Chapter 64 – The Demon Lord is Diligent ※

I only knew the prostate as an organ of the body.

It was an unfamiliar, indistinct organ that secretes some seminal fluids.

It feels good when touched – I knew about that rumor, too. I knew that, but…

—I never thought I would be made to feel like a mess there.

“A… ah…!”

The unbearable sensation coming from inside my body caused me to pour out lewd fluids.

I gasped for air ceaselessly as I climaxed for god knows how many times already.

I just kept on ejaculating without impetus; its tips kept on twitching. I relished in it over and over again, surprised that there was still something to come out of me.


I writhed while in an embarrassing position with only my hips raised, lying face down with a large, soft cushion between my arms. My eyes couldn’t help but well up with shame.

I didn’t know the exact time, but anyway, it had felt almost like forever.

Azel’s four long, beautiful fingers were fondling the depths of my opening, exposed beyond concealment, relentlessly and deeply, that I thought my body was being remade.

“You’re soaking wet all over. Aren’t you gonna dry out?”

“Ngh… D-Do, ah… don’t let me come up to that point…”

I couldn’t get any strength into my jaw or the tip of my tongue and ended up fumbling on some harmless words. I also couldn’t tell how happy Azel looked from behind me when he heard that.

But, he wasn’t wrong to say that I was wet all over.

My skin was moist and full of sweat, and of course, whatever I had been using to silence my mouth had contracted. I couldn’t even swallow my saliva properly, that it spilled shamelessly on the cushion.

The sheets under me were stained entirely with my cum.

Whenever the sheets got disarranged and touched the bottom of my knees, the puddle would make a sticky noise.

I wanted to keep that place from getting any dirtier, but my body was so weak and sluggish that I would’ve sunk below if Azel hadn’t been supporting my hips with his hands.

“There’s… something wrong… inside… Ha…. Ngh… Inside me… it’s definitely melting…!”

“Idiot. It’s not melting. It’s really sucking up around my fingers and won’t let go, as if it wants more. So, don’t worry.”


It wouldn’t even seem strange if it was melting from being caressed too hotly.

I honestly thought that was the case, but Azel denied it earnestly. Then, as if to compliment me, he pressed his fingers, tracing the muscles of my thigh from my hips, and licked his tongue around my back.

The sudden stimulus instantly sent a shiver down my spine, but I immediately buried my face in the cushion.

I could feel my supposedly weakened cock twitching and trying to regain its strength.

“Besides, look.”

“Ngh… hnn…”

“You’ve finally gotten to the point where you can get off with just this. Right, Shal?”

“A, ah…!”

He pressed his fingertip on a spot just a short distance away from my rear entrance, and my voice escaped from me out of reflex.

At the same time, the enthralled flesh twirled around Azel’s fingers.

It wasn’t by my choice. I didn’t use to have a body like this. It was just the result of doing something repeatedly until it became a tendency.

—Right after I tried so hard to seduce him…

Azel pushed me down and asked me if I had any experience, to which I answered no.

I didn’t want to say too much since it might cause a lot of trouble, but if I lied to him, he would find out soon enough, don’t you think? …And personally, I didn’t want to lie to him.

And Azel, awkward yet kind, was strangely shaken when he learned of it.

On top of that, he was also mysteriously motivated by a sense of duty.

He explained that it would take a toll on the person being held, and that it wouldn’t feel good for the first time unless they were prepared. He seemed quite serious about it.

As a result, we agreed that he wouldn’t penetrate me until I could cum just from inside so that we could feel good together.

Honestly, I had underestimated the pleasure I could get from behind and thought that there was no way I could ejaculate just from there, so I told him it didn’t have to feel good, but…

It just seemed to have ignited his competitiveness, as there was almost nothing he couldn’t do.

“Hhh… I… didn’t get… to that point… I was made to… ah…!”

“Well, of course. My hands remember all the best places outside of you. It’s only a matter of time before it learns of the ones inside, too.”

“Haa… A-Ahh…”

Every time the pleasure accumulated in my lower abdomen, he would rub my wet erection and make me cum.

He would play around with the nape of my neck, the spine on my back and between my shoulder blades, and all of my private erogenous zones.

Albeit boastful, Azel’s skills set my body on fire, finally achieving our goal, and here we were.

Honestly, I felt like I had been caressed so much all over my body that I started to feel tingly everywhere.

My body was made obedient to the pleasure while in my senses, and I could only gasp for air as he stimulated my weak points that he had learned to use to his advantage.

I was now confident that I would most likely get an erection if he massaged me on my back, an area that had only felt somehow good before.

It was too embarrassing to admit it. I wonder if sensitivity can be reset…

“Nn… Ha, aa…!”

Even though I was barely breathing, he couldn’t stop his hands from messing with me inside and out.

He stirred around the creases of my insides to see how I was feeling, and a wistful gasp escaped my lips.

Even though we had already reached our goal, he still kept attacking my feverish body playfully. My hips kept on twitching beyond my control, chasing after his fingers that slipped in and out of my body, as if it were begging for more.

My insides shouldn’t have been able to take in even a single finger, but now, it was completely soft and loose.

His four fingers tested the tightness of my entrance, and the sticky fluid dripping from it ran down my inner thighs, making my body shudder.

The energy pouring from his fingertips was transformed into magic inside my body, and I felt an unfamiliar sensation of transparent fluid filling me up without force.

It acted as a lubricant and was randomly poured by Azel, making his hands and my lower body glisten with slickness and obscenity.

I couldn’t turn around, and every time I heard the sound of my insides being stirred, my skin burned with embarrassment, making me feel even more sensitive.

His four fingers were rubbing inside my body.

His thumbs traced and squeezed the perineum, his lips sucking my back and occasionally biting sweetly.

The tip of my member that had only been twitching was now arching modestly and pulsing feverishly again, due to the slow and never-ending pleasure.

—I felt a great deal of shame at my lasciviousness. But, there was also a part of me that said there’s no helping it.

Azel was in a good mood, as he kept on making me gasp for air and putting kiss marks on my skin. —I knew I hadn’t said so directly, but I still wondered if he was aware that I liked him.

I had no idea.

…Ugh, it’s so frustrating. What should I do if my body betrays me and I end up telling him how I feel?

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