Chapter 61 – Welcome to Touch Me

“……Ah! W-Wait a minute. How did that happen? I don’t like being touched on the chest, though?!”

“O-Ooh? Uhh… Is that so? Sorry, I jumped to conclusions.”

Grrr… Well, it’s alright, as long as you understand. …But, I… I-I like it when you touch me.”

“! Th…at’s good to hear. A-Alright. Then, do you want me to massage you, after all?”

“Ma…?! A-A-A-As if…! And, what do you mean by ‘then’, you idiot!”

Azel’s cheeks, which had already calmed down, flushed once again, and he struck my chest in a disgruntled manner. It didn’t hurt one bit.

Hmm, I see… I guess he didn’t want to be touched. Got it.

“I guess you prefer to be the one doing the touching. If you don’t mind what I have, then… Y-You can touch them.”

“Why did I become someone who loves chests? Get off me! It’s embarrassing, so can I do it like I’m hugging you from behind instead? …Ah? That sounded wrong…”

I knew it. I was right on.

I suggested the idea in a way that sounded as natural as possible, and he answered, “Can I do it?” with a serious face.

I didn’t mind. Honestly, I didn’t have any boobs at all, but I would rather he touch me as much as he would like to.

I rang a flourish of trumpets in my mind, since my guess proved to be right. After all, choosing the wrong choice could have led me to a bad ending.

If I closed the distance between us like this, and tried my best to create the mood, I would be able to confess when the time is right. If you were a man, you would have to show it through your actions.

“Alright. That’s fine with me.”

I nodded in a welcoming mood.

I was supposed to do the physical touching, but he ended up being the one doing so.

I wasn’t good at coming up with strategies. Not to mention, I couldn’t even hide my feelings for him. I wanted to fulfill his request, even though he might realize that I was interested in him in that way.

As I told him that it was fine, I took my hands off him, sat down defenselessly, and waited. He then jumped up with a look on his face, as though saying, “Oh no!”

What? …He can’t do it with me after all.

“My pecs aren’t good enough, huh…?”

I almost felt dispirited for a moment, as I remembered my firm chest that lacked any softness.

I tried to hear an answer from him, and looked at him dejectedly. After hesitating for a few seconds, Azel hurriedly reached out his hand, and gently held my hand.

“T-That’s not it…”

Even though it was just the palm of our hands touching together, the beating of my heart sped up, and subtle joy dwelled in my fingertips. I was afraid that he would feel it from me.

I turned my back afterwards, and sat down with my back resting on Azel’s chest, who was sitting with his legs open. A warm palm touched my back, and went straight to touching my bare skin.

His hand slightly trembled against my skin, and I felt my skin crawl.

With just that, my body felt… hot. I felt so embarrassed since he did it so gently. I was also nervous, which made it even worse. I felt strange in many ways.

The hand that had been touching my back, came around to the front.

Slowly touching my skin, he gently embraced me by the chest.

I was the only one with my skin exposed, so the sensation of Azel’s sleeves brushing against it was ticklish.

“This… How… How did it come to this…? But… well, it’s not that bad… Not bad at all…!”

I could hear him whisper close to me, his hot breath warming my ears.

At this moment, I had not yet realized that his “not bad” was the “best, to say the least” for the tsundere demon lord, Azel.

He was, more or less, enjoying my enigmatic seduction.


I felt ticklish when he rubbed around the bottom of my sensitive neck with delight.

He clumsily touched my firm chest, as if he was massaging them with uncertainty, and my voice came out, trying to cover up my embarrassment.

My heart had been beating loudly since earlier, and I was sure that Azel could feel it as he embraced me. The thought of it made my cheeks flush even more.

“Hmm… You’re also feeling really nervous today.”


“I haven’t even drunk your blood, but right now, you are more so, compared to those times when I take responsibility… Say, do humans like to have their chests touched?”

“D-Don’t be so mean…”

Perhaps, the perplexed Azel was just trying to pay me back for turning him round my little finger, but he intentionally got back to me the same way I did.

The very mention of it made my shame tremble up.

He pointed out the fact that I had no intake of the aphrodisiac venom, or anything, but my heart still seemed as if it was about to burst. I wanted to bury myself in embarrassment.

“Heheh. You mentioned it earlier, didn’t you?”


He wore an irrefutable smile.

Aren’t you so confident…

Now that it had come to this, all I could do was to keep silent as my chest got massaged around, and looked towards the days ahead.

What kind of situation is this, really?

Even though he wasn’t upfront about his feelings, and his words and attitude were prickly, it was the usual Azel who had shown me sincerity.

“I’m going to touch you a lot here next time.”

“…B-But, it’s not like I have that kind of taste, okay…?”

Yet another unknown side of Azel. It seemed that he could get a little bit mean at times like this.

—He was so indulgent of me whenever he tried to take responsibility after he drank my blood, but… was he actually a sadist?

I wouldn’t hate it even if he was. To feel happy about something like this, I wondered if I was a masochist.

I heard a cheerful laugh in my ear, and felt glad that this place was dimly lit.


I couldn’t show my face like this in the light.

I was just being touched in this way, but my face was flushed and engrossed, reminiscent of an amorous affair.

I wondered if being touched by the person I was in love with, could make me feel so heated easily.

Despite not having filled with the usual venom, I had to casually close my open legs.

This is bad. In the end, I’m still the one who’s getting so worked up. 

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