Chapter 16 – A Demon Lord I Don’t Know

The demon lord’s office was on a level where there were far fewer other demons.

It was a short walk from my prison, up three grand staircases with high ceilings that were difficult to climb.

Beyond the window facing the hallway was a clear, sunny day. The door across it had a standard size, probably because Azel was the size of a human.

Still, it felt much bigger for me compared to the huge door of my prison. I had to go beyond this door, clear up the misunderstanding and make up with him.

I was so nervous that my hand trembled as I tried to knock on the door.

Gard standing next to me saw that, then squeezed his hand holding mine. It hurt a little.

“Don’t worry. I can fight him until his fourth form.”

Those words were very reassuring to me since his final form instantly killed me before I could even see the fourth.

But please don’t fight each other. You’re both important to me.

Having an ally gave me a lot of courage. It was ironic that the hero’s first ally was a demon commander, but I was very happy.

I took a slow, deep breath on the spot.

…It’s okay. I’ll clear up the misunderstanding.


I was about to knock with renewed determination, but my hand stopped moving upon hearing a troubled voice from inside.

“That’s enough. Please fix your temper. With your current intimidating air, the servants directly under you – the cupbats – will always be terrified and filled with tears in their big eyes.”

“…Looks like someone’s there.”

“The voice just now is Reisen’s, the Prime Minister. The Infinite Hellfire Demon, Reisephon Amarald. That phoenix guy heals and burns enemies he doesn’t like over and over again.”

“We better not show up while he’s still in there,” he added. Then, Gard opened just a little gap in the door to check on him.

Does everyone here holding a position have such horrifying titles…?

The Demon Lord Azel started to sound simple. The Demon Lord’s title was the most dangerous, yet it still sounded peaceful.

Perhaps the Demon Lord Azel had a lot more names in the demon realm, but I should ask him about that later. It was scary, but I was also a bit curious.

Following Gard’s lead, I also peeked through the gap.

I felt uncomfortable about peeking in, but I had to avoid burning to death endlessly. If we ever run into each other later, I would apologize to Reisen.

Across the gap, the things I caught sight of in order were: a bookshelf filled with books, a black upholstered sofa of good quality, and a glossy wooden low table.

Near the sofa was a beauty with crimson hair I recognized, and he wore a troubled expression, ruining his beautiful, slender face that anyone could mistake for a woman.

It seemed that the sunset-colored winged confidant from last time was a terrifying prime minister.

I was glad he didn’t burn me down when I made that misleading statement like a sexual harassment without Azel’s knowledge. No kidding.

And then, the last thing that I caught sight of was the one I intended to see.

In there was the night-colored, beautiful and fine figure of a man at the elegant office desk set up sideways to the door, dealing with a tower of documents.

He was dressed in the same Asian-style outfit as usual, with finely crafted accessories swaying with his movements, exhibiting his profile like a work of art.

He looked the same as usual. But, there was an Azel I didn’t know about.

“Gard, is that Azel…?”

“It’s the Demon Lord, alright… He’s in a really bad mood, but it’s definitely him.”

“But I’ve never seen him in such a ruthless mood.”

In response to Gard’s voice above my head, I blurted out words with a hint of impatience.

Azel’s expressionless face, similar to a Noh mask, scanned the documents with his abysmal pair of eyes. His deep, black eyes also felt harsh and beastly.

No matter how I looked at him, I could see that he wasn’t happy about what had happened yesterday.

I had never seen those eyes before, even during our first encounter in battle. His eyes had an abundance of hues, as were his ever-changing expressions.

Maybe I was the one who got it all wrong…?

I assumed that I had selfishly hurt Azel, who left the room so despondently.

But no, it wasn’t like that. He was so angry at my own selfishness and insolent tone that he was astounded.

“Hm? The Demon Lord might have human-like aspects, but he’s more like that. Especially when he’s working. He’s in a really bad mood today, though.”

“Is that so…? But to be always like that—”

“Haa… Then, they should switch over and become the oh-so gentle Prime Minister’s servants instead. If they’re frightened, then so be it. If they don’t like my face, then they can leave to the human realm or wherever they want.”

“Yea? The Demon Lord is the ruler of the demons. Of course, he’s gotta be cool.”


He had a cold voice, so indifferent that chilled me to the bone.

He had never spoken to me like that. Gard wasn’t the least bit fazed, but I could feel that it was a little too heavy and intimidating to humans, even though it wasn’t directed at me.

“It’s not that they don’t like it. It’s just that the servants cannot withstand your eyes. Because of your bad temper and unstable control of magic, your demonic eyes are spreading the status condition of fear everywhere!”

“Ah— …Is that why there’s no light in his eyes? Reisen’s directly facing him, and he’s in tears. I feel sorry for him.”

“So what? I can get into a bad mood whenever I want. Now’s the time for the mobs to run away in fear. I’m used to it. Since a long time ago.”

“G-Gard… Gard, I don’t think he’ll forgive me just by storming into the room and apologizing…!”

“What’re you gonna do? Are you gonna fight?”

“I’ll die if I do that…!”

If I were to attempt a suicide attack on Azel, the demon lord who would descend in anger towards me, I wouldn’t last a second.

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