Prologue: Humans from Another World Seem to be a Rare Food. Part 2

Seeing that no more information was forthcoming, I gave up and sluggishly got up.


The demon lord immediately noticed me getting up, and stopped their conversation. He walked towards the side of the cage in a quick, yet graceful manner.

“…Good morning. …Uhm, I guess I lost.”


“Why haven’t you killed me?”


I asked him, staring intently into the demon lord’s sharp, beautiful eyes as he stood there with furrowed brows. For some reason, he groaned and turned his face away. I wondered why.

The visibly concerned red-haired confidant casually approached the demon lord, but the latter gripped him with his hands, and kept silent for a while.

What? Is he in a bad condition? Some of my attacks got to him, so he might have been injured. If I wasn’t able to kill the demon lord, I would’ve nowhere to go back to, so I fought him. But, I feel a little bit guilty since personally, I don’t really hate him or anything.

Shortly after feeling unsettled, the trembling demon lord finally recovered.

He turned to face me, so I stared at him once more. While he appeared as though he was choking, he glared at me in a tremendously vicious manner. He seemed to hate me a lot.

“Normally, intruders and assassins would’ve already been banished or obliterated, but see… y-you’re… a hero. That’s why… uhm, humans from another world have delicious blood. There are demons who feed on blood, and that’s what I am. So… I’m keeping you. That’s why I haven’t killed you. So, just stay here.”

“…J-Just stay close to me!”

“I see…”

The demon lord incoherently explained why he had not killed me, and wore a self-satisfied expression that seemed to say, “I did it! I told him!”

Even the confidant, who had been watching from behind, applauded with a “Bravo!” I couldn’t really understand the culture of demons.

But when I heard the demon lord’s explanation, I was convinced.

In short, I was a “delicious dinner”.

Summoning from another world uses up a tremendous amount of magical power, so it wasn’t possible to do it frequently. This meant that heroes, or humans summoned from another world, were rare food.

I was convinced of his reason, but whether it was a good thing or not, was a different matter. Perhaps, I should be glad he had not killed me, but if he was just after my blood, it was still sad.

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my long life inside a cage like this, being used as a blood tank.

I had been a corporate slave since the beginning, not that I was being pessimistic or self-deprecating, but if I were to be kept for that purpose, I wanted to at least receive a proper form of employment. Otherwise, I’d rather take a long vacation… Like, taking a trip to heaven.

“Hey, Demon Lord.”

“Wah! W-What is it?”

After pondering for a while, I placed one hand on the iron bar of the cage, and beckoned the demon lord over.

The demon lord jumped at my call, and let out a strange voice. There was no way to cover it up, yet he tried to gloss over it. Then, the bed creaked as he leaned in close to me.

Looking closely, I noticed he had a more refined appearance.

Powerful demons were said to be beautiful, in order to seduce their prey more efficiently. The demon lord certainly had an irresistible beauty, to the point that I found myself agreeing so much with what I had heard long ago.


The impatient demon lord called out to me, as I thought of things like how I was glad that I didn’t leave any scars on this work of art that I had cut.

Hm? Have I ever told him my name? I’m certain I haven’t, but, oh well, whatever.

I was stripped off my equipment, leaving me only with my thin innerwear and leather pants. I grabbed my collar, and pulled it wide open in one swift motion.


The demon lord was left speechless, with his eyes wide open, as I exposed my neck for him to see. I wasn’t really sure of it, but when it came to sucking blood, it was probably at that part.

“I don’t want to spend the rest of my life serving as food in a cage. If that’s what I’ll be, please drink to your heart’s content now.”

The demon lord didn’t say anything. He was stiff as stone.

But, he did not avert his eyes from my neck at all, so I tapped my fingers from my collarbone up to my neck, as though telling him to drink.

“—I want you to suck me to death.”

And if possible, I would like to work for a place that doesn’t exploit their employees in my next life.

I added a rather greedy request to god for my next life, while waiting for the demon lord to say something like, “Interesting! Then, I’ll kill you and drink your blood as you wish. Mwahahaha!” and then bite me, just like in games.

However. Contrary to my expectations, the demon lord gradually turned red.

He began to tremble and turn red from the tips of his ears, like a boiled octopus.


Something’s wrong.

As I was just thinking that, the demon lord had already started to retreat and sprinted towards the door, hiding his face with both hands, and cried out.

“H-How shameleeessss!!”


“M-My looooordd!!”

The red-haired man unfolded his wings and went out, chasing after the demon lord, who ran off somewhere with tremendous speed and a resounding, incomprehensible scream.

Oh… I see. That’s why the demon lord’s castle had huge doors and excessively high ceilings. I guess it was made accessible for all kinds of races.

I had no other choice but to sit down, not knowing what to do, and gaped at the door with my clothes wide open, like an idiot.

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