Chapter 65 – A Tempter’s Light Attribute ※

“I’ve always wondered about this. It’s hard to tell without looking at it closely, but you’ve got a lot of scars.”

“That’s because I, hnn…! I couldn’t use… restorative magic, so… with only potions… H-Ha…!”

Azel had apparently found a number of scars that were barely visible, and nodded curiously at my broken response, saying, “Humans need recovery potions, huh…”

It seemed that they didn’t have potions in the demon realm. If you had an injury that couldn’t recover on its own, then there was no helping it since potions could not heal up to that degree.

“Nn, ah…”

“Is it because you’re human that you can feel the scars? Or is it just you?”

He grazed his fangs against my scars, where the skin was slightly thinner, and my back arched in response.

When Azel asked me that question, he sounded excited and looked like he was having fun. He was being mean on purpose.

I was so conscious of him that I could tell that much.

I felt that way on my back since I was sensitive there. But I was too embarrassed to tell him that.

I could feel my face turn bright red. I hid my face with the cushion, begging him not to tease me.

“Tsk…! Shit… Why are you like this…!”

“Hwaa, ngh…!”

He pulled out the fingers he was using to mess with me, making a wet sound.

I felt my sticky, coiled insides contracting and twitching lewdly, yearning for it again.

“If you’re not doing it on purpose, then aren’t you a tempter…”

“aa… Ha……”

His alluring voice sounded troubled yet delighted.

He had been tormenting me for so long that I already wanted to ask him to give me a break, but as soon as there was nothing left inside of me, I felt a tingle deep within.

My depths were not being comforted by his fingers. The desire that had been obscured by the pleasurable sensation began to pour out in thick drops.

I was struggling to breathe when Azel used his thumb to spread my swollen hole and chuckled as if to compliment my entrance that had been opened.

“This one here… I have only just inserted my fingers, yet it’s already this eager. Even though you’re a virgin, you’re already cumming from the inside… It’s so tempting, alright.”

I felt so embarrassed hearing his words, which I couldn’t tell if they were genuine or intentional, and buried my face in the cushion.

The way he said it was so humiliating. I had never been held before, but I knew how good it felt to have something inserted in there. It was pretty lewd.

In reality, I was so hot that I felt like I was burning, not just from my face.

When his thumb traced the surface of my opening, I felt goosebumps all over my body.

“N… nn, a… I-I’m, not a woman, so… I don’t think I’m a virgin, or anything…”

“If no one’s ever gone inside of you, then you’re just the same. But in case someone has, I’ll cut his dick off and shove it up his ass, okay…?”

“Demons are so… extreme… ngh, hn…”

“I’m just really possessive. So, yeah? Let me keep you all to myself.”

“Hnn, it’s… hot…”

When he said that with a delighted voice, I felt my body throb with anticipation as he pressed something hot and pulsating against my rear.

He slid it over the soft valley of my rear again and again in a teasing manner to make me feel comfortable and let me know it was coming in.

The pounding of my heart grew louder in anticipation. The heat and rawness of our mucous membranes touching each other could not compare to when they touched through the cloth.

“Shal, just relax, okay?”

“Nnh… n-ngh…”

He nervously told me so while he smeared it with his fluid to make it slippery. I took a breath and nodded in response.

I didn’t look behind me as I had been driven to a mess in this indecent pose ever since I had exposed my bare skin.

I could easily guess his length, but I was pretty sure that what was about to enter me would be too much of a challenge for my inexperienced rear.

It looked very cramped, even with just his four fingers in it.

In that sense, it was probably a good thing that he stretched it and taught me how to cum from the inside.

I had never been held by a man before. It was a world unknown to me.

“If it hurts, tell me. Or even if it’s tight, or difficult. I don’t wanna hurt you…”

“Ha… ha, nn… Haha, this Hero is… strong… so–”

The gentle sound of his voice that thought of me as he softly caressed my waist filled me with love from the depths of my heart.

It was cute to see how he was somewhat pensive, waiting to see if I would be frightened or feel uncomfortable, just like a puppy. He was so adorable.

I loosened my facial muscles and let out a smile.

I was already tired of waiting to receive him entirely and moved my body, inviting him.

“–hurry… and come inside me…”

—In that instant…

Azel fiercely shrouded over me, held me up by the waist with his strong right arm, and pressed his thick tip deep into my exposed opening.

“gh, a…!”

The shock made me gasp.

We were close enough to feel each other’s heat and heartbeats against our bare skin.

Azel had lost his composure, and I grabbed his left arm right next to me as I rested my chin on the cushion, trying to catch my breath with my heart about to explode.

“You’re a genius at captivating me, damn it… Ngh, I’m not really composed right now, so… if I do it too rough… you can kill me, later…”

“Hhhn… Uwa, n-nnh…”

The words squeezed out of the back of my throat, and at the same time, his hot, slippery cock split open my pampered inner walls, slowly pushing in and rubbing my insides.

He carefully and forcefully penetrated the soft but narrowly closed opening, and I stiffened at the sight of something much thicker and larger than his fingers.

Azel saw through that and gently dug his teeth around my nape in concern for me, even as he drew in a shaky breath.

“n-nn, gh, haa…!”

While I was somewhat distracted by the fangs I could feel on my nape, my skin was spread to its limits, accepting the thickest part of his glans to the middle and making it a little easier to enter.

The place that had been thoroughly loosened and made wet beforehand was a small, inexperienced hole that opened without being torn.

His member that was filling inside of me, pushed open the inner walls evenly and brought me a pressing feeling. So, as if it was just natural, I felt pleasure from his bulging member that pounded me relentlessly, and my cock that had only been twitching began to harden.

“Nnn… nngh…”

My erection rubbed against the sheets, as Azel swayed his hips in slow rhythms so I could get used to the motion in between insertions, ensuring that my entrance wouldn’t stiffen and tear up before I take in everything.

Even that felt good, and I shuddered even though I wasn’t cold.

“Gh… You’re tight…”

“aa, ngh, ah…!”

A heated breath just behind my head brushed against my skin.

I unconsciously tightened, and Azel skillfully rubbed my erection, trying to get me to relax.

My voice escaped me. His fingers, accustomed to comforting my envenomed genitals, robbed me of my power, all my ability to think.

“A-Ah… Nghh, aa…”

It’s hot… It feels good.

My eyelids fluttered as he rubbed my erection with familiar motions.

For the first time in my life, I was accepting a man inside my body, and yet there was no pain at all.

The agony of having my organs pushed upward was more than compensated for by the pleasure I felt that it made my body swoon.

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