Prologue: Humans from Another World Seem to be a Rare Food. Part 1

In this world, I am Ookawa Shouryuu, a hero summoned from another world.

It seemed that Japanese names were hard to pronounce in this world, so my name got adapted to Shal. For the record, I desperately tried to make them call me by my name, but it was rejected, so that is that.

I was on my way home from work when, as soon as I got off the train, the surroundings completely changed.

‘Oh, Great Hero!’ Gathered there, was an army of people in mysterious white robes.

In line with the king’s obvious intention of using a woman to win me over, the princess laughed sweetly and delivered a templated explanation.

‘This world is under the threat of demons, so we summoned the Great Hero from another world to save us. By the way, there is no way for you to return home, so what are your plans? If you serve us, we will guarantee you food, clothing and shelter.’

Is it free will if you aren’t given any choice? Well, how should I say this? Shouldn’t they choose younger people who would enjoy these kinds of things? I’m a twenty-six-year-old with no dreams and aspirations, completely turned into an exploited corporate slave.

That said, it seemed that humans from another world were considered guardians, so they don’t grow weaker. And their lifespan seemed to be longer than that of normal people. Give me a break. This setup of being worked so hard for a long time, I don’t want it anymore!

I guess, it was similar to ‘one who does not work shall not eat’. I was conveniently sent out to do rough jobs as a handyman in this kingdom where I was a hero in title only.

I was ashamed of it, but had I been driven out to live on my own, it wouldn’t take long before I end up a victim of abduction. I was allowed to study for a while back then, which is why I knew that this world wasn’t a very welcoming to a Japanese who came from a peaceful, modern era.

Thus, I was made to do all sorts of things, and once the kingdom had become a strong nation, I was suddenly kicked out of the castle, telling me to defeat the demon lord all by myself.

‘Apparently, the hero will become the next king since he has worked very hard?’ It seemed that rumors or public opinions of this sort had become unpleasant for them, so it was a perfectly discreet way to get rid of a nuisance.

After all, every successive demon lord was damn stronger than any demon lord in history. No hero had ever been able to defeat the demon lord until now. I heard they incited all powerful men to coordinate an attack, but they were sent back bundled up together and wrapped in a bamboo mat.

There was no way I could defeat him by myself.

Still. As someone so ignorant of this world, never had been let out of the castle except for work, there was no way for me to survive and live in this unknown world without any companions. Even though it seemed reckless, I must kill the demon lord, else there wouldn’t be any reason for me to return home.

That’s why I fought to my certain death. I really did my best. I was very desperate. And so, I lost. The demon lord was overpowered. Just how many stages of forms does he have?

In this way, my eventful life as a corporate slave worker in another world was just as disappointing as it sounded. As I sank in my own blood, I prepared for my death and let go of my consciousness.

I can finally rest—or so I thought. Yet, for some reason, I woke up again.

“You can’t put an injured person inside a cage, y’know?! It’s my fault for accidentally turning into my final form anyway…!”

“That won’t do, my lord! That hero is a dangerous berserker who hunts monsters! What would you do if you were bitten?!”

“H-He bites?!”

I opened my eyes and blinked slowly a few times. There was a cold feeling against my skin.

As I recall, I was defeated by the demon lord… although my body didn’t hurt. I looked around with my eyes and gathered information despite being half-asleep.

This cold feeling, is it because I’m inside an iron cage? I see. But why is it placed on a canopy bed? Also, there are two people arguing in the middle of this excessively luxurious room.

A refined beauty characterized by their long, beautiful hair extending down to their waist which looked orange and red when illuminated; large sunset-colored wings protruding from their back. An extremely beautiful person, but he was probably a man.

Then. A man, somehow being scolded, had deep, night-colored hair, dressed in ornate Asian-style black clothing. Intimidating yet with well-defined features, and clearly good-looking.

Rather, he was the demon lord who I was just fighting to death with earlier.

For some reason, I didn’t see any of his subordinates when I was running through the demon lord’s castle, so I didn’t know who the red one is… but since the demon lord was here, I guess this place was his castle?

I was too far from them, so I couldn’t exactly hear what they were talking about.

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