Today’s Dinner is the Hero. 14

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Volume 1
It’s Surprisingly Comfortable at the Demon Lord’s Castle.

Chapter 14
Mission Start

“Shal, the barrier has disappeared, so I came by to visiiit?!”
“Mm… Good morning, Gard… Come in through the door…”
“Oh, okay…”

Gard, who came here after a long time with a big smile, was still a window intruder.

He looked shocked when he saw me lying down exhausted on top of the bed without its bedcover and with my arms and legs spread out.

When I pointed at the door unsteadily, even though he couldn’t grasp the situation, he went out of the door once, and immediately came in from the door again. Yup, he’s a child who can do anything if he tries.

As for me, I got up as usual this morning and managed to finish stretching one way or another.

Still, even though I’m still recovering from last night, I was still a bit tired. I also refused breakfast and remained rooted to bed.

Two pachinko ball-sized holes were opened in my neck, and had been taken from like water flowing from the faucet. So, if it weren’t for my enhanced basic stats, I might’ve died.

Since my magic is sealed, it wasn’t possible for me to recover by strengthening my body. I’m currently in the state where I have no choice but to rely on my natural healing power.

“Shal, Shal. Are you going to die? Are you dying?”

Gard approached towards me with small steps and crouched next to my bed. He tilted his head and looked at me lying down while sprawled out.

Although it isn’t obvious in his movements or face, he apparently seems worried. Considering it’s Gard, his eyebrows just fell despondently.

“Don’t kill me as you please… Hero-san is… strong… Nghh…”
“H-he’s dead!”
“I’m not deaaad…”

I tried to get up without making him worry, but I tragically collapsed and emitted a pitiful voice.

He pronounced me dead in a panic when he saw me. I told Gard to kindly not desperately try to kill me.
Gard thinks I’m a hamster after all… It’s totally disgraceful.

After a while, as he was making a commotion saying ‘He’s dead! He’s not dead! Wahh! Gyaa!’, I eventually recovered to the point where I didn’t feel lightheaded.

“…I can’t win against the Demon Lord… But, I’m a little angry.”

While I drank water to recover, as I explained in summary why I’m in this situation, Gard narrowed his eyes like a snake, and restlessly wriggled his tail.

No, I’m not even angry at all, though…
I don’t really mind it, so I appreciate the thought, but I want you to swallow it down.

In the first place, I was the one who previously said he could drink more, and I was also the one who thoughtlessly made Azel sad.

Such behavior of mine has hurt Azel. That’s the story.

With that said, Gard slapped and wriggled his tail further, taking it out on the carpet, making it fluffed.

“Setting that aside, it’s still not good to put you on the verge of death, you know.”

No… It’s not good to judge whether it’s good or bad, but it’s largely my fault, though.

For some reason, the special characteristic of having the desire to protect those who are weak, unless they’re hostile against demons, might be overflowing.

I didn’t know the scoring criteria for Gard’s anger, so for the time being, I nodded in assent, “If you say so.”

After that, while I was granting Gard’s wish to stroke his head just as he wanted from the start, he told me a story about what happened to him before we met today.

The other day, when he was patrolling the sky as a military soldier, he found a group of sky tuna swimming in between the clouds.

Sky tuna, as its name suggests, seems to be a tuna flying in the sky. The taste is as sweet as chocolate. It’s Gard’s favorite food.

He was floating and eating as much as he wanted, and when he returned in a good mood, he was beaming.

“Chocolate tuna… That’s cool, it’s not what I expected but it’ll be hard for me until I get used to the taste.”
“What are you talking about, isn’t tuna sweet?”

He told me as a matter of course, but tuna was a fish that smelled both in my previous world and in this human realm.
A king of fish for the masses that is very popular with the children.

Gard was excited to hunt it next time.
No, I don’t really have any complaints about chocolate tuna, but, hm, no? I might have one.

Since I listened to such a story, and petted him lots, Gard was in a very good mood.

Apparently, he seems to like being touched.
Is it because he hasn’t been touched so much?

It’s also fun for me to talk to Gard.
But, I’ve decided to do it today.

I’m sorry for my friend who came to see me, but I had to get going, so I stood up.

The only thing I can do is to wear my black innerwear that fits my torso.
I don’t have any personal belongings. I’ve also taken a shower.

“Where’re you going? The sun has just risen, you still haven’t taken a stroll in the sky with me after chatting.”
“I’m sorry, I have to go and make up with Azel for a while. Can you show me the way to the office?”
“Hmph, are you going to die agaaain?!”
“I won’t die! I won’t die!”

Why do you want to kill me so badly!

‘No way!’ Gard formed a big ‘X’ with both his arms crossed. I threatened him by placing both my hands in a form ready to flick his forehead.

Even if a Hudord obstructs me, I’ll still go.

I thoughtlessly left Azel so dispirited all night, I couldn’t even reconcile with him without clearing the misunderstanding, I’m so pathetic.

I have to show him I’m a man too.

“I’m going with you.”

Threatening him made him realize that this was the only thing I couldn’t give up on, and it worked out better than I expected. I nodded happily to this.

It will be easy to get to the office if he could lead the way.

After it has been settled.

I’m going on my first mission with Gard… or not. Other than the first decisive battle, I went out to search the unexplored Demon Lord’s castle.

Objective, office.
Mission, reconciliation!

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