Chapter 10 – Overprotective vs Foolishly Honest

“Didn’t I tell you before that it’s dangerous outside? There are gryffors and rock dragons on that cliff! You’re just something like a morsel to them, don’t underestimate the final boss map’s monsters!”
“I understand that. I don’t want to go there to get eaten. But I still want to go there no matter the cost.”
“You don’t understand it at all…!”

When I refused to back down even more than before, he finally let out a growl.
His jet-black eyes where one couldn’t even distinguish his pitch-black irises, glared at a disobedient child.

I almost flinched from that anger, but I regained my spirit and looked back at him firmly.

After all, the reason why Maruo said that Azel was worn out from his duels was probably because I told him I wanted to get out of the room, so he worked hard in persuading the demons who hated humans.

Demons absolutely submit to the strong ones.
He must fight and win to make them listen to what he has to say.
He fought against a lot of demons.

In this room where there is nothing but the light of the moon shining brightly through the large windows, we stared at each other.

I didn’t take my eyes off him. Azel swallowed his curses and stopped growling with grimace.

“Is that really so important?”
“It’s very important. I need to go to the Axio Valley, no matter what.”
“…Grrrrrr… If you tell me your reason without hiding anything, I’ll bring you there on the condition that I’m with you.”

Snap. The atmosphere became heavy.

There’s no point if I tell it to the person himself…!
Not to mention, it would be even more pointless to have him bring me there…!

But Azel, who had no intention of giving in any further, seemed to be only asking me for a nod.

“…I can’t tell you why.”
“Wh– Why…! You… Don’t tell me, you…!”

Feeling a bit guilty, I slightly lowered my chin. When I still answered no without faltering, I heard his startled voice.

Even though I was a delicious meal, he still gave me the most concessions as an ordinary prisoner.
It pains my heart to be unable to answer him honestly, despite all that.

Even after I was imprisoned here, Azel gave me a lot of things. As much as possible, I want to get the flowers by myself and give it to him with gratitude.

That’s what I thought, but—— the next moment, my shoulder was grabbed with force.

“Y-you are my property, something like leaving the demon realm, I won’t allow it…! How long do you think I’ve been waiting for you? If you’re going to leave, then why did you smile so gently at me? I…!”
“What… Azel, wait, you’re wro…”

Rambling in a state without further room for confusion, Azel, who can’t even hear my words, pushed me back with great force.

The soft, high quality bed easily took the weight of both me and Azel.

Even so, he put pressure on my arms, and both my bones and the bed creaked in grief.


I couldn’t see the expression of the silhouette who pushed me down but… it felt awfully lonely.

My words after calling out his name failed to make a sound, only a long breath escaping instead.

While trying to catch my breath, the hand gripping my shoulder violently pushed open the collar of my night clothes.
The soft fabric could not withstand it at all, and the part where his nail dug into had some holes ripped into it.

This plain white night clothing was provided for me, but I had no chance to despair over it as the ferocious beast aimed for my exposed, defenseless neck.

Gulp. Tension ran through my body.
A long, warm breath slid through the surface of my skin.

Azel’s rapid movements were evidence of his impatience and frustration, though they were lifeless. I couldn’t drive him off. I was petrified and didn’t know what to do.

A voice on the verge of tears, like a whining child, wove into my ears.

“You’re my… live prey. I’ll make you understand that from now on. …It’s dinner time, Hero.”
“Nnn, uugh, ah, ngh!”

The sensation of sharp fangs deeply digging into my neck to its limits made my body, raw with pain, tremble.

My hand reflexively grabbed Azel’s clothes for help, but that action had no significance, and my wound burned with heat.

“Ngh… ah… ha…”

A large amount of blood was sucked up through his fangs and I felt my body temperature dropping from my fingertips.

I opened my eyes wide to the sudden blood loss and trembled.
Close to my ears, I could hear the sound of him gulping, relieving his thirst with my life. I truly realized that he was always holding back.

In exchange for the blood I lost rapidly was the vampire’s poison pulsing along with my breathing.

It was usually enough to make my fingertips more sensitive, circulating through my thick veins many times.

I realized that my body, poison spreading as if trying to fill in the lost blood, was slowly being violated.

…This is bad.
In contrast to my fingertips that were getting cold, the poison that keeps prey away from the sensation of death was definitely hot.

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