Chapter 42 – Large and Small Dogs


“Woof… W-Woof?!”


Azel landed softly on the open deck of the fortress, and that was when he finally noticed me on his back, nauseated with the spinning sensations.

My body was surrounded by dark magic and floated in the air.

At the same time, Azel had returned to his usual human form, gently holding me in his arms.

“Sh-Shal! Shal!”

“Mm… I’m fine… Yeahhh…”

Azel was carrying me in his arms with a frantic look and panicked, though I managed to tell him that I was fine and gave him a thumbs up despite being groggy.

Oh, the spinning has stopped. Alright, just a bit more and I’ll soon feel better. Don’t call me so desperately, I’m fine.

Azel probably thought I was about to die or something since he looked so relieved, but he was wondering what had happened to me.

It would be bad to have him hold me all the way. Plus, if he put me down, I’d be able to stand up on my own accord after I get better.

When I pointed to the deck, trying to convey that kind of meaning, I was struck with a voiceless threat with him glaring at me. I wonder why was he so opposed to it?

My motion sickness was getting better with Azel holding me steady. However, without being given a chance to rest, my ears were suddenly hit with an additional blow to my condition.


“My lo—?! AAAAAH, is that the princess carry I’ve been longing foooor?! Who are you?! I’ll never forgive you!!”

The sound of the door connecting the deck to the inside of the base was opened with a tremendous force, accompanied by a cute, high-pitched angry voice that sounded like an instrument being played.

It was enough to attack my weakened brain. Aah… My head is spinning right now…

I was used to sudden attacks, having lived a life full of combat, so it didn’t faze me that much. However, it dealt me a huge damage and my ears rang.

The person who shouted angrily shook his head to keep his mind clear, approached me and pointed his finger at me.

“Hey, you! I don’t like you! I hate you! I’m jealous, so change places with me!”


And there came a young boy, his face red with fury, though he was a lot smaller than me and looked like a junior high school student.

His faint light blue hair, almost white, gently flowed in the wind and shone in the sunlight.

Sticking out from there were long, drooping animal ears with thin furs that kept on twitching. A small sea monster’s tail extended from around his rear.

He had a slightly slanted eyes, but they were large with deep ocean hue, and glared at me with certain hostility as if he detested me so much.1Literally, ‘as if I were his parents’ enemy’ but could mean hating someone so much

His small, pointed nose was arranged in a well-balance manner on his soft, white skin, and ten out of ten people would undisputedly acknowledge that he was a pretty boy. When someone tells me that he was a girl, I’d believe them.

He looked like a son of a nobleman, dressed in high-quality white shirt and shorts hung up by suspenders. He seemed to be of high status.

I got the habit of observing people who were new to me from my days in the human realm.

He said he hates me, but he seemed to have wanted to be carried by Azel.

“I see… Alright, let’s switch.”

“You can’t decide that, you triple weak race! It’d be terrible if you collapse! Listen here, Ulysse! He’s my property. It’s just natural to carry what’s… m-mine!”

M-Mine…?! Urghh~ What’s with that declaration? I’m so jealous!”

I was about to hand over my spot now that I knew what he wanted, but Azel held me even tighter and wouldn’t let go.

The boy called Ulysse, snarled at our actions and Azel’s words very frustratingly, and glared at me. I’m extremely sorry.

“More importantly, Ulysse, where’s Waddler?”

“Yes! My dad should be on his way soon! We just got a report from the lookout that there was something black running through the sky. We found out that it was only my lord! I was the first to run~”

“I see.”


Ulysse was called out by Azel and immediately retracted the glint in his eyes that seemed as if it was about to shoot me to death.

He easily changed his expression; his cheeks sweetly reddened, and he gently laughed.

He was very expressive. It was pleasing to watch a child.

This is just like a junior talking to his senior whom he admires, isn’t it? It’s a heartwarming scene.

I was soothed by the harmonious mood, and the headache aggravated by the screaming had already subsided, so I nudged Azel to put me down.

Ulysse was satisfied and nodded, though he seemed as if he wanted to say that it was just natural to do so. However, Azel seemed very reluctant to part with me.

He gently put me down with a sulky, unwilling look. Was that really so important to him?

It would seem that I’m slender at first glance, but I was muscular and also tall, so I thought I was quite heavy.

Maybe Azel liked to carry people. …Oh, I have an idea.

“Azel, Azel. If you like carrying people, why not carry Ulysse? He looks easier to hold than me.”

“Auugh, w-whispering into my ears is fine, but that’s not why I’m dejected…! That’s totally wrong, you insensitive fool…!”

I quietly put my lips close to Azel’s ears and stealthily whispered.Hmm? What happened? He’s flushed up to his ears.

I tried to fulfill Azel’s desire and the child’s wish at the same time, but… Azel shook his head and roared in discontent.

“What is it then?”

“I-It’s nothing in particular. For the time being, just keep talking to me like this.”

“Huh? Hmm… Today’s a great day, isn’t it? It’s a perfect time to go on an outing. This kind of fine day makes me feel at ease.”



“Aaaahh~~?! How insolent! I can’t believe you’re trying to seduce my lord with a spell!”

“?? Uhmm… I’m sorry.”

I had especially released myself from being carried, but on the contrary, we were whispering to each other at a closer range.

Ulysse growled and yelled at us (rather, just mainly at me) while glaring and twitching his ears.

Urgh, I had no ill intentions. Really. It’s just that the distance between me and Azel, whom I usually come to contact with whenever he drinks my blood, was getting closer.

I made excuses inside my head and apologized to him as I parted with the face coming closer to me. I couldn’t really understand what a child is thinking.

“My healing voice…”

But this time, Azel covered his ears and mumbled something. He seemed disappointed and dejected.

He was trying to resist furrowing his brows. I could see that, but I wasn’t so sure what he was thinking either.

Azel whimpered when I parted from him, and Ulysse yelped as he approached us.

I was just a primate who was sandwiched between two canines. I simply didn’t know what to do, so all I could do was to stay silent with a difficult expression on my face.

Hm… I thought I heard a mysterious voice from somewhere say, “Aren’t hamsters rodents?” but it might’ve been just my imagination.

This hamster Hero could only say, ‘Heke?’2Reference to Hamtaro, who always says ‘Heke’ when he’s puzzled

Character note and illustration for Ulysse can be found here.

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