripped onto my back. I didn’t care about my incontinent wet cock or the sheets and just let him sway me.

Still, the feeling of fullness that filled my rectum felt so good to resist.

“nn, ah… ah… ngh… weird… It feels weird, ah!”

But I was sure that it wasn’t the real me who felt that way.

I seemed to have reached the point where even I didn’t know what I was saying and raised provocative cries with a tongue I couldn’t control.

My insides undulated tightly but softly, trying to hold him back from moving away.

“Ngh, it’s not weird, Shal. It’s just… your body feeling good… gh…”

When Azel choked on my tightness that didn’t want to let him go, he broke free and pulled out. He changed the angle to bury into me deeper, as if he were thrusting it in from the top.

“Aah, ah… nn…gh!”

My nectar squirted out. It was too intense. Before my insides could settle down from its contractions, this time, the rhythmic motion slowly drove them back.

“Hnngh… I don’t know what… this is, but…. it’s like my body’s been conditioned, ngh… to make you feel good… ah, ahngh…!”

I clutched at the cushions and pleaded with my insides, which had been trained to accept him deeply unconsciously.

My body had been given too much pleasure, like a deep surging wave.

I couldn’t bear the stormy violence and intense pleasure suddenly being given to my messed up body.

My vision flashed white. The circuits in my head began to short.

I was being ravaged on the front and the back at the same time, desperately seeking only the sensations Azel was giving me.

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