Chapter 63 – Seduction of an Earnest, Airheaded, Handsome Hero (Part 2)

“…Fuhehe… mmf…”

A sloppy grin escaped my face.

I tried to restrain myself from smiling while thinking about the seduction inside my head. I took a deep breath and reached out my hand.

In that sense, I explicitly touched what was touching my back through the cloth.

“Kh… Y…ou…”

Being suddenly touched on his vital region, Azel raised a flustered voice behind me.

He nuzzled his forehead against my nape while lamenting. He probably had no idea how this was going to play out.

Normally, I would be under the influence of the aphrodisiac and lose my mind while being made to cum one-sidedly, so this was the first time I felt the same kind of heat while completely in the clear.

I see. This is stirring him up.

Without hearing his still voice, I nudged my hand that was touching him through his clothes and felt it grow a bit bigger.

Alright. This means he’s not backing down. If he doesn’t like it, I’ll have to stop this sexual harassment as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’ll continue as long as he doesn’t mind it.

“You’re right. You’re hard.”

I muttered and nodded earnestly. Azel let out a sullen voice behind me.

—However, this… This demon lord’s demon lord is a demon lord.

It’s already like this, but is it still not maxed out? Why would a demon lord have Excalibur? Stop giving him any more cheats!

After all, I was going to have to do this and that eventually, as I was willing to be on the receiving end if that was what it would take to get him to like me.

That was what I was talking about. Maybe that was the entire purpose of why I had been working out.

“Is there a limit to a demon lord’s potential…?”

Seeing the difference between his and my aptitude, I moved my hand on top of Azel’s hand to my chin with a serious face and worried about it.

“My heart’s at its limits now, hey.”


Then, he answered with a rigid voice, and his hand on my chest touched the protrusion that he had been avoiding.

Me touching him between his legs must have triggered some kind of switch since he seemed to have made up his mind to accept my touch.

“Haa… That’s great. I was afraid you wouldn’t feel excited. Phew.”

As I loosened my mouth, his silent fingers caressed the unevenness of my ribcage to gloss over what he had just done.

Then, it came back to my chest once again. I didn’t feel that much pleasure when my chest was being kneaded with a sour look on his face; I only felt tingly.

And, I was about to explode with increasing embarrassment, but I had a feeling that my obvious approach was working.

I placed my trust in my previous world’s knowledge that people liked aggressiveness and that making physical contact was effective.

…I’ll leave my faith up to those, alright.

“Kh… I haven’t drunk your blood today, right…? How could you… put up with this? Do you understand what you’re doing? I’m a man, remember? …If you do that to me, I won’t be able to… stop my bad urges.”

“Mmh… Pff… haha..”

“Idiot, what are you laughing at!”

I couldn’t help but burst a few lines into laughter while he twisted both of my nipples.

It was just too convenient, so I couldn’t help it. I apologized to him when he got angry, but I then took one of his hands and brought it between my legs.

Ah, geez… This is too embarrassing.

I didn’t know what he would think of this, and I was scared, but I thought I just had to go as far as I could.

I was in love right now, so I was sure that I would at least be allowed by my romantic privileges.



The hand I had been holding made contact with my loosely erected member.

These bad urges… We were on the same page.

I was in this state just from being touched, even though he hadn’t drunk my blood. I knew this seemed immodest, but I couldn’t suppress my desires.

“I’m a man too, you know? If you touch me, then… I-I’ll get hard, alright.”

I mimicked Azel’s manner of speaking and threw back his lines to him, just like he did earlier. Then, I felt his hand flinch.

I couldn’t handle the embarrassment any longer, so I hung my head in shame and rolled my gaze to someplace else.

He might back down over something like this. But, I had been able to s-seduce in my own ways so far.

I swallowed down my nervousness and cleared my throat.

I had only been in love once before. That person was a woman, and just as you can see, I was a bit awkward when it came to relationships, so it didn’t work out for me.

So, it wasn’t as if I liked a person… just because they were a man or a woman, or because they pushed me like this and seduced me.

The heat of my love right now was just as hot back then, even if he was a demon lord. No, it may have been more. I felt like my body was melting from that kind of heat.

Was it strange? Before I even noticed it, I was already deep into it.

You can tell that my body is like this because I like you, right?

That’s why I want you to like me as well.

“…Do you want to… do this… with me?”


And at that moment—I could see the face of a man on top of me, pushing my body down on the bed with a rough force, as if he had forgotten how to speak.

He could not tolerate it; his eyebrows were knitted and his body was flushed up to his ears. He wore such an endearing face.

You couldn’t stop, too. We’re in this together.

I slipped out a giggle, but I was so happy I felt like I was going to burst.

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