Chapter 26 – The Truth Revealed


As I thought back on our first encounter, I suddenly heard a cry of hunger for the second time today.

It was faster for Azel to hide his flushed face than for me to hold my stomach down. Mm, so it was you.

“Urgh… Aah~ …I’ve only had a tea snack, and I haven’t eaten anything decent since this morning, so it’s a natural phenomenon…”
“Hey. It’s not good to skip meals, the key to good health is three meals a day.”
“Aau… I had no appetite.”

My own words hit a sore spot since I also skipped breakfast, but I tossed away those things on top of the shelf1tossed away those things on top of the shelf – similar to the idiom, ‘sweeping things under the rug’..

I’m all good. Since the Hero is strong. Except for the Hero, you should be eating properly, you know?

The scolded Azel looked ashamed.
As for me, I crossed my arms, placing a hand on my chin with a thoughtful look on my face.

To be honest… I’d like to give my blood right now.

But I couldn’t tell him to drink my blood if he was hungry. The reason, of course, was the meaning behind what Gard had told me.

Urk… How am I supposed to tell him?

It’s easiest for me to say it myself, even in terms of letting him know that I wasn’t scared at all by what happened yesterday.

And in terms of the essential value of necessity, I’d like to think that now is the best time to do it, but… it’s like I’m implicitly inviting him.

I thought for a moment, and blinked twice.
I immediately thought, ‘I see, I don’t have to put it into words.’

If so, there is only one thing to do.

“Azel, Azel.”

I called out to Azel, placing my fingers in the gap between the collar that covered my neck, and pulled it off, leaving it open just to a certain extent.

I turned my head so he could clearly see the gap in my clothes, and poked at my exposed neck as if it has been a while.


Now then, help yourself with a nourishing energy drink… rather, the blood of the Hero to relieve your hunger.

I offered out, and said, ‘Mm!’
This technique is the legendary technique of a tsundere boy. There’s no way the person I did this to wouldn’t understand it.

Azel understood my intention and his expression changed restlessly from flustered to embarrassed. But, for some reason, he eventually glared at me.

Hmm? I thought he’d have his meal and check me how I was doing like the usual, but I wonder why he didn’t?

“Urgh… Yesterday, I… probably scared you. It must’ve been painful. You rejected me so strongly, didn’t you? …You don’t have to force yourself to feed me, okay? I’m a vampire, but I’m not the type of person who has to drink.”
“Rejected? …Huh, ah… That’s… different. It’s not like that.”
“Huh? Didn’t you tell me not to touch you?”

The way he was restraining himself while creating such a sad atmosphere made me feel impatient inside.

Azel didn’t seem to know why he was kicked out, after all.

But if you recall what happened yesterday, it can’t be helped.

I see, that’s right. If you looked only at the words, it would seem that I was frightened and disgusted.

I could feel the heat slowly gathering on my face. It’s embarrassing to say that.

Do I have to tell him that?
Azel still had the wrong idea, and was dispiritedly searching me for answers.
I guess I have to say it.

Seeing the sad expression on his face, depressed without knowing the circumstances, I somehow managed to come to terms with my embarrassment.

“You know, yesterday… You probably forgot but… for the first time, I got a lot of blood sucked from me, and simultaneously, for the first time… a-a lot of the aphrodisiac poison had entered inside.”
“I told you not to touch me, because… I didn’t want to let out a shameful gasp at your touch…!”

I guess Azel was unaware of the confession on my side, and had a face saying, ‘Come to think of it, that’s true.’
He completely forgot about this, didn’t he?

I went through a lot of trouble, you know.
After all, I had set the fastest record for coming.

Finally, the two of us were on the same page. We both turned bright red, and looked down for a while.

Silence fell upon the room. What’s up with today? I think I made some embarrassing confessions…?

The misunderstanding was completely resolved, but it caused a lot of damage to both sides.
As two adults who should know better at their age, we’re quite a mess.

And after saying that, it sounded like my appeal for him to drink from me was somewhat sexual.

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