Chapter 17 – Self-Hating Demon Lord and a Budding

I resolved myself and was about to open my mouth, but we heard a loud sigh from inside the room. We both sneaked a peek again.

“Haa… Whatever happened to you? You were so excited yesterday and said you would lift the barrier on Shal, right? You ran off to invite him to come to the office, didn’t you?”


For the first time, Azel had stopped writing on the documents he was working on.

That’s right. Azel did those delightfully yesterday. Then, I promised him that I would come here.

I came as promised, but they hadn’t noticed it yet. Knowing what transpired thereupon, Gard tightly knitted his brows.

“…He won’t come.”


“He won’t come, that guy. …For sure.”

Azel declared with dark eyes and a blank expression that killed his emotions. Then, he started to write again as if nothing had happened.

Reisen didn’t know the details and asked him in confusion. But despite that, Azel had nothing more to say.

For some reason, the lack of expression on Azel’s face didn’t seem to be a rejection — it appeared to be a defense.

I closed the door gently and carefully so as not to make a sound. Then, I looked straight at Gard again.

“Gard, let’s go for a stroll in the skies now.”

“Got it. Where to?”

“Axio Valley.”

When Gard heard my definite answer, he smiled wryly and with great amusement. Then, he easily picked me up and started walking.

I decided that—if I follow Maruo’s advice and go get the flowers, then I would convey my many thanks to Azel.

And, if he wouldn’t mind… I would like to tell him that I will always be here, until the time you no longer need me.

It wasn’t because I couldn’t get out of prison. It was because I still wanted to be here, even if I was allowed to get out.

I wouldn’t escape until I could tell him that. But I didn’t want to escape. I wanted to face him. More properly, in person.

Azel was a feared demon lord, but I never thought that everything I saw when I spent time with him had disappeared because of yesterday’s incident.

It had only been a short time, but I didn’t think Azel was that kind of man. His title of Demon Lord had nothing to do with it.

And that was if I were going for positive thinking.

He thought I was going to escape, and that seemed to have angered him at first glance, but perhaps he was just upset about it.

Somehow, it just feels like…

“Love, isn’t it? It’s like he loves me so much he couldn’t let me go.”

I chuckled.

I didn’t really seriously think that, but I thought it would’ve been nice if I teased him about it. I felt so immature.

Hahaha, what the hell.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t mind Azel being so cold like he was a different person……


Suddenly, my normal brain that had been on standby, received my jokingly positive thoughts.

Uh… Erm, I carried the joke a bit too far.

We were both guys, we were also of different races, and there was no way a fierce, handsome guy would love someone like me.

I had no idea what made me think that. Really, was my clunky head still lacking in blood? If that were the case, it was more natural for me to fall in love with him instead.

I came here to kill him, yet he let me live and gave me a much better life than I ever had. Rather than telling me to kill someone, he treated me on an equal footing and worked hard to ensure my safety.

He was such a dishonest, adorable, handsome man.

If someone decided to keep you in such a way, you would desperately want to give something back to them, even if you weren’t in love with them. You would feel terribly heartbroken to have hurt them. And you would end up wanting to be by their side.

I deeply nodded in understanding. That’s right.

For the sake of my wonderful, kind, and precious owner, I would go for a ride on a Hydrod-type intense roller coaster, eagerly waiting outside the window for me to jump out.


The catchline is, ‘for Azel’!

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