Chapter 27 – Rousing Poison ※ Slight


Azel was the first one to move within the silence that gave new, mixed feelings.

It seems that he had made up his mind.

He placed one arm around my waist, placing the other behind my back while slightly trembling, and held his head down.

Then, he buried his face in the nape of my neck, sliding his wet tongue between my neck and the collar, and pulled it down.


When I raised my gaze, I could see Azel’s refined face so close to me.
His face was flushed, and he frowned while staring at me nervously.

“Well, so that’s what happened yesterday… I-if you’re not scared of me, then… can I eat you…? This time, I’ll be… gentle.”
“Besides— if you get poisoned, I’ll take responsibility.”

The moment he saw me nod at his fumbled words, Azel’s fangs burrowed into my neck much gentler and slower than yesterday.

Splurt… The fangs had inserted smoothly, like blades sticking through a ripe tomato.

He didn’t bite down on the soft flesh any more than necessary, and only buried his fangs. I’m glad that he was trying to cause as little pain as possible.

The hot blood overflowing from the gentle wound fell down his throat without sparing a single drop.

Just as when he tore into the surface of my skin, the pain immediately went numb.

In return, what flowed in me was gently and slowly consuming me.

It wasn’t quick enough to make my head spin like yesterday. It had a steady, gradual transition.


It was called a poison, but it felt so good as if my bones were melting. When I lost a bit of my strength, the arms wrapped around my waist firmly held my body that was about to collapse.

My body flinched at the mere movement of supporting me. …As usual, the poison was quick to spread.

Azel gently stroked my trembling hair to reassure me.

He changed the angle of his pierced fangs, slowly letting blood flow from the slightly open wound little by little so he wouldn’t drink too much from it, and drank carefully.

There wasn’t the slightest hint of last night’s ferocious, beastly appearance.
I was being eaten so respectfully and with great care so that wouldn’t happen again. Even though I don’t like this treatment, it’s being deeply ingrained in my mind.

“Nn… aa, hah…”
“Are you sure you don’t hate this…?”

He pulled his fangs out, licking and kissing that spot.

As I writhed against my sensitive skin, Azel asked me that again.
In fact, if I said that I didn’t like it, I’m sure he’d stop right away.

However, I placed my helpless arms which had lost its place around Azel’s neck, and smiled.

“As if I’d hate it… Nevermind that so, just suck more of my blood…”
“U-uu… Y-you perverted hero…!”

Oops, I ended up saying it again.

But my mind, slightly dimming with poison and blood loss, didn’t feel any particular shame or danger despite knowing what it meant.

More than that, the embarrassed and flustered Azel was somehow… cute.

I thought, ‘Well, I guess I don’t mind if he takes it that way.’ but I wasn’t sane enough.

No, I was still sane, but the feeling of having this kind of thought was crazy enough.

Or maybe the sadness from last night, buried in self-loathing, was gone, so I might’ve been more excited than I thought, to be able to fool around again like this.

“Hah… a-ah!”

The fangs inserted themselves again into the wound it had first bitten, and a voice different from pain began to leak out.

His hot tongue crawled around, licking the spilled blood with great care.

It’s like I was being caressed rather than being eaten.

I don’t hate that way of touching.

My chest felt more eager at the thought of finding caressing to be a bit of a tease.

Azel didn’t feel that way. He was simply drinking the blood of his prey.

But wouldn’t it be disgusting to think that I, who’s also a man, would be feeling so lustful, and letting out enticing cries?

If this was a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body, then there might’ve been no discomfort.
In fact, the creatures who aim for such prey are vampires, so that’s probably why they have devilish beauty and aphrodisiac poisons.

If I weren’t a hero and a person from another world with rare, delicious blood, I wouldn’t have been asked to do this.


Maybe it’s the poison.
But my heart was suddenly being roused.

My body couldn’t support itself, so I placed my arms around Azel to help myself stand up, clinging to his back and the back of his head as much as I could.

It was so weak that it’s easy to shake off because of my hesitation to touch him as he enjoyed a wholesome meal.
I’m sure he doesn’t have the disposition for having such devious feelings for a man.

“Uwa… nngh, h-ha…!”

Azel licked it carefully, and the bite wound had recovered a bit.

The faucet had tightened, and my wound was sucked strongly to save every last one of it, making me moan louder than ever.

My voice already had a distinct sweet sound to it, so I closed my eyes tightly, not wanting to hear such a voice.

This is bad. I’m on my limit.

“Hah… I let out such a shameful voice… I’m… sorry, but let’s stop… ah…hh… if you touch me any more than this, I’ll… be troubled…”

As I languidly announced this, Azel, who had been sucking on the nape of my neck, lifted his head.
The body that was sticking close to mine had slightly parted.

“Why would you be troubled?”
“N-nnh… Isn’t it uncomfortable to watch me, a man… writhe like a woman…?”
“It’s my poison, isn’t it. Demons are sexually unrestrained. It’s nothing to worry about. …Well, besides… the Shal crying out in my arms… I think it is… c-cute…”

“So, don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility.”

Saying that, Azel slightly carried my body, lifting it from the floor.
Then, he took a few steps towards behind me, and pushed me against the door gently, but not allowing me to escape.

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