Today’s Dinner is the Hero. 15

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Volume 1
It’s Surprisingly Comfortable at the Demon Lord’s Castle.

Chapter 15
Window Intruder Anew

And with that, Gard and I left the room in high spirits.

I walked around the corner, while curiously examining the wide hallway that made it accessible to various races.

What’s unusual isn’t the hallway.

It’s the bat-like lesser demons fluttering around, the humanoid demons made of water, and the soldiers with raptor heads in military uniform.

There were various other demons; some were carrying papers, some of them were cleaning, and there are those who were doing nothing but engaging in conversation. There are also those who just wander around aimlessly for some reason.

I didn’t see anyone when I came here, but it seems that there are a lot of demons living here originally.

“Wow, does everyone work here?”
“No? The ones doing the subordinate work are generally underlings. The only ones with a high-ranking position in the demon realm are those amazing ones who can crush a human army alone. The others are their underlings who are so weak that they can’t live without a territory and can only work and live in submission.”

According to Gard, who continues to speak, the demons who are strong to a certain extent have territories only with their own kind, and each seem to live in villages built in various places.

The Demon Lord’s castle has the best location for magic in the demon realm, and the magic of dark attribute that springs out from the land is incredibly concentrated.

So, the only ones who live here are the demons who are attracted by magic; demons who are strong, and on the contrary, demons who are extremely weak.

For that reason, it seems that only the powerful demons led by the Demon Lord are the ones who work as leaders and balance the demon realm. In short, the nobles.

The others are hired people who move at the will of those with high rank, and the demons usually work together and live as they please in towns and villages in various places, except when there is an emergency.

They don’t govern as well as humans, so it seems that some parts are still loose.

If there are conflicts where the parties couldn’t come to terms with each other, they battle immediately. It’s probably because this is an extreme demon realm where brutal killings go through.

Suddenly, I noticed that the demons around me were staring.

Some of them look as if they saw something unusual, and some look unhappy. Of course, there are also those who were indifferent.

But they don’t ever try to get involved, and everyone makes way for Gard, who’s walking heavily while trying to match his pace with me.

…Now that you mention it, even from the time Gard went home from my window, the creatures paved their way for him as he danced around the sky…

With a tap, I poked the arm next to me and to get his attention.

“I thought you were just an ordinary soldier but… by any chance, do you have some sort of high position?”
“I do~ It’s nothing that interesting, though. My full title is a bit long.”

‘Hmm—’ Gard turned his eyes diagonally upwards as if trying to recall, with a look as if it was of no concern.
Why are you forgetting your title?

A little while later, he seemed to have remembered it somehow and sneered ‘ushishi’ as he announced his identity.

“I’m the Demon Realm Army Air Force Commander, Gardvine Sylvarius.”

He’s one of the three military officers.

Gard felt refreshed as he remembered it, and began to walk leisurely again.
For some reason, my hand that had poked him was grabbed and pulled as it is.

However, only this time, I obediently let myself be pulled.

The shocking fact that the window intruder, embodiment of an innocent child, was the head of the demon realm’s air force left me frozen for a while.

The dragon who loves having his head stroked, couldn’t possibly be…
In this world, the unusual ones are those who would make a name for themselves.

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