Chapter 34 – Cookies, Hamsters, and an Airhead

Nevertheless, the dragons.

I didn’t think I could criticize them that much since one of them was inadvertently kicked to the point of knocking him out.

I quickly reminded myself of that and returned light back into my eyes.

Yeah. Well, he’s alive, so I guess it doesn’t matter. If he died, then I might’ve given Gard a finger flick.

Rather, I felt a bit sorry that he was kicked off flying and lost consciousness.

Gard said he went easy on him, but from what I’ve heard, his kick seemed to be out of the ordinary.

It would certainly be painful to get ran into like a missile by those long legs of his.

From a demon’s perspective, it might just be a light spanking for them, but from a human’s perspective, it seemed like an attempted murder. I still felt sorry for him.

“Hmm… Ah, right. I guess the Air Force also has teatime in the afternoon, so if you don’t mind, can you take this with you? I’m a harmless hero.”

“Hm? Could this be the source of that delicious sweet scent I’ve been smelling for a while now…?

“It sure smells delicious.”

“Yeah, it smells delicious.”

In this case, if I advertise it and give it as a token of friendship that also serves as an apology, then it shouldn’t be so bad as earlier whenever I visit.

I opened the basket that I had been protecting so nonchalantly and so hard the whole time, and took out three paper bags of cookies from it.

When I handed them one by one to the scent-sensitive, traffic lights-colored dragons, they drooled and intently stared at the paper bags with great interest.

They said that reptiles have good noses, so I wondered if that was the case.

I like animals, but I also like reptiles.

“Sniff, sniff. It smells like walnuts, doesn’t it?”

“You can even smell the butter.”

“Woah, it’s too savory for a walnut!”

Fufufu. It was savory because the walnuts were roasted once with butter.

The three of them began to rummage through their paper bags with excitement and noses twitching, and I made a peace sign inside my mind.

One person turned sullen at the sight of it, squinting his eyes like a snake and slithering his tail.

The nonchalant berserker, Air Force Commander Gardvine.

“I don’t suppose that’s mine, right? Right? Did you see my cookies being embezzled? Kukuku, that’s how badly you want to be punished by me, huh… Okay, fuckin’ dragons. Let’s start the Death’s Soaring Demon Commander Gardvine Syvlarius’ hellish boot camp. Have y’all readied your change of pants to wet yourselves in, boys?”

“Stop it, your portion is right here, so don’t let the Demon Commander descend. What’s with that American mood? Which macho black commander did you get that from…?!”

“Woohoo~ I got Shal’s cookies!”

I hurriedly handed Gard a paper bag of slightly larger cookies, then he had a complete change of attitude and began to grin broadly with a cookie in his hand.

He was still as childish as ever. Although he was the type of child that would turn you to dust if you pissed him off.

“! It’s delicious…?!”

The first one to squeal in surprise and delight was Ario, who got hit to the trunk of a tree.

“Delicious~! This is definitely good! It goes well with honeyberry tea, too!”

“Right! It’s flaky and crunchy!”

Olga and Kireau followed, squealing and fussing, ‘Delicious! Delicious!’ with their cheeks puffed out.

I couldn’t hold back my smile when I saw that, and grinned delightfully.

Fufufu, that’s right.

Maybe my intuition came back today, since I did so well. Yes! They even gratefully accepted it. I’m so happy.

The three dragons with cookies stuffed in their cheeks stared at the grinning me with great interest.

? What is it? Is there something strange on my face?

I immediately stared back at them fervently, and titled my head.

Ario swallowed his cookie with a gulp, and while wiping his cheeks, he nodded, ‘Hrm.’

“When the hero first attacked, rumor had it that he was an expressionless, iron-masked robot hero, right? He climbed up the walls of the Demon Lord’s castle grounds in silence, and even when he got lost on his way to the throne, he remained silent and wandered aimlessly around for a long time.”

“Who was that?”

“It’s you!”

I tilted my head further when I heard Ario’s words, and then, Whack! Olga tried to smack me on my head.

However, Gard did a finger flick to his arms and Olga screamed, ‘OUCH!’ It was the same finger flick, but the power was different from mine. I felt sorry all the same.

By the way, Gard had a mouth full of cookies in his mouth and particularly had cheek pouches like a hamster’s.

Hmm, with this, I’ll have to give him the position of being the hamster now. I can’t help it, but I have no choice but to give it away!

After I had successfully given the title, I patted Gard, who had now turned into a hamster, on his head, saying ‘There, there.’

The traffic light dragons looked twice with their eyes peeled off.

Well, I guess they didn’t expect their own boss’s cheeks to swell up like that.

“Gard is surprisingly stretchy.”

“Oh, no, no. We were all just astonished at this one hell of a situation where a human is touching the commander, but I get it now.”

“I get it, too.”

“Of course, me too.”


“““This guy’s an airhead!!!”””

“No, I’m not an airhead, but… I heard that being an airhead is a bad thing. I’ll fix it, so please tell me where I could improve on it.”

Chomp, chomp, gulp. Shal, that’s what we’re talking about~”

I wonder what he meant by that?

I was pointed out by the four of them altogether, and I dropped my shoulders, feeling a bit disheartened.

I know, when people tell you’re an airhead, it’s mean that you’re stupid, right? I want to fix those things properly, but I’m not sure how. I’m sorry.

When I brooded over it, Gard comforted me, saying, “Well, don’t get so dejected~ It’s one of your great points.” He was so kind.

But why are you grabbing my hand and moving it around, and making me pat your own head?

If you’re going to comfort me, I think it’s more appropriate if you’re the one stroking my head. But maybe I’m supposed to pat him to feel comforted?

I’m already doing it, though. Mm. It’s really a bit comforting.

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