Chapter 11 – Clueless (KY) vs Poor Talker

Azel’s night-colored hair brushed my cheeks, as if indulging me in-between my shallow breaths.

With my head clouded by blood loss and poison, one way or another, I rubbed my cheeks back.
Even if this didn’t happen, I’m here anyway.

“Nn… Ha… It’s really… exceptionally delicious…”
“Nh… I’m… glad… to hear… that.”

When I replied while smiling in my slurred voice with words muttered in delirium, the fangs that pierced me had slipped out.

As I trembled at that sensation, the blood from my wound overflowed.
Since he sucked it in a hurry, my skin that became sensitive melted unbiddenly.

The feeling of the tongue covered in hot saliva licking the wound viscously.
He relentlessly licked it several times, and the wound gradually closed.

I was unable to find any more strength, and both my hands that were gripping Azel’s clothes let go and weakly fell with a thud.


With a surprised expression, Azel became flustered and called out to me. But while lying down listlessly, I slowly shook my head in disapproval, as if to say, ‘It’s not what you think.’

“I-I’m sorry… Ah, uu…”

An apology rushed out from his mouth.

Azel, confused to the point of being pitiful, probably didn’t plan on taking an awful lot of blood.

I’m fine. You may not know it, but Hero-san is strong.
This is not something to worry about.

I shook my head to that effect, but Azel tried to do something about me, as my face paled and my body temperature slightly dropped. He grabbed the sheets underneath me and wrapped them around me.

“?! D-does it hurt?!”

The panicked, anxious face took a quick look at me, who made a high-pitched scream.
No, you’re wrong, it’s not what you think.

I tried to say he was wrong, but I was about to make an incomprehensible sound, so I hurriedly bit my lips.

Losing blood is hard and makes me feel dizzy, and when I try to put strength to it, my shoulder bones stiffen, but something’s eating at me more than that.

Your poison… the aphrodisiac is taking effect, and it’s difficult for my body, which is being neglected in a lot of ways.

I tried to point out how my insides were burning up, but it can’t get through to the frantic Azel.

There were a lot of things I wanted to say, such as I wasn’t really going to run away, or that this rough blood sucking isn’t something to worry about.

But when I opened my pale, bitten lips, the grazing of the sheets seemed to make me breathe out something enticing, and I couldn’t spell out my words.

At any rate, I couldn’t show him this shameful sight, so I had to do something about it.

As for me, I have been enduring this desire that’s driving me crazy. Though it would be difficult for Azel who’s been radiating sadness as if I’m about to die, I want to be left alone.

Perhaps Azel didn’t mean to do that, but he had become so distracted by the fact that my feeble self was exhausted, that he wasn’t even aware of the poison in his fangs; even one piece of dust in the universe isn’t on his mind right now.

But I don’t care about something like myself getting hurt; it’s an insignificant and trivial thing.

More than that, it is more important to indulge in pleasure, to yield completely to this obscene poison that lets my mind wander.

“Aze… I’m sorry, but… please get out of the room…”
“Nn… I-I can’t…!”

It’s not ‘I can’t’.
It’s even worse for me to show my foolishness, so I desperately tried to appeal with my eyes, begging him to understand.

I wanted to hide my shame, comfort myself and let out some heat, but I wouldn’t be able to do anything if Azel is here.

Just who would want to see the figure of a boring, muscular man panting like this?
I want Azel to get out immediately, before his eyes rot from the image of hell.

Ahhh, geez. My head is getting extremely clouded. I’m also at my limit trying to stay sane.

“L-let me at least put you to bed.”
“S-stop… Don’t… touch me…!”

If he does that, he’ll be able to get a hold of various places when he carries my body…!

My voice will leak out if he touches me, so when I firmly rejected him, Azel’s expression, previously driven by impatience, morphed into shock and fell into silence while trembling for a short while.

I-I’ve said it harshly.
Although it was just on impulse, it might’ve made him misunderstand and feel even more hurt.

Seeing him in that state, I felt regret and pain in my heart. Azel gave me a sidelong glance, and a little while later, bowed his head in assent.

Then, dropping his shoulders, he trudged out of the room.

[1] KY, or kuuki yomenai, describes a person who can’t read the atmosphere (in this case, Azel).

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