Today’s Dinner is the Hero. 13

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Volume 1
It’s Surprisingly Comfortable at the Demon Lord’s Castle.

Chapter 13
Important ≠ Don’t Want to Lose (Side Azel)

Slam. With the door closed behind my back, I sat down slowly, then and there.

Then, I held my knees, and sobbed unbecomingly.

I tried not to make a sound, but even so, the large tears that endlessly rolled down warmly soaked my knees.

—I’ve hurt Shal so badly.

To be honest, it feels like a sharp blade was piercing through my heart.

When I passed through the door where I just came out of, I was expecting to get showered with praise.

Just a little while ago, I was too excited and even came in at this hour in such a hurry.

But now, while biting my lips and holding back my tears, unable to handle my heavy, gloomy heart crying out in pain, I came out of the room.

It wasn’t supposed to go this way.

At first, when I told him he could go outside, Shal truly thanked me with a gentle voice, as if he gathered all the kindness from this world and put it into words.

Just how happy was he with that?

I tried to get across him, closer to his heart, little by little, every day. However, I dyed it deep red, and spoiled it myself.

I was too arrogant.
He laughed, so… I was convinced that he liked his days here, and liked spending his time with me. Yes, I’ve been so arrogant.

But in reality, he can’t help but detest me.

I am the ruler of mankind’s enemy, so he came here to kill me, but I defeated him and placed him on the verge of death. Then, I brandished the rules of demons to imprison him here, leaving him the only human in a world full of demons.

I… longed for my benefactor from the past, and wanting him to stay by my side was just for my own satisfaction. But I don’t even know if he remembers the past.

The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t stop my tears.
I didn’t mean to do that so awfully.

At first, I was just glad and embarrassed to be able to watch him, and allowed him to stay here at my own convenience. That’s why, I just thought I’d like to do everything I could.

He gently smiled at me, thanked me as if it was just the natural thing to do, called me by my name, and worried about me.

There are days when even small things pile up like petals.

Even though I took his sword away, sealed his magic, and locked him in a place where there are no other humans.

He was the kind of man who said he wanted to work to give me something in return because he wanted to thank me.

When I said he couldn’t do such a thing, he was that kind of straightforward man who offered himself without hesitation.

Even though he’s the benefactor.
When I thought he might get away, my mind turned black, and a ferocious possessiveness surged out from me.

I don’t understand this feeling.
It’s not the debt of gratitude that I’ve been holding for a long time.

It wasn’t yearning or anything. The feeling that I had for the first time was as violent as a raging stream, and was beyond my control.

As a demon who had lived for a long time, I cannot digest such sudden changes well, along with uncontrollable waves of emotions without understanding them.

When I realized it, I was selfishly shouting incomprehensible things, even tried to threaten and restrain him, and pierced my unsightly, sharpened fangs into Shal’s smooth and youthful skin.

Through the fangs that bit strongly to threaten, the hot blood that continuously overflowed spread into my mouth.

I usually just suck a bit, and it already gives a mellow fragrance enough to make me dizzy. A sweet, rich, flavorful blood.

Ba-thump. An elating heartbeat rang out.

I know that humans from another world are exceptionally delicious.
In addition, my desire to monopolize was so dire that I couldn’t help it, and felt my desire to dominate being satisfied.

When I stuck it in deeply as if carried away by the heat, the sweet blood alone captivated my tongue as it wrapped around it. I felt myself get used to the feeling of it going down my throat.

“Ngh… ah… ha…”

Close to my ears, I can hear an obscene sound mixed with Shal’s voice groaning in pain.

His voice aroused more excitement. While I indulged in Shal with beastly vigor and dwindling sanity, I rubbed my head as if demanding for more.

It was a rich, sacred and irresistible taste that I would never tire of drinking. It’s the finest blood.

Aah, so delicious. I want to drink more.
I want more. More.

“Nn… Ha… It’s really… exceptionally delicious…”
“Uhn… I’m… glad… to hear… that.”

I didn’t realize Shal was starting to weaken until he gently rubbed his soft cheeks.

And, when I did.

I was foolish enough to drink a great amount of blood to the point where if you’re an ordinary human being, you will lose consciousness.


When I pulled my fangs as if they were plucked, Shal raised a voice as if he were convulsing and twitched.

From the wound that lost its plug, a deep red blood started to overflow, and in a panic, I sucked the wound to cover it.

When my mind came back to its senses, a splitting sound was ringing painfully.

—I’ve done it! I’ve done it!
—Why couldn’t I stop it! I just wanted to threaten him a bit to make him give up!

—With this, Shal will completely reject me!

My mouth was deep red with Shal’s blood.
On the other hand, Shal, exposed with his pale skin glowing like the moonlight, lay limp.

Shal’s hand that seemed to be grasping around my chest, fell down weakly, as if a thread had been cut.

Did I enjoy such a delicious meal so shamefully that I didn’t even notice his clinging hands?

“S-stop… Don’t… touch me…!”

As I was too flustered to know what to do even after I came back to my senses, Shal drove me out with an unusually firm tone.

It left me with a pain like being struck with a heated iron stake, and turned my overflowing regrets into tears.

It tasted so good, enough to make me lose control of myself.
The blood of my most important person was delicious.

I wiped my mouth aggressively.
There isn’t any more blood, but I can’t wipe away the sins I’ve committed. I like blood, but I never got hooked with it.

“H-hic… Shal… Shal… ku… hic…”

Now that the barrier has been lifted, Shal will surely leave this place tomorrow.

There’s no way he’d stay around an existence that devours him like that.

I’m sure he’s frightened, holds a grudge, and hates me.

If I tried to forcibly restrain him like how I did just now, I would just be disliked more and more.
I can’t do that.

The situation I brought on to myself was deplorable, lonely and so painful that my heart is being torn apart.
Uncontrollable emotions, endlessly flowing down from my pair of black eyes.

I don’t know why I’m this lonely.
Just a while ago, I hadn’t seen him for a long time.

I only just returned, and yet. I am unable to contain my sadness whenever I think that Shal hated me.

I couldn’t save the train of thought sinking down the abyss. Without wiping the tears that flowed one after another, walking in a hollow manner, I removed myself from the front of the door.

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