Chapter 30 – How I Became the Confectioner: Part 1

Two months had passed since I came to the demon lord’s castle.

Since then, Azel had started to drink blood from my neck instead of my fingertips.

He would visit during his spare time at noon or at night and would drink from me with less restraint than before, worrying about my physical condition.

And when the poison sets in, he would “take responsibility” and help me get rid of it.

…This was, well… inevitable. It might be a little bit unpleasant, but he was doing his best for me.

As a result, I felt deplorable that I was no longer that resistant to being comforted by someone else’s hand.

He didn’t seem to have any problem even if he wasn’t able to drink every day, but he persistently came through every day, so was he only drinking my blood to take responsibility? I had my suspicions like that, but well, I didn’t think that was the case.

He said it was fine. I decided to accept it, thinking that it would be rude to stubbornly refuse something that was well-intentioned.

And then, the sucking of blood and taking responsibility usually ended quickly, and the two of us just talked about whimsical things.

Neither Azel nor I were very talkative, so I guess it was just basically a flow of me asking questions and Azel answering them.

Even yesterday, if I remembered correctly—

“A-ahh… Azel, I can’t…!”

“Mm, okay. …But l-lend me your mouth for a bit.”


Not. I made a mistake. I made a mistake in my recollection.

Poof, poof. I waved my hand over my own head, brushing away my imagination. The memory wouldn’t go away, but it was a matter of how I felt. I pulled myself together for take two.

“Azel… How well do you know your way around a man’s sensitive points…? A handsome ruler wouldn’t have any trouble dealing with partners, so I guess you had experiences with men too…”

“Nwa…?! Y-You dumbass! I’m a demon lord, and I don’t have to take care of every man’s lower region! It’s just with you, idiot!”

“So, it’s just with me. If so, I didn’t think you’d be so good with just your hands–”


So, in this way, we wouldn’t cause misunderstandings to each other, and only engage in peaceful banter. We hardly caused any misunderstandings at all, see?

Well, okay. My selfish impression of the demon lord was that he enjoyed alcohol and women. I thought Azel wouldn’t refuse anyone who came to him, but if not, then that skillfulness of his might be as a professional in jerking off.

Azel came in before bedtime, and we parted ways yesterday after talking about that. Every day was quite peaceful.

“Ahh, the demon realm… is peaceful.”

Pound, pound. I faintly muttered to myself as I thought of last night’s conversation while kneading dough.

By the way, if you ask me what I’ve been currently doing for quite some time now—

“And I’m doing pretty well today.”

Looking at the two large baking trays of cookies I’ve worked so hard to make since this morning, I smiled with satisfaction. Fufufu, I’m in a great mood.

In fact, I got a new job at the demon lord’s castle. It was called the “Confectioner”.

Looking back on how things got this way would be a long story, so please take it easy and listen to it.

I’ll also serve tea and sweets. This is all in my brain, but also a matter of how I feel.

It all started after the incident with Azel.

When I was allowed to go outside, I headed to the kitchen inside the demon lord’s castle one day.

It was clear from my exploration with Gard that demons didn’t do much cooking.

The reason was simple: their origins were monsters. Even raw meat could be eaten easily.

Their old ancestors had existential evolution… and uhh, apparently, if a monster lived long enough or gained more magical power, a demon will be born.

Prior to that, they were living in the wild. This was just the logical outcome.

That was the kind of instinct that remained in the demons because their ancestors were just monsters.

Even if they tried to get into politics like in countries or have towns and villages with walls built in them, things that didn’t need to be changed, such as food, remained the same.

By the way, information on the demon realm came from the Air Force Commander, Gardvine, whom we all know well.

According to him, it was necessary to keep watch over the demon realm to prevent humans and other races from subjugating them, and to purge the flying monsters and demons of their disputes and troubles.

But as a dragon who eats a huge amount of food compared to humans, he laughed, saying it wasn’t worth too much of a trouble to prepare something so complicated for every single one of them.

That was certainly true.

If we somehow managed to serve Gard’s three meals every day with some method of sautéing or stew cooked for hours, the chef would die of overwork.

The meals that had been prepared for me were also boiled or baked, but most of them felt like I was just enjoying the taste of the ingredients.

Still, it was delicious enough, and I heard there were some demons who were addicted to cooking, so it was hard to say for sure. It wasn’t like they hadn’t progressed at all.

—But well, that was how I found out about the situation in the demon realm.

So, I thought, is there a way for me to get in on the food situation in the demon realm, where I am just a loafer? And there I saw a way out.

…So, why am I baking cookies, though…

To make a conclusion, I had never been good at cooking.

Sadly, corporate slaves didn’t have much time to cook. It was more work than food.

There was nothing I couldn’t do, but my cooking wasn’t particularly delicious. It would be inferior compared to the chefs in the demon realm.

But I had always done a little bit of baking as a hobby from the old days. My grandmother was fond of it.

Of course, I wasn’t particularly good at it, and could only make simple things.

I remembered the recipe, but I hadn’t made it until now since I started working, so my skills were down.

Dagashi, kashi1It’s a pun, since ‘dagashi’ means cheap sweets, and ‘kashi’ means sweets. But Shal meant to say, ‘daga, shikashi’ which means ‘But, still’..
That’s not it. But, still.

There was a very good reason why I managed to compensate for that.

While telling the story of what happened to an unknown person in my brain, I stared at the hourglass with falling sand and headed to the magic oven.

From there, I took out a baking tray with good baked walnut cookies on it and placed it on the workbench, full of accomplishment.

Yes, yes. That’s why.

In fact, when it came to snacks in the demon realm, you wouldn’t often see walnut cookies with sweet dried fruits or rock sugar.

The sweets were even less important than food. So naturally, these so-called sweets were not popular.

Only a handful of demons who were able to sneak back and forth in the human realm could snack on cakes and cookies.

That was how I had my eye on it. I even praised myself for having this idea.

Hence, the confectioner. It was a wonderful job that combined my hobby with the rareness of sweets in the demon realm.

Don’t look down on modern Japanese. We’re restless when we’re not working, you know?

It wasn’t that bad at all, but it made me feel like I was doing something bad.

That’s why that country was full of company livestock. I felt sad when I thought about it again.

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