Today’s Dinner is the Hero. 20

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Volume 1
It’s Surprisingly Comfortable at the Demon Lord’s Castle.

Chapter 20
The Desire to See You Stirring Up

—When I stepped out of the cave, a strange scene awaited me.

Gard, with only his arm transformed into a dragon, was rapidly breaking into pieces the buffalo… buffadon that was as big as a truck, and covered in scales as if it had rock armor all over its body.

There was a pelt hung at a small distance.
There was a puddle of blood, and a lump of internal organs next to it. I guess that’s where he had drained blood and disposed of it. He did an amazing job.

I wonder if monsters will gather around that place…? Or so I thought, but I remembered that when I was exploring with Gard, the monsters around us had never come near him. I see, he’s a flying disaster.

“Oh, I was in the mood for some rare steak, so I went with Plan A. Kuku, I’m going to give Shal the delicious sirloin.”

He said that with a refreshing smile as he saw me come out of the cave, and at the same time, wiped his hand with the handkerchief he took out of his pocket.

Somehow, I couldn’t say anything because there were too many things I wanted to question.

Gard deeply thrust the meat using branches that I had prepared as firewood and roasted them. He was also humming.

“The fillet is fine.”

I gave up on what I wanted to say, and requested a cut of the meat instead. Sirloin would be a bit heavy for my first meal of the day.

If you cared about the potential of demons, you lose, huh? I decided not to care so much and sat next to Gard.

I cracked open the peppercorns, and sprinkled the powder.
My job is just a sprinkler now.

While doing so, Gard stared at the chunks of meat that had just begun to get roasted. Then, he saw my hand that was sprinkling the pepper and was startled.

“Aah, the nerve of you to get such wounds as soon as I let you out of my sight… What’re these?”
“Urgh. I’m not a child.”

He firmly grabbed me by my arm, even looked as if he wanted to say, ‘You’re really a child!’ and glared at me.

“Bite marks, huh. It won’t stop bleeding… I didn’t notice because of the smell of the buffadon’s blood…”
“I was bitten by porcupines. But it didn’t hurt.”
“Porcupines? Oh, a horncupine1. Aah—”

Gard was stunned, as if my story had struck a chord with him.
Well, how should I put this, I’m sorry.

Rummaging through his pockets, he pulled out a handkerchief, which was stained red with the buffadon’s blood.
Gard stopped rummaging and went silent. It was a hard decision.

Hm-hmm, Gard frowned for a while, but seeing me with an apologetic look on my face, he pressed his lips to my injured hand.

“Mm, I’m not fond of blood, but this is delicious… Nn.” Lick.
“…It’s ticklish, but… What are you doing?”

Gard began to lick my wounds.
His slithery tongue crawled over the skin of my hand as if tending to it.

When the horncupine drank from me, I didn’t feel as turned on as I did when Azel drank from me.
I thought they were completely harmless.

Gard looked at me with his lips on my hand, his slightly slanted eyes glancing upward.

“The horncupines have hemotoxins2 in their fangs. They have small mouths, so they have to drink in small doses. Your wounds won’t close easily even if it was just a playful bite.”
“O-oh… So, that’s how it is…”
“I’ll apply blood clot poison. It’ll be over in a second, so just let me do a little bit of licking, okay?”

As Gard said that, he pressed his lips and began to lick my hand carefully again.
Apparently, he could mix the poison inside his body with his saliva, and apply it with his tongue.

That’s probably the situation we’re in, but the image was quite awful.

I looked like a pervert who makes handsome men lick my hands, which is pretty distasteful.

I stared down at Gard, who was seriously licking with his slit eyes closed and had an indescribable look on his face.
His long, silver eyelashes formed a shadow; he was so beautiful, regardless of his act.


It was an image that gave me deja vu.

While my fingers were being licked, I remembered Azel, who used to drink my blood reluctantly every day.

Azel touched me as if he was handling a fragile object, and kept on asking how I was doing from time to time.
Azel, who called humans feeble beings, cared for me enough to be so protective so that he wouldn’t hurt me more than necessary.

…I want to see him.
I felt my chest tighten.

“Mm. Alright! It’s done.”
“Oh, the bleeding has stopped. Thanks.”
“You can’t go around monsters you don’t know anymore, alright?”

The warmth that had been touching my hand left me.

It was a little wet, but my hands weren’t bleeding anymore.
And, he was still treating me like a child.

I wanted to say something back, but it’s true that I held out my hand thoughtlessly, so I didn’t say anything and nodded. Urgh, I’m ashamed.

[1] horncupine – porcupines in Japanese is ‘yamaarashi’ but in this world, Gard called them ‘tsunoarashi’ which is a play on words, ‘tsuno’ meaning horn.
[2] hemotoxin – or hemotoxic venom, are blood poisons that cause blood cells to burst and prevents blood clotting.

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