Chapter 43 – One Hit Kill to the Demon Lord

It was when such a trivial event had been put to an end.

Azel was sulking, pouting as though he was displeased, and saw a flash of light when he met my gaze.

Then, as if he had just remembered something, he immediately began to fix his hair that wasn’t particularly disheveled.

What’s going on?

Furthermore, he dusted his clothes, straightened the creases and fixed whatever was in disarray.

After refining his appearance, Azel cleared his throat and turned around to face me, putting on a cool expression so that he could get a fresh start.

“A-Anyway, that’s nothing for you to worry about. More importantly, u…uhm… What do you think? Don’t I look different from usual today?”

“My lord is always the most beautiful and coolest of all!”

“Zip your mouth!”


In response to Azel’s words, Ulysse exclaimed ‘Yes!’ as he raised his hands and praised him. Immediately afterwards, Azel gestured to him to stop and Ulysse covered his own mouth and stood upright.

It was a refreshingly obvious preferential treatment. It was a response that almost had a heart at the end of it.

On the other hand, I could only tilt my head in puzzlement as I stare at Azel in a carefree manner.

I wondered why he suddenly started to worry about his appearance.


“……” Fidget. Fidget.

I observed Azel for a while and tried to search for something in him that was different than usual.

Let’s put aside the part where he kept on fidgeting around.

Hmm, let’s see…

Azel always had a fairly refined appearance that was better than average in every way.

Furthermore, he often paid attention to his appearance, so he looked very beautiful despite his masculine features.

Even his night-colored hair was always soft and shiny. It hadn’t been damaged at all, perhaps due to a defense mechanism that never gets affected by ultraviolet rays.

His smooth skin as though stuck into his well-trained body was as stunning as a sculpture.

I felt like we had the same size of our face even though he was taller than me. He had long arms and legs, and a small face. He was a beautiful being.

I wasn’t Ulysse, but that was the only impression I could get when I observed him normally. Perhaps there was a magic that enhanced one’s appeal, but Azel was plainly good-looking.


Putting those aside, if I dared to raise it… There was certainly something different about him today.

“Did you have new clothes tailored?”

That’s right.

Azel usually wore the outfit of a demon lord, but—today, he was only dressed in a simple style of red, fitted clothing and simple earrings.

It was a slim, fine-tailored one-piece outfit but with few decorations. There were slits tied together around the hips that could be removed and was quite a good functionality.

The chest area, which was always exposed wide, was tightly closed. The details were different, but it was like ascetic Chinese clothes.

Even his feet that wore thin, flat shoes were now wearing black leather ankle boots.

His height was usually just about five centimeters1About 2 inches above me, but had now grown taller because of his boots, and I had to look up to him quite a bit. It was now probably about ten centimeters2About 4 inches.

I guess I was right about what I had pointed out. I stared at Azel with his eyes sparkling and nodded.

“You always make an effort in arranging your hair and attire, and you’d look wonderful, but…”


“You’re especially cool today. I like the usual Azel, and also the Azel today.”


“A-Are you okay?”

After telling him what I honestly thought, Azel yelped like a puppy and fell on his knees on the spot.

He’s crumbling down. I wonder what’s wrong with him. Is it another seizure…?!

I called out to him in a hurry, but he seemed to be fine since he gave me a thumbs up despite all his trembling.

He had a frail body. It worried me.

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