Chapter 28 – Cute Filter ※

Azel pushed me against the door and touched my skin from the top of my thin innerwear.

Tracing from my neck to my chest, abs, waist and all the way down around my lower region.


If he does that, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.
My burning body heated up easily, and I opened my eyes, cloudy with pleasure, and writhed around.

“Hiie… What are you… a… ah!”

“It’s not like I’m thinking that I want to mess you up! Not at all. I’m not thinking that, though I’m pretty much filled with your blood already. I’ll help you this time… Just tell me where it feels good.”
“Hhaa…? W-wh… ah, nnnh…!”

I don’t know what made him think that way, but he started to say something outrageous.

He crawled on my chest with his hot lips, while fondling my muscles to put my tense, stiffened body at ease.

With that alone, my body became sensitive to the stimulation, and started to quiver involuntarily.

Wait, wait.
Is this what he meant by taking responsibility…?!
If so, then it doesn’t solve anything.
The fact that I get so humiliating hasn’t been resolved…!

It would’ve been better if he got put off by it, but this unexpected turn of events left me frozen and confused.

Meanwhile, Azel, who had been touching my body around while licking, began to do more and more of what he called “helping”.

While watching my reaction, he started to touch various parts of my body such as my sides, shoulders and inner thighs to find out where it felt good.

Stop, don’t go there. My erogenous zones will be revealed.
It’s a good thing to be eager about studying, but please don’t do this, really.

“Shal, do you feel it, between your shoulder blades? And since you’re a man, I guess it’s right here… See, you’re erect.”
“Au, t-that’s, nn… A-Azel…!”
“Heh, I just touched it and it’s already like this… Alright, I know how much blood I should drink now. It might’ve been worse yesterday, since I took a larger amount, so just this much should make you feel better. I’m going to take care of you until the end of the day, okay? Entrust yourself to me, fufun.”
“N-never mind that, don’t tou— A-aah… ah…!”

He’s not an… idiot. He’s the strongest Demon Lord in the demon realm with a little tendency to go out of control.

He stopped licking and raised his face, and while he rubbed my erection slowly rising through the cloth with his fingertips, I let out stuttered groans as he pointed it out.

An erogenous zone that I didn’t even know about.
Unexpectedly, in the spine between my shoulder blades.

Stimulated vigorously by the joints of his fingers, I bent my back with a flinch, and moaned, “A-Aah…!”

I never thought I’d feel so erotic and shiver in excitement just from being touched like this.
Ugh, I’m starting to feel like a pervert.

While I was trying to catch my breath, Azel touched my belt which was tightened so firmly. Then, by his magic, it had become completely undone.

Oh, I see, it was the magic of unlocking.
—That’s not how you should be using it…!

Even as I was already being driven to tears by the aphrodisiac poison, Azel slid and entwined his fingers around like white branches, making me squirm and writhe.

“I-it’s dirty, so… ngh!”

Schlik. My eyes widened as he began to touch my shaft that was brought out, making sticky noises.

Azel was intent on taking responsibility for my burning body, and relentlessly tormented me in places he finds where I could feel it.

“Ah, uu, nngh!”
“! Hey, don’t bite your lips, it’ll bleed.”
“Haa, shto… shtoph…!”

I couldn’t endure being touched there directly, so I bit my lips at once, suppressing my voice.

Scolding me for that, Azel took his hand that had been caressing my back and thrust it straight into my mouth.

“Nngh, Aze… shtop… ih…hng!”

I couldn’t close my mouth because of it, and saliva spilled between his fingers and my lips, but I couldn’t even wipe it off.

Flushed and disheveled, I looked up at Azel in my blurred vision.

On the verge of being blown away by reason, I desperately placed one of my hands, completely without power, onto Azel’s hand.

“Shtop ith, Azeu…!”

I wasn’t trying to get away, but I was trying to pull him away. As someone who’s also a man, I felt miserable since he didn’t even move an inch.

“Y-you’re kinda… c-cu…!”
“! Nnnf, hhnn…!”

At that moment, the fingers that had been inserted in my mouth were removed, and my lips covered in saliva—were enveloped by Azel’s soft lips deeply.

“Mmn, nn, hah… Aze, aah, hnn…”
“Mnn… Hah, cute. Shal, so cute…!”

While rubbing my erection with squelching, Azel kissed me indulgently, showering me with an adjective that shouldn’t be used on me, who wasn’t even adorable in any way.

Ahh, no more… I can’t…
I felt light-headed and unable to function.

My thread of reasoning seemed to burn out from the connected ends.

It had completely dissipated and disappeared.

Azel’s tongue intertwined with my numb and motionless tongue, and sucked it as if squeezing it.

“Nnhh, au, ahh…”
“Shal, I want to see more.”

It was a wild, devouring kiss that couldn’t stop seeking for more and more.

I couldn’t stand without being supported by Azel, and my breath trembled against my wet lips.

At an extremely close range was a beauty that seemed to want to say that he couldn’t resist kissing me.
He called my name over and over again, licking the saliva that spilled out, and pressed on me to spill even more.

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