Today’s Dinner is the Hero. 24

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Volume 1
It’s Surprisingly Comfortable at the Demon Lord’s Castle.

Chapter 24
Bouquet of Flowers for the Rabbit Demon Lord: Part 1

“P-please don’t hate me…!”

I could hear a wishful plea on top of my head, in a sobbing, hoarse voice.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I barely managed to move my arms that were trapped around his warm body.

Then, I wrapped my arms around the Demon Lord’s back who said something stupid and embraced him tightly.

“…I didn’t come here to give you a farewell gift. I don’t think I hate you any more than the eye of a needle…!”
“Why… not…! I did that… Uuu… S-Shal… I want to be with you, don’t go anywhere… S-Shal…! Uu… ughuuuuu…”
“D-don’t cry. Don’t cry, I-I’m going to… cry too…!”

The trembling Azel was weeping so hard that his robotic, expressionless look on his face earlier seemed like a dream.

I almost felt like crying because his tears were ruining his beautiful face that captivated everyone.

My words became a little bit tinged with tears, somehow trying to stop myself from crying while holding my lips together. But again, hot droplets poured down from him endlessly.

It dampened my hair, cheeks and clothes, and even those jewel-like tears, and arms hugging me so painfully, all of it was dedicated to me and conveyed the sincerity of Azel’s heart.

Why are you crying so much?
I’m the one trying to apologize, so why are you apologizing to me?
There’s no way I could hate you.

I thought I was the one who pissed you off so bad that you’d hate me.

What if you didn’t want to see my face?
Maybe I was the only one who wanted to make up.
What if you rejected me with something like this?

Even so, I still wanted to be here.

I couldn’t wipe out the worst situation out of my mind, even though I knew he wasn’t that kind of guy because he really cared about me.

That’s how it is.

The pinnacle of the demon realm, an incarnation of fear.

The ruler of demons whom everyone feared, crying out because he was afraid of being hated by me alone and telling me not to hate him without even worrying about his own appearance, was a weak and delicate man.

A while after that.

Pat, pat. I helplessly stroked his back with the hand that wasn’t holding the flowers and tried to comfort him.

“I was bad.” “Stay with me?” “I’ll do anything, so…”

After repeating these over and over again, Azel finally calmed down to the point where his sobs occasionally leaked.

Azel thought that yesterday’s violence trampled on my desire to give him a gift by misunderstanding things and decided by himself that I hated the Demon Lord’s castle.

So, every time he spits out those words, I speak to him as gently as possible.

“You didn’t do anything bad.” “I’ll stay with you.” “Stay with me until you don’t want to.”

I instilled it over and over again, with all my heart, hoping it would be conveyed.

Now that it was over.

The setting sun had completely set down, and the view outside the window had become dim.

The interior of the unlit room casts a shadow, and the light of the still young moon softly shone in a way that mixed with the shadow of the sun that had just passed through.

Azel sniffed and didn’t let go of my body in the slightest, pressing his cheeks against my hair as if it would be hard for him to get away from me.

I was tall for a human, but Azel was half a head taller than me.
And yet, just like a child, Azel cried out loud without care.

The demons are fearsome, heartless creatures.

That’s what I’ve been told, but was that really the case?
He’s living with such a variety of emotions.

Feeling the heat of our bodies embracing each other, I felt comfortable knowing that they were really just emotional, whiny and delicate creatures.

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