Chapter 29 – The One Responsible for the Heat and Lust ※

For a while like that, he indulged in me to his heart’s content to the point that my brain had collapsed.

By the time I was immersed in irresistible pleasure, I was overwhelmed by my body that still hasn’t been able to expel the poison, and by my strained erection that hasn’t climaxed yet.

Kissing isn’t enough. I want him to touch me even more.
I want to cum. I’ll have no choice but to get desperate.

I writhed around restlessly, wondering how it had come to this point and recalled Azel’s outburst.

“Aah, shit! Even though you’re a composed, ascetic hero…! You’re really so cute… W-why is this somehow so erotic… What the hell is this…?”
“Hah, hah… nnn–”

That’s right.
Azel said he would take responsibility for my body going in heat after being violated by the aphrodisiac poison.

So he said, but…
Azel was gazing absently, not fulfilling his responsibilities.

It was a good thing that my consciousness wasn’t very clear, so with great excitement and delight, I latched onto his lips and kissed him as I pleased.

Azel was so engrossed with kissing that his hand on my cock was naturally still.

Being rubbed, caressed and raised by Azel’s fingers, my cock dripped clear liquid as it quivered in anticipation.

This isn’t taking responsibility.
I need to cum.

“Hnnn… fu, ah…”

I moved my hips as I responded to Azel’s kisses.
I rubbed my strained cock on the still hand, and decided to comfort myself.

“Nnn… A-aah…”

Azel flinched when he noticed the squelching, lewd juice slipping and froze.

I rocked my hips several times, his hands and my cock rubbing against the liquid lubricant.
The pleasure caused by resuming the direct stimulation soon began to slowly permeate into my lower region.

It feels good. But, I want more.
Faster… I want to cum.

As a man whose sense of reason had vanished, I was driven by the simplest of desires.

“Ugh, ah… Sh… Shal…?!”
“You’re not… taking respon… sibility… Nn, ah… h-ha…”

With the combination of aphrodisiac poison and caressing, my head naturally did not perceive any shame.

I placed my hand over Azel’s hand, and tightly gripped my erection which had only been rubbing against the slickness.
And then I rocked my hips even more vigorously, reaching climax.

“Azel… Nngh… Nn, I’m going to… cum… Ha…ah…!”
“Huh, eh……! …?”
“A… A…zel… I can’t… nn…”

Azel had been tormenting me as he pleased, but this time, he was left confused by the sudden reversal of events where he was the one being used as I pleased.


As I reached closer to my climax, I became more relentless in jerking off with the help of another person’s hand, and spat out cum that rose too quickly.

“Urk… Wha—….!”
“Hah… Ha…ah…”

I was weakened by the climax that had finally reached me, and beside me was Azel’s voice mumbling in bewilderment.

“Shal, I want to see more.”

I remembered the words I was told earlier while looking at my member, which was still leaking sticky and cloudy cum.

Hah… I let out a breath and looked at Azel with an upturned gaze and elated smile.

“Nn…ah…hh… I’ve… shown you… things I didn’t… want you to see… haven’t I…?”

His tastes are strange, wanting to be shown something so pathetic, but… I wonder if that was good enough.

But before I could hear his response, my consciousness was fading at an accelerating pace.

My body twitched, and moved in sync with my breathing, and the day’s worth of fatigue came all at once.
The tension was gone, and the drug in my brain had run out.

—Aah, I’m tired… I’ve moved around so much today and didn’t have much time to spare for thinking.
—But well, it felt so good, so… I guess that’s one way to go… I’m so… sleepy…

Satisfied both physically and mentally, my overworked body fell without resistance, letting it seek rest.
I left everything up to Azel who caught me in a surprise, letting my consciousness fade and dozed off.

“…Huh! T-this bastard, he’s asleep! …No, more importantly… Why am I hard…?”

The remaining Demon Lord murmured in confusion and agitation, with his cheeks dyed in bright red.

Even though he wasn’t violated by the poison, he was in the mood for it.

The Demon Lord just proposed, “If I want to drink his blood, but my poison causes him trouble, then wouldn’t I be able to touch him longer if I took responsibility for it?” with feelings of guilt and selfishness.

But he wasn’t feeling guilty about it, though he also shouldn’t have had the heart to do it.

But he wondered why he thought he was “cute” and thought to himself, “I wonder what he’d look like if I kissed him?”

Even though demons don’t care about race and gender as much as humans do, it was due to the wantonness of the hero who was full of longing and indebtedness.

He shouldn’t be aroused at all.
…More so, he shouldn’t even be wanting to have sex with him.

He licked his lips as he retracted the fangs he had extended for sucking blood.

“…It’s sweet…”

Affection out of respect and adoration rapidly changing its color and shape—it was an unnamed emotion.

Though the Demon Lord was confused by his change, he tightly embraced his most cherished person, who was sleeping contentedly in his arms.

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