Today’s Dinner is the Hero.


Author: 木樫 (Kigashi)
Illustrator: 木樫 (Kigashi)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi

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Translator: Ecs
Proofreader: Maralynx


A pure-hearted, doting tsundere Demon Lord ✕ a straightforward, oblivious airheaded Hero! A story about the hero being kept as livestock for sucking blood when he was defeated by the Demon Lord.

Shouryuu, a hero tired of his day-to-day life of working without getting paid after being forcibly summoned, was driven out of the castle to kill the demon lord. He marched alone into the demon lord’s castle in the demon realm out of desperation, but was easily defeated.

He, who had prepared himself for death, wakes up confined in an iron cage on top of an excessively luxurious bed.

“You can’t put an injured person inside a cage, y’know?! It’s my fault for accidentally turning into my final form anyway…!”

“That won’t do, my lord! That hero is a dangerous berserker who hunts demons! What would you do if you were bitten!”

“H-he bites?!”

This is a story about an awkward, human-like tsundere demon lord who keeps an unfortunate, hardworking, corporate slave hero who has been sentenced by those who exploited him (in the human realm) as livestock for his blood, and tries his best to get along with him.

Table of Contents
(Chapters marked with ※ have NSFW or R18 content)

Prologue: Humans from Another World Seem to be Rare Food.
Volume 2: I am the Hero, the Prisoner, the Demon Lord's Exclusive Livestock for Blood, and the Confectioner.
Volume 2 – Character Notes
Chapter 30 – How I Became the Confectioner: Part 1
Chapter 31 – How I Became the Confectioner: Part 2
Chapter 32 – Various Reservations*
Chapter 33 – Traffic Lights Trio*
Chapter 34 – Cookies, Hamsters, and an Airhead
Chapter 35 – A Smile, a Genius, and a Fun-Filled Air Force
Chapter 36 – The Confectioner Saw It
Chapter 37 – Most Prodigious Type in the Demon Realm
Chapter 38 – Outing ≠ Date ≠ Inspection
Chapter 39 – Acts Before Sunrise
Chapter 40 – Riding on the Fluffball
Chapter 41 – My Insides are Tingling Right Now
Chapter 42 – Large and Small Dogs
Chapter 43 – One Hit Kill to the Demon Lord
Chapter 44 – A Father’s Opinion
Chapter 45 – A Lonely Hand
Chapter 46 – Let’s Go on a Date
Chapter 47 – The Answer to Who I Want to Be: Part 1
Chapter 48 – The Answer to Who I Want to Be: Part 2
Chapter 49 – Side Effects of Love
Chapter 50 – March of a Sitting Duck
Chapter 51 – Just a Tight Feeling in My Throat
Chapter 52 – Take the Sword Instead of Wallowing in Regret
Chapter 53 – The Lonely Benefactor Hero
Chapter 54 – Uncontrollable Desires (Side Azel)
Chapter 55 – The Demon Lord for Me (Side Ulysse)
Chapter 56 – That Guy, For the Demon Lord (Side Ulysse)
Chapter 57 – I am for You (Side Azel)
Chapter 58 – The Demon Lord in Me (Side Azel)
Chapter 59 – Antivirus for a Contact Transmissible Virus
Chapter 60 – Lending One’s Chest
Chapter 61 – Welcome to Touch Me
Chapter 62 – Seduction of an Earnest, Airheaded, Handsome Hero (Part 1)
Chapter 63 – Seduction of an Earnest, Airheaded, Handsome Hero (Part 2)
Chapter 64 – The Demon Lord is Diligent ※
Chapter 65 – A Tempter’s Light Attribute ※
Chapter 66 – Realization of Being Affectionate ※
Chapter 67 – In Other Words, I Love You ※
Chapter 68 – This is ‘I Love You’ ※ (Side Azel)