Chapter 55 – The Demon Lord for Me (Side Ulysse)

I am Ulysse. A great whale demon with dog-like features, and part of the Ketos1Ketos – or Cetus, from the Greek Mythology clan – Ulysse Ketomago.

The term ‘Ketos’ officially referred to all monsters living in the sea.

In the course of time, we, the unknown monsters, had come to be referred to as the Ketos, or the so-called mythical sea creatures.

My father, a Ketos demon, was the Commander of the Demon Realm Navy. As such, he was titled as the Nameless, Raging Commander. A raging commander without a name. It literally just meant that. The naming crystal didn’t really have a good taste for names. 

My father was as terrifying as the raging sea when it came to naval battles.

All the soldiers in the battlefield would create distance from my father. After all, he would always throw a storm of all-out attacks. Not to mention, these attacks all had power to change the terrain.

Ahem. Let’s put my father aside. This is about me.

I’m in love.

The object of my affection is the ruler of the demon realm: The Demon Lord.

The reason for this was quite simple.

It was a long time ago, when the navy was still in the demon lord’s castle. For the first time in my life, when I stood in front of the demon lord… my whole being was subjugated with just a single glance.

In the demon race where the more magical power one has, the more beautiful they were, he had this air of aloofness that could not easily be broken into.

He didn’t have an ounce of humanity in him. He looked like a quintessential creature, as if he was an antique doll made from a God’s design.

His soft, night-colored hair swayed, and his deep, indifferent eyes, similar to that of the new moon, pierced through the young me.

The Demon Lord of Lamentation, Azelidias.

Rumor had it that he was the gentlest demon lord of all time. He never started a war against any nation. If he was the one on whom the war was waged against, he would just ignore them. He didn’t see any difference between humans, angels, and spirits.

Even if the other superior demons ridiculed him for being a coward, he only showed indifference and never rebuked them.

He never talked back to anyone, no matter what they said to him. He’d just stare at them with eyes so cold that anyone would suddenly hold their breath.

It wasn’t just his stares. On rare occasions when I made eye contact with him, an extremely rare demon eye would suddenly emerge and I would be struck by the fear that my consciousness was being hunted.

I don’t think anyone who has tasted it once will ever want to go against it again.

Despite that, he never got angry with their words and behavior, so rumors that “the demon lord has no emotions” started going around.

Anyone would think he was foolish, but he had been doing his job perfectly.

It was around the time when the position for the Demon Lord had just changed. Those in the castle disagreed with him, as he didn’t act so demon-like, and cut corners to harass him. Despite this, he never said anything back.

He would settle those things by himself, without a second thought. He wouldn’t get angry, cry, nor laugh. He was an excellent ruler.

However, I wouldn’t exactly call him an indifferent, war-hating pacifist.

There was a time when a group of human adventurers killed a dragon and stole its egg.

To be able to kill one just proved how skilled they were. It was apparent that they had a considerable amount of power. Right after the demon lord heard the report, he silently walked in the direction from which the humans had fled. 

Then—he killed all the adventurers, and sent a box filled with their remains to the human realm.

He came back in half an hour, dragging scraps of flesh with him as if he were taking a stroll. His expression never changed even a little.

He wasn’t just a lenient ruler. He was chosen by the Crest, so he was undeniably the strongest demon.

A shiver ran down my spine when I heard about the story of this unrivaled ruler. It was a silent, sanguine, and strange feeling.

And yet, I was sure that everyone could see how the Demon Lord, who had just about everything, was sitting on his throne with such a fed-up look on his face.

It was—weariness. A weariness that cannot be wiped away.

For him, being enshrined on the throne was nothing but dreary. There wasn’t a hint of gentleness in him.

“I’m not interested. It doesn’t matter.” That was what I felt within those unreadable dark eyes of his, full of displeasure and indifference.

I shuddered at the thought of it. Ahh, I want to be desired by him.

How irresistible it would be to have those empty eyes of his light up, and be so desperately needed by him without reservation.

If only I could be the one to bare your emotions, have the beautiful you all to myself, and to be the one to fill you up…

I want you to see me. I want you to love me without reservation.

The sensation of my heart beating fast was soothing. Ah, god, I’ve been so captivated…!

—And… yet…!

I had been in a rush to meet my lord, whom I had not seen in a while, but that laid-back hero showed up being carried in his arms like a princess!

What’s up with that?! No one told me about this?! Wasn’t this supposed to be a love story between me and my lord?!

In this demonic life of mine, I am the main character. Therefore, things were supposed to progress my way, but before I knew it, the princess attacked.

He was a guy, though. Moreover, he was a pretty decent guy. And, he was quite nonchalant for a person from another world. I couldn’t really keep up with it.

In any case, I acknowledged him as my rival.

He was just the same as I was with the Demon Lord. But the feeling was completely different. In an instant, I felt the flames of jealousy flare up, and I decided, “I hate this guy”.

But it was his fault!

He looked just like a spotted rat, peeking out of their desert den with only their heads out!

My lord even seemed strange when he talked to him.

I had never seen his face like that before, and I doubt my father or brother had either.

He was so expressive that it felt like he had become a different person.

His cheeks reddened with embarrassment at the slightest thing, and his expression quickly changed with every single move that guy made.

He would squeal with irresistible joy even if that guy was just getting a little closer to him.

He would let that guy address him as ‘Azel’. And, as soon as that guy does, he would turn every nerve in his body to him, saying ‘What is it, what is it?’

He held that guy so close to him, who didn’t seem like he was feeling well back then, and even took care not to shock him when he was putting him down from his arms.

To make matters worse, the Demon Lord, with his perfected beauty and physique, was very eager to be complimented by that hero for being all dressed up.

When I snapped hearing that guy’s title, which I didn’t really understand and heard very well, my lord smacked me in my head.

There, I suddenly realized. He was my lord’s lover!

According to my investigation, the Demon Lord, who wasn’t interested in anything, was even more indifferent to nighttime activities.

The Demon Lord was known for not having one-night stand relationships, consorts, and concubines, and definitely not lovers. But to think he was showing affection to a human and a guy to boot…!

On top of that! It was even more annoying how he was soooooo oblivious on how much the Demon Lord dotes on him with his tsun-tsun dere-dere! That guy thinks that was just normal!

He was my rival in love that suddenly appeared.

He had a straight-laced, serious face, but was a natural airhead who had been taking it easy with the Demon Lord as if it was an everyday occurrence.

I don’t like him!

I decided to fight that guy with clear hostility.

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