Chapter 33 – Traffic Lights Trio

“H-hey, that guy’s attacking Commander Gard…!”

“Is that a human? Heroes are dangerous, and you’re supposed to make path for them through the throne when they come marching in, right?”

“I heard that the benevolent Demon Lord had already defeated him about two months ago and is keeping him as food.”

“Why’s the Demon Lord’s livestock fighting Commander Gard?”

“Dunno, but for the time being, let’s back him up!”


I had been trying to resist Gard for a while, who hurriedly began to avoid my series of punches while I was saying “What are you going to do if I get groggy again?!”

Then suddenly, shadows appeared around me.

As I reflexively avoided it in surprise, three large claw marks had formed at the place where I was.



“Oh, you dodged it. Not bad, Hero.”

“However! Attacking our leader, Commander Gard, deserves death!”

“Hence the execution, UGUAH——!”

The ones who clawed cracks in the ground were three of the human dragons who had been watching the training with Gard earlier.

Similar to Gard when he was dismantling the buffadon, they only had one of their arms turned like a dragon’s, but they reverted it back again.

By the time I managed to figure out the situation, one of them rapidly got blown off to the side and plunged into the trunk of a large tree nearby.




“Ario got caved in—!”

The remaining two ran in a hurry to retrieve the dragon with a crimson-colored tail and stretched out horns that were smaller and thinner than Gard’s whom they called Ario.

…What is this? I have no idea what’s happening.

At any rate, I somehow figured it out from what they were saying that they had come to stop me from attacking Gard.

But why was the one attacking got blown away?

“Who said you could attack Shal, huh?!”

The one who blew off Ario, laughing scornfully and shouting, ‘Hah?!’ and stomped his long leg down, patting off dust and adjusting his military uniform, was Gard.

The culprit was their boss. Why did that happen?

Then, Gard stood right in front of me at once and started touching my whole body to check if I had any injury.

I wasn’t particularly uncomfortable with it, so I just let him do what he wanted, but he almost placed his hands inside my clothes, so I stopped him in a hurry.

“Aah~! Ario! Live! Don’t diee!”

“Gard, Gard. Rather than me, your men are all crowded in the tree, swooning around, so let’s go help them.”

“Hm? It’s fine. Even if we’re turned into a human dragon, we still have defense power close to our scales, so he should still be intact. And there aren’t any poisonous mists on the surface.”

“Uwaah, commander’s kick is out of the ordinary, you know…! Hey, Olga! Heal him up!”

“Geez, I’m already doing it, Kireau! Ario! Hey, get up! You still haven’t drunk the special honey berry tea you’ve been saving for afternoon teatime!”

It didn’t look fine at all.

I looked at the three noisy military demons, and worried about the well-being of the one who got blown away.

The military demon who called out to the fainted Ario and whined about Gard’s remarks.

The somewhat panicky human dragon with an amber-colored tail and rolled up horns like a sheep’s was—Kireau.

The military demon who was trying to call him back with a delicious cup of tea while wrapping a floating lump of water around Ario’s wounds.

The dragon with jade-colored1Jade-colored – in Japan, they call the green lights as “ao” which could mean either blue or green. However, I think Olga is leaning more towards blue, but to avoid confusion I’ll just stick with the green color. tail and horns like a stag’s was—Olga.

They were both wearing grey military uniforms, so it seemed to be the normal attire of the Demon Lord’s army. Gard’s black military uniform probably belonged to commanders.

“Uuu~nnh… Hah! I suddenly found myself passionately hugging the trunk of a tree, just what in hell happened to me?!”

““Ah, Ario~~~!””

“See, he’s still intact, right?”

“I’ve seen some terrible arguments.”

After receiving treatment for a while, it seemed that Ario had returned safely from the banks of the Sanzu River2Sanzu River – similar to River Styx; where souls cross after they die to go to the other world..

His two colleagues hugged each other with tears in their eyes, saying, ‘We did it! We did it!’ and were delighted to see Ario back alive.

“He’s intact, so I’m not guilty. I’m a wonderful Air Force Commander, aren’t I? Shaal?”

And he had a thumbs up with it. I was greatly perplexed deep inside and thought that I had to do something quickly about the smug look on Gard’s face.

Meanwhile, the victim, Ario, had made a complete recovery.

He came trotting over here with his two rather delightful friends.

By the looks of it, his wounds had completely healed, but I wonder if they will complain?

And the silver dragon next to me. Stop with that smug look.

“Commander Gard! Weren’t you being attacked by the Hero?”

“We were trying to help you…!”

“Nah? I was just enjoying the centrifugal force of joy and Shal’s resistance, y’know. It’s our usual play.”

“Mm. It won’t be a laughing matter if I was spun around more than that, but that’s how it is. I wasn’t trying to hurt Gard, so you can rest assured.”

“I-I see…! So, the Hero was Commander Gard’s playmate, huh.”

“We have been so careless.”

“Yeah, we almost ripped him to pieces by accident.”

That’s why demons are so extreme…!

The three dragons, who carelessly sentenced me to be ripped into pieces, just stuck their tongue out while scratching their heads3へぺろ (hepero) – sticking out tongue, scratching heads literally like this image., while Gard just cackled.

I lost my chance for trying to do something about it quickly, so I changed my mind and stared quietly into the distance.

Character notes and illustration for the trio and Maruo can be found here.

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Chapter 32 – Various Reservations

“Maruo, how’s work?”

“Ah. Shal! Shal! I waited! Maruo, finished work. Then waited for you!”

The natural caves around the Demon Lord’s castle were home to the cupbats.

I headed there first, knocking on the door that was built to block the entrance and peeked inside.

Only by that, my well-accustomed and adorable cupbat caretaker—Maruo, fluttered in from one of the private rooms.

When I hugged and petted him, Maruo looked extremely cute as he snuggled against my chest.

I liked animals and reptiles, but Maruo was different. Thanks to him, I felt like my level of affinity with Azel had somehow increased. Maruo was a good boy.

“Shaal? Shal’s sweets!”

“Time for Shal’s delivery!”

“Hurry, hurry!”

“Time for sweets!”

While I was petting Maruo, cupbats suddenly followed suit and emerged from the other doors.

And just like Maruo, they popped out while cheerfully fluttering around. The cuteness had increased.

There were a lot of cupbats, but the only ones here were Maruo’s group who mainly took care of Azel’s personal needs.

They were divided into several groups and lived together in the caves scattered throughout the castle.

When I started the confectionery shop, I gave Maruo a muffin, and some of his friends in this cave who were watching had shown interest.

Now, just like Maruo, the group were all customers who had prior engagements.

“Today, Maruo and others, gathered bellflowers!”

“This, make it to tea, and able to sleep well!”

“That’s nice. Alright, in exchange for that, I’ll give each one of you a bag of cookies. Today, it’s the walnut cookies you received the other day.”

“Walnuut! Walnut!”

“Yay! Maruo, happy! Shal, thank you!”

“Thank you! Thank you!”

“Thank you! Thank you!”

I was given a bouquet of light yellow, wind-chime-like flowers brought by Maruo’s friends, and gave them a bag of cookies in return.

One for Maruo whom I was still holding, and then, one by one, to his friends who were behaving well while waiting in line.

The materials and cookies that Maruo and the rest had collected instead of money were bartered.

As lesser intelligent demons, cupbats didn’t exchange with money, so the price was tailored to the customer.

Besides, I wanted to work not because of money, but to be useful, so that was fine.

By the time I was able give it all to the cupbats, I had about half of the paper bag of cookies left.

The Hero Confectionery Shop.

My regulars were the Demon Lord’s caretakers.

I waved goodbye while expressing my gratitude, and placed my hand on the door of the cave where I came in.

“Oh, right. I’m baking a pound cake tomorrow. Do you want to order in advance?”


They replied back, stuffing their mouths with the cookie they had just bought, and I took reservations for all the cupbats.

Yup, the power of unusual snacks was amazing as expected.

I walked away, happy to see that I had a good eye for it, after all.

The next stop was the Air Force Base.

The castle itself was huge, and the grounds of the Demon Lord’s castle was vast, so there were a variety of facilities on the premises.

In order to protect it, a large circular area of land was enclosed with a dome-shaped, special wall of rocks like a shell, with its top removed.

Since this shape had no starting point, it would be fairly difficult to penetrate.

The facilities that were protected also naturally included the military bases.

The number of military demons were not as much as those of the humans, but their armies were of a reasonable size and each maintained its own quarters and training grounds.

Somehow, I didn’t notice it, but I was getting more and more familiar with the Demon Lord’s castle, and I wondered if this was also the reason why the demons who hated humans were ridiculing me for being a spy or something.

Hmm. While thinking anxiously, I arrived at my destination, the Air Force Base.

More than a dozen dragons of all shapes and sizes were neatly arranged in formation, circling around in the sky above the base. Apparently, they seemed to be training.

As I tried to approach them smoothly, watching the sky training from the ground with the other human dragons, I found a familiar silver dragon.

“Heey, Gard, it’s me. Shal. Sorry to interrupt your training.”

I apologized to him for interrupting their conversation with a leisurely voice and walked towards him cheerfully.

To be honest, Gard always came to visit me during his spare time and yesterday, he showed an interest in sweets. When I told him that I’d be baking cookies tomorrow, he happily made a reservation.

Gard only snacked on sky tunas, a chocolate-flavored tuna; he seemed to have a sweet tooth. I felt glad.

“Good work today. It’s time for my delivery.”

“Hm? Oh!”

Gard turned around immediately when he heard me calling him out happily and raised his voice.

As soon as he did, I thought that he had a smile on his face as if flowers were about to fly.

“Shaallll~ Finally, aah, I’ve been waiting for you. Where are the cookies?”

“Urgh, gueh, ugough!”

He approached me as fast as the wind, placing his hands at my sides and lifted me up abruptly—just like the other time, he started to swing me around in circles.

Uwaaah, for someone like me, I’m quite tall enough. I should have a fair amount of muscles and I’m supposed to be heavy. And yet, he does it so easily!

I didn’t see that coming at all…!

Damn it, does Gard have a habit of turning around in circles when he’s happy…?!

“Ku ku ku, Shaalll~”

“Uuu… uu…”

He put me down sooner than before, but I felt a bit dizzy. The ground was shaking.

I weakly hit Gard in his sturdy abs, at least putting up a form of resistance.

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Chapter 31 – How I Became the Confectioner: Part 2

Fortunately, the demons seemed to like drinking tea, and even the servants in the castle enjoyed teatime in the afternoon.

So, I’ll divide the snacks for teatime into small portions and sell them for a smaller price, I guess?

I thought, wouldn’t that be a way to get rid of the image of being a self-indulgent hero who is kept by the Demon Lord, and at the same time, establish myself in the demon realm?

The reason for lowering the price was to make it easier for others to get familiar with it through affordability and avoid any suspicions that I might be raising funds for wicked schemes.

I was already very excited on the day I thought about it.

I was so excited that I immediately left my room in high spirits to get permission to use the kitchen.

However, my capability of understanding the map was weak, so I got a bit lost. I somehow managed to arrive at the kitchen… but I had the door slammed in my face.

The top chef of the kitchen who was in charge of all the meals in the demon lord’s castle, Mr. Raglan the lizardman, hated humans.

“Don’t get close to me, you filthy, defeated hero…! Even if you’re the Demon Lord’s livestock, I really hate the idea of feeding humans! Lowly humans with no scales are prohibited from entering the kitchen!”

Mr. Raglan was a blue-scaled bipedal lizard who yelled angrily with a sullen old man’s voice.

Following his words, the other lizardmen chefs also hissed and threatened, saying ‘That’s right! That’s right!’ in unison with a rich vocabulary of cussing.

When I looked closely, there were also some chefs beating their ladles on frying pans. Are you a mother?

“Well, I like reptiles, so they were cute.”

When I thought of the scene from the previous days, for some reason, my mouth had slightly loosened into a smile.

But while cooling the baked cookies, I made a sullen expression at the thought of what followed.

Rejection of the lizardmen.

I was used to being slandered and ridiculed from afar in the castles of the human realm, so I decided to back off, quickly bowing my head as I apologized and left the kitchen obediently.

I wasn’t hurt, by the way. It’s not that I wasn’t shaken, but I didn’t mind it at all.

I’m a hero with high mental strength.

But I was at a loss. I was so stumped that I got a bit lost on my way back.

I spent the next three days worrying about it.

Naturally, the first one who noticed my worries was Azel. We had been seeing each other every day after all.

I had never consulted anyone about my problems, so I didn’t know how to talk to him. It seemed that we struggled together for three days. He was a really nice guy.

When I took him up on his offer and told him what happened, Azel nodded and said, ‘Ah, that’s right.’

According to him, it seemed that the lizardmen was one of the groups who lost at the one-on-one fight with regards to keeping me, and unwillingly let it go.

I guess they wouldn’t allow me to come into their territory.

I would have to get permission from the demons there to get in, so at any rate, it was impossible for me to borrow the kitchen.

My wonderful idea had failed.

Aah—Speaking of which, this is an unrelated story but after that, he told me to tell him everything I was told.

I didn’t really care much about it, so I told him about Mr. Raglan and the other abusive content, but an aura of gloom and darkness had gone out around Azel. It was scary.

At a later date, Gard seemed to have laughed about the fact that all of the lizardmen’s tails were gone.

Hmm…? Azel might not be fond of reptiles. But I want to hear the story first-hand.

I still didn’t understand the switch between Azel’s good and bad moods.

“Should I try pressing his cheeks next time?”

As I wrapped the warm cookies, I remembered a game my friend played with me when I was still a student and decided to try it sometime.

Let’s return to the main subject. So, going back to the story about my plans.

I had given up on the job of making sweets and decided to look for another place to work.

But, Azel growled when I mentioned it and ran out of the room at a demonic pace.

“I told you, you don’t have to work, you workaholic! You’re not allowed to look for jobs. I’ll build a kitchen for you, so until then, just shut up and don’t do anything!”

It was a terrible parting threat.

That day, I was so taken aback by his words that I didn’t have time to stop him.

So, for that reason.

Where I’m currently working on was indeed my own private kitchen which was completed two weeks ago.

…Even though I had something to say.

Even though I told him to stop. Even though I also said that I’d look for a job that wouldn’t cost him a lot of money. Even though I told him several times that I’d do the same work as the servants if not that.

But the more I said it, the more he started howling and barking, and told me a lot of things like, “Feeble humans can’t work with demons. Do you want to die?”

Before I knew it, Azel’s bloodkins, the Kudrakion demons—were commanding the cupbats and others. Then, after three days of construction, a private kitchen was built in the courtyard of the Demon Lord’s castle!

Well, uhm… the bloodkins who worship the Demon Lord really made a serious effort, that was why…

It didn’t even take Azel more than five seconds to make a clearing in the courtyard…

And if I refused, Azel would probably cry again.

Moreover, he thought of it as an important thing, so he might weep again all by himself.

For some reason, when it came to me, Azel always took things seriously with all he’s got.

On top of that, when he had a self-satisfied look on his face, saying “Fufun, how’s that? Are you happy?”—I didn’t have any choice but to accept it…!

Urgh. With a heavy heart, I had mass-produced small portions of cookies in small paper bags.

A private kitchen. I was grateful. And my work was progressing.

But just how many years will I have to use it to make a return on investment?Aren’t I livestock and not a prisoner?

I was delighted with Azel, whose scale of everything was demon lord class, but I trembled at the thought of his limits.

To give my thanks at least, I served the sweets I made for the first time to Azel and his bloodkins.

Then surprisingly, it became very popular.

Fufufu, I was very happy about it. I ended up getting embarrassed.

After the teatime with everyone, for some reason, the bloodsucking monsters and demons seemed to like me, so I decided to pet all the black wolves.

I didn’t really get why, but since I was able to replenish my fluff needs, it all worked out better than I expected.

I smiled and petted them to my heart’s content.

Oh. Come to think of it, the large black dog from some time ago appeared out of nowhere and stood in line waiting to be petted.

I guess it was Azel’s bloodkin, after all. I was so happy to see it again, so I especially gave it a fluff. It was a nostalgic memory.

“Its fur was kind of fluffy and shiny… It’s strange that it didn’t shed any fur when I stroked it, but I guess it’s because it was a demon…”

While wrapping the last small portion of cookies, I remembered the time before I started this job and let out a smile.

It was a lot of work, but the preparations for the opening were generally fun.

However, Azel was troubling. Even though it was small, I didn’t think it was good to build kitchens out of impulse.

If Azel’s pocket money runs out because of me, I would have to support him somehow…

I silently made up my mind.

“Alright, I’ll sell again today one way or another.”

The total number of cookies divided into small portions were in dozens. It also included the prior reservations.

It was a system where you can make a reservation in advance, and I would deliver it from noon to snack time.

Without this kind of option for delivery, the sales and recognition wouldn’t increase. This mindset was being a corporate warrior to the core. I packed everything into a basket and began to walk out from the kitchen to make my delivery and sales.

I had a nostalgic sales experience when I first started. Sometimes, it reminded me of my salaryman days.

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Chapter 30 – How I Became the Confectioner: Part 1

Two months had passed since I came to the demon lord’s castle.

Since then, Azel had started to drink blood from my neck instead of my fingertips.

He would visit during his spare time at noon or at night and would drink from me with less restraint than before, worrying about my physical condition.

And when the poison sets in, he would “take responsibility” and help me get rid of it.

…This was, well… inevitable. It might be a little bit unpleasant, but he was doing his best for me.

As a result, I felt deplorable that I was no longer that resistant to being comforted by someone else’s hand.

He didn’t seem to have any problem even if he wasn’t able to drink every day, but he persistently came through every day, so was he only drinking my blood to take responsibility? I had my suspicions like that, but well, I didn’t think that was the case.

He said it was fine. I decided to accept it, thinking that it would be rude to stubbornly refuse something that was well-intentioned.

And then, the sucking of blood and taking responsibility usually ended quickly, and the two of us just talked about whimsical things.

Neither Azel nor I were very talkative, so I guess it was just basically a flow of me asking questions and Azel answering them.

Even yesterday, if I remembered correctly—

“A-ahh… Azel, I can’t…!”

“Mm, okay. …But l-lend me your mouth for a bit.”


Not. I made a mistake. I made a mistake in my recollection.

Poof, poof. I waved my hand over my own head, brushing away my imagination. The memory wouldn’t go away, but it was a matter of how I felt. I pulled myself together for take two.

“Azel… How well do you know your way around a man’s sensitive points…? A handsome ruler wouldn’t have any trouble dealing with partners, so I guess you had experiences with men too…”

“Nwa…?! Y-You dumbass! I’m a demon lord, and I don’t have to take care of every man’s lower region! It’s just with you, idiot!”

“So, it’s just with me. If so, I didn’t think you’d be so good with just your hands–”


So, in this way, we wouldn’t cause misunderstandings to each other, and only engage in peaceful banter. We hardly caused any misunderstandings at all, see?

Well, okay. My selfish impression of the demon lord was that he enjoyed alcohol and women. I thought Azel wouldn’t refuse anyone who came to him, but if not, then that skillfulness of his might be as a professional in jerking off.

Azel came in before bedtime, and we parted ways yesterday after talking about that. Every day was quite peaceful.

“Ahh, the demon realm… is peaceful.”

Pound, pound. I faintly muttered to myself as I thought of last night’s conversation while kneading dough.

By the way, if you ask me what I’ve been currently doing for quite some time now—

“And I’m doing pretty well today.”

Looking at the two large baking trays of cookies I’ve worked so hard to make since this morning, I smiled with satisfaction. Fufufu, I’m in a great mood.

In fact, I got a new job at the demon lord’s castle. It was called the “Confectioner”.

Looking back on how things got this way would be a long story, so please take it easy and listen to it.

I’ll also serve tea and sweets. This is all in my brain, but also a matter of how I feel.

It all started after the incident with Azel.

When I was allowed to go outside, I headed to the kitchen inside the demon lord’s castle one day.

It was clear from my exploration with Gard that demons didn’t do much cooking.

The reason was simple: their origins were monsters. Even raw meat could be eaten easily.

Their old ancestors had existential evolution… and uhh, apparently, if a monster lived long enough or gained more magical power, a demon will be born.

Prior to that, they were living in the wild. This was just the logical outcome.

That was the kind of instinct that remained in the demons because their ancestors were just monsters.

Even if they tried to get into politics like in countries or have towns and villages with walls built in them, things that didn’t need to be changed, such as food, remained the same.

By the way, information on the demon realm came from the Air Force Commander, Gardvine, whom we all know well.

According to him, it was necessary to keep watch over the demon realm to prevent humans and other races from subjugating them, and to purge the flying monsters and demons of their disputes and troubles.

But as a dragon who eats a huge amount of food compared to humans, he laughed, saying it wasn’t worth too much of a trouble to prepare something so complicated for every single one of them.

That was certainly true.

If we somehow managed to serve Gard’s three meals every day with some method of sautéing or stew cooked for hours, the chef would die of overwork.

The meals that had been prepared for me were also boiled or baked, but most of them felt like I was just enjoying the taste of the ingredients.

Still, it was delicious enough, and I heard there were some demons who were addicted to cooking, so it was hard to say for sure. It wasn’t like they hadn’t progressed at all.

—But well, that was how I found out about the situation in the demon realm.

So, I thought, is there a way for me to get in on the food situation in the demon realm, where I am just a loafer? And there I saw a way out.

…So, why am I baking cookies, though…

To make a conclusion, I had never been good at cooking.

Sadly, corporate slaves didn’t have much time to cook. It was more work than food.

There was nothing I couldn’t do, but my cooking wasn’t particularly delicious. It would be inferior compared to the chefs in the demon realm.

But I had always done a little bit of baking as a hobby from the old days. My grandmother was fond of it.

Of course, I wasn’t particularly good at it, and could only make simple things.

I remembered the recipe, but I hadn’t made it until now since I started working, so my skills were down.

Dagashi, kashi1It’s a pun, since ‘dagashi’ means cheap sweets, and ‘kashi’ means sweets. But Shal meant to say, ‘daga, shikashi’ which means ‘But, still’..
That’s not it. But, still.

There was a very good reason why I managed to compensate for that.

While telling the story of what happened to an unknown person in my brain, I stared at the hourglass with falling sand and headed to the magic oven.

From there, I took out a baking tray with good baked walnut cookies on it and placed it on the workbench, full of accomplishment.

Yes, yes. That’s why.

In fact, when it came to snacks in the demon realm, you wouldn’t often see walnut cookies with sweet dried fruits or rock sugar.

The sweets were even less important than food. So naturally, these so-called sweets were not popular.

Only a handful of demons who were able to sneak back and forth in the human realm could snack on cakes and cookies.

That was how I had my eye on it. I even praised myself for having this idea.

Hence, the confectioner. It was a wonderful job that combined my hobby with the rareness of sweets in the demon realm.

Don’t look down on modern Japanese. We’re restless when we’re not working, you know?

It wasn’t that bad at all, but it made me feel like I was doing something bad.

That’s why that country was full of company livestock. I felt sad when I thought about it again.

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Volume 2 – I am the Hero, the Prisoner, the Demon Lord’s Exclusive Livestock for Blood, and the Confectioner.

Character Notes
(May contain spoilers)

Traffic Lights Trio and Maruo (Chapter 33)

Traffic Lights Trio (Air Force Dragons)

Ario (Middle)

From a clan of crimson dragons called Fire Drake. He’s a man who easily loses his temper, but also emotional and cheerful. Leader of the trio special attack unit. Even if he’s the red light, he never stops.
Ingredients: Always the first one to speak.

Olga (Right)

From a clan of jade dragons called Gargouille. A cool-looking and mischievous man who somehow calmly entrusts his judgement to Ario. He’s the green light, so he fully moves on forward.
Ingredients: The next one to jump in the conversation.

Kireau (Left)

From a clan of amber dragons called Cuelebre. The most jittery and sensible of the trio, but easygoing when you get to know him. He’s the yellow light, but his judgement is weak.
Ingredients: The last one to jump in in the conversation.

Maruo (Bottom)

One of the demon lord’s lesser demon room attendants, the cupbats. He is one of Azel’s bloodkins, so he is very obedient and devoted to him. After Shal gave him a name since Shal especially adores him, the other cupbats looked up to him and envied him.
Ingredients: One of the author’s favorite characters. A mascot character. I want to maintain this form.

Ulysse (Chapter 42)

Ulyssetts Ketomago

He is a member of the noble Ketomago family, and son of the Admiral of the Navy. He is a beautiful young boy who always smiles and is also an excellent researcher of magic tools.
He is pushy and domineering, but he is surprisingly sensible. He is also a tsundere who only cares about those who are close to him. Non-combat personnel. A die-hard fan of Azel and doesn’t want to share him to others. Romantically in love with Azel and ships himself with him (unrequited love → idolized him eternally).
Ingredients: A valuable straight man1a tsukkomi, the one who points out something that is ridiculous or silly. Really loves handsome men. Romance novels are his favorite.

Translator’s Notes:
I will be adding the other characters when they get introduced, to avoid spoilers.

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Chapter 29 – The One Responsible for the Heat and Lust ※

For a while like that, he indulged in me to his heart’s content to the point that my brain had collapsed.

By the time I was immersed in irresistible pleasure, I was overwhelmed by my body that still hasn’t been able to expel the poison, and by my strained erection that hasn’t climaxed yet.

Kissing isn’t enough. I want him to touch me even more.
I want to cum. I’ll have no choice but to get desperate.

I writhed around restlessly, wondering how it had come to this point and recalled Azel’s outburst.

“Aah, shit! Even though you’re a composed, ascetic hero…! You’re really so cute… W-why is this somehow so erotic… What the hell is this…?”
“Hah, hah… nnn–”

That’s right.
Azel said he would take responsibility for my body going in heat after being violated by the aphrodisiac poison.

So he said, but…
Azel was gazing absently, not fulfilling his responsibilities.

It was a good thing that my consciousness wasn’t very clear, so with great excitement and delight, I latched onto his lips and kissed him as I pleased.

Azel was so engrossed with kissing that his hand on my cock was naturally still.

Being rubbed, caressed and raised by Azel’s fingers, my cock dripped clear liquid as it quivered in anticipation.

This isn’t taking responsibility.
I need to cum.

“Hnnn… fu, ah…”

I moved my hips as I responded to Azel’s kisses.
I rubbed my strained cock on the still hand, and decided to comfort myself.

“Nnn… A-aah…”

Azel flinched when he noticed the squelching, lewd juice slipping and froze.

I rocked my hips several times, his hands and my cock rubbing against the liquid lubricant.
The pleasure caused by resuming the direct stimulation soon began to slowly permeate into my lower region.

It feels good. But, I want more.
Faster… I want to cum.

As a man whose sense of reason had vanished, I was driven by the simplest of desires.

“Ugh, ah… Sh… Shal…?!”
“You’re not… taking respon… sibility… Nn, ah… h-ha…”

With the combination of aphrodisiac poison and caressing, my head naturally did not perceive any shame.

I placed my hand over Azel’s hand, and tightly gripped my erection which had only been rubbing against the slickness.
And then I rocked my hips even more vigorously, reaching climax.

“Azel… Nngh… Nn, I’m going to… cum… Ha…ah…!”
“Huh, eh……! …?”
“A… A…zel… I can’t… nn…”

Azel had been tormenting me as he pleased, but this time, he was left confused by the sudden reversal of events where he was the one being used as I pleased.


As I reached closer to my climax, I became more relentless in jerking off with the help of another person’s hand, and spat out cum that rose too quickly.

“Urk… Wha—….!”
“Hah… Ha…ah…”

I was weakened by the climax that had finally reached me, and beside me was Azel’s voice mumbling in bewilderment.

“Shal, I want to see more.”

I remembered the words I was told earlier while looking at my member, which was still leaking sticky and cloudy cum.

Hah… I let out a breath and looked at Azel with an upturned gaze and elated smile.

“Nn…ah…hh… I’ve… shown you… things I didn’t… want you to see… haven’t I…?”

His tastes are strange, wanting to be shown something so pathetic, but… I wonder if that was good enough.

But before I could hear his response, my consciousness was fading at an accelerating pace.

My body twitched, and moved in sync with my breathing, and the day’s worth of fatigue came all at once.
The tension was gone, and the drug in my brain had run out.

—Aah, I’m tired… I’ve moved around so much today and didn’t have much time to spare for thinking.
—But well, it felt so good, so… I guess that’s one way to go… I’m so… sleepy…

Satisfied both physically and mentally, my overworked body fell without resistance, letting it seek rest.
I left everything up to Azel who caught me in a surprise, letting my consciousness fade and dozed off.

“…Huh! T-this bastard, he’s asleep! …No, more importantly… Why am I hard…?”

The remaining Demon Lord murmured in confusion and agitation, with his cheeks dyed in bright red.

Even though he wasn’t violated by the poison, he was in the mood for it.

The Demon Lord just proposed, “If I want to drink his blood, but my poison causes him trouble, then wouldn’t I be able to touch him longer if I took responsibility for it?” with feelings of guilt and selfishness.

But he wasn’t feeling guilty about it, though he also shouldn’t have had the heart to do it.

But he wondered why he thought he was “cute” and thought to himself, “I wonder what he’d look like if I kissed him?”

Even though demons don’t care about race and gender as much as humans do, it was due to the wantonness of the hero who was full of longing and indebtedness.

He shouldn’t be aroused at all.
…More so, he shouldn’t even be wanting to have sex with him.

He licked his lips as he retracted the fangs he had extended for sucking blood.

“…It’s sweet…”

Affection out of respect and adoration rapidly changing its color and shape—it was an unnamed emotion.

Though the Demon Lord was confused by his change, he tightly embraced his most cherished person, who was sleeping contentedly in his arms.

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Chapter 28 – Cute Filter ※

Azel pushed me against the door and touched my skin from the top of my thin innerwear.

Tracing from my neck to my chest, abs, waist and all the way down around my lower region.


If he does that, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.
My burning body heated up easily, and I opened my eyes, cloudy with pleasure, and writhed around.

“Hiie… What are you… a… ah!”

“It’s not like I’m thinking that I want to mess you up! Not at all. I’m not thinking that, though I’m pretty much filled with your blood already. I’ll help you this time… Just tell me where it feels good.”
“Hhaa…? W-wh… ah, nnnh…!”

I don’t know what made him think that way, but he started to say something outrageous.

He crawled on my chest with his hot lips, while fondling my muscles to put my tense, stiffened body at ease.

With that alone, my body became sensitive to the stimulation, and started to quiver involuntarily.

Wait, wait.
Is this what he meant by taking responsibility…?!
If so, then it doesn’t solve anything.
The fact that I get so humiliating hasn’t been resolved…!

It would’ve been better if he got put off by it, but this unexpected turn of events left me frozen and confused.

Meanwhile, Azel, who had been touching my body around while licking, began to do more and more of what he called “helping”.

While watching my reaction, he started to touch various parts of my body such as my sides, shoulders and inner thighs to find out where it felt good.

Stop, don’t go there. My erogenous zones will be revealed.
It’s a good thing to be eager about studying, but please don’t do this, really.

“Shal, do you feel it, between your shoulder blades? And since you’re a man, I guess it’s right here… See, you’re erect.”
“Au, t-that’s, nn… A-Azel…!”
“Heh, I just touched it and it’s already like this… Alright, I know how much blood I should drink now. It might’ve been worse yesterday, since I took a larger amount, so just this much should make you feel better. I’m going to take care of you until the end of the day, okay? Entrust yourself to me, fufun.”
“N-never mind that, don’t tou— A-aah… ah…!”

He’s not an… idiot. He’s the strongest Demon Lord in the demon realm with a little tendency to go out of control.

He stopped licking and raised his face, and while he rubbed my erection slowly rising through the cloth with his fingertips, I let out stuttered groans as he pointed it out.

An erogenous zone that I didn’t even know about.
Unexpectedly, in the spine between my shoulder blades.

Stimulated vigorously by the joints of his fingers, I bent my back with a flinch, and moaned, “A-Aah…!”

I never thought I’d feel so erotic and shiver in excitement just from being touched like this.
Ugh, I’m starting to feel like a pervert.

While I was trying to catch my breath, Azel touched my belt which was tightened so firmly. Then, by his magic, it had become completely undone.

Oh, I see, it was the magic of unlocking.
—That’s not how you should be using it…!

Even as I was already being driven to tears by the aphrodisiac poison, Azel slid and entwined his fingers around like white branches, making me squirm and writhe.

“I-it’s dirty, so… ngh!”

Schlik. My eyes widened as he began to touch my shaft that was brought out, making sticky noises.

Azel was intent on taking responsibility for my burning body, and relentlessly tormented me in places he finds where I could feel it.

“Ah, uu, nngh!”
“! Hey, don’t bite your lips, it’ll bleed.”
“Haa, shto… shtoph…!”

I couldn’t endure being touched there directly, so I bit my lips at once, suppressing my voice.

Scolding me for that, Azel took his hand that had been caressing my back and thrust it straight into my mouth.

“Nngh, Aze… shtop… ih…hng!”

I couldn’t close my mouth because of it, and saliva spilled between his fingers and my lips, but I couldn’t even wipe it off.

Flushed and disheveled, I looked up at Azel in my blurred vision.

On the verge of being blown away by reason, I desperately placed one of my hands, completely without power, onto Azel’s hand.

“Shtop ith, Azeu…!”

I wasn’t trying to get away, but I was trying to pull him away. As someone who’s also a man, I felt miserable since he didn’t even move an inch.

“Y-you’re kinda… c-cu…!”
“! Nnnf, hhnn…!”

At that moment, the fingers that had been inserted in my mouth were removed, and my lips covered in saliva—were enveloped by Azel’s soft lips deeply.

“Mmn, nn, hah… Aze, aah, hnn…”
“Mnn… Hah, cute. Shal, so cute…!”

While rubbing my erection with squelching, Azel kissed me indulgently, showering me with an adjective that shouldn’t be used on me, who wasn’t even adorable in any way.

Ahh, no more… I can’t…
I felt light-headed and unable to function.

My thread of reasoning seemed to burn out from the connected ends.

It had completely dissipated and disappeared.

Azel’s tongue intertwined with my numb and motionless tongue, and sucked it as if squeezing it.

“Nnhh, au, ahh…”
“Shal, I want to see more.”

It was a wild, devouring kiss that couldn’t stop seeking for more and more.

I couldn’t stand without being supported by Azel, and my breath trembled against my wet lips.

At an extremely close range was a beauty that seemed to want to say that he couldn’t resist kissing me.
He called my name over and over again, licking the saliva that spilled out, and pressed on me to spill even more.

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Chapter 27 – Rousing Poison ※ Slight


Azel was the first one to move within the silence that gave new, mixed feelings.

It seems that he had made up his mind.

He placed one arm around my waist, placing the other behind my back while slightly trembling, and held his head down.

Then, he buried his face in the nape of my neck, sliding his wet tongue between my neck and the collar, and pulled it down.


When I raised my gaze, I could see Azel’s refined face so close to me.
His face was flushed, and he frowned while staring at me nervously.

“Well, so that’s what happened yesterday… I-if you’re not scared of me, then… can I eat you…? This time, I’ll be… gentle.”
“Besides— if you get poisoned, I’ll take responsibility.”

The moment he saw me nod at his fumbled words, Azel’s fangs burrowed into my neck much gentler and slower than yesterday.

Splurt… The fangs had inserted smoothly, like blades sticking through a ripe tomato.

He didn’t bite down on the soft flesh any more than necessary, and only buried his fangs. I’m glad that he was trying to cause as little pain as possible.

The hot blood overflowing from the gentle wound fell down his throat without sparing a single drop.

Just as when he tore into the surface of my skin, the pain immediately went numb.

In return, what flowed in me was gently and slowly consuming me.

It wasn’t quick enough to make my head spin like yesterday. It had a steady, gradual transition.


It was called a poison, but it felt so good as if my bones were melting. When I lost a bit of my strength, the arms wrapped around my waist firmly held my body that was about to collapse.

My body flinched at the mere movement of supporting me. …As usual, the poison was quick to spread.

Azel gently stroked my trembling hair to reassure me.

He changed the angle of his pierced fangs, slowly letting blood flow from the slightly open wound little by little so he wouldn’t drink too much from it, and drank carefully.

There wasn’t the slightest hint of last night’s ferocious, beastly appearance.
I was being eaten so respectfully and with great care so that wouldn’t happen again. Even though I don’t like this treatment, it’s being deeply ingrained in my mind.

“Nn… aa, hah…”
“Are you sure you don’t hate this…?”

He pulled his fangs out, licking and kissing that spot.

As I writhed against my sensitive skin, Azel asked me that again.
In fact, if I said that I didn’t like it, I’m sure he’d stop right away.

However, I placed my helpless arms which had lost its place around Azel’s neck, and smiled.

“As if I’d hate it… Nevermind that so, just suck more of my blood…”
“U-uu… Y-you perverted hero…!”

Oops, I ended up saying it again.

But my mind, slightly dimming with poison and blood loss, didn’t feel any particular shame or danger despite knowing what it meant.

More than that, the embarrassed and flustered Azel was somehow… cute.

I thought, ‘Well, I guess I don’t mind if he takes it that way.’ but I wasn’t sane enough.

No, I was still sane, but the feeling of having this kind of thought was crazy enough.

Or maybe the sadness from last night, buried in self-loathing, was gone, so I might’ve been more excited than I thought, to be able to fool around again like this.

“Hah… a-ah!”

The fangs inserted themselves again into the wound it had first bitten, and a voice different from pain began to leak out.

His hot tongue crawled around, licking the spilled blood with great care.

It’s like I was being caressed rather than being eaten.

I don’t hate that way of touching.

My chest felt more eager at the thought of finding caressing to be a bit of a tease.

Azel didn’t feel that way. He was simply drinking the blood of his prey.

But wouldn’t it be disgusting to think that I, who’s also a man, would be feeling so lustful, and letting out enticing cries?

If this was a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body, then there might’ve been no discomfort.
In fact, the creatures who aim for such prey are vampires, so that’s probably why they have devilish beauty and aphrodisiac poisons.

If I weren’t a hero and a person from another world with rare, delicious blood, I wouldn’t have been asked to do this.


Maybe it’s the poison.
But my heart was suddenly being roused.

My body couldn’t support itself, so I placed my arms around Azel to help myself stand up, clinging to his back and the back of his head as much as I could.

It was so weak that it’s easy to shake off because of my hesitation to touch him as he enjoyed a wholesome meal.
I’m sure he doesn’t have the disposition for having such devious feelings for a man.

“Uwa… nngh, h-ha…!”

Azel licked it carefully, and the bite wound had recovered a bit.

The faucet had tightened, and my wound was sucked strongly to save every last one of it, making me moan louder than ever.

My voice already had a distinct sweet sound to it, so I closed my eyes tightly, not wanting to hear such a voice.

This is bad. I’m on my limit.

“Hah… I let out such a shameful voice… I’m… sorry, but let’s stop… ah…hh… if you touch me any more than this, I’ll… be troubled…”

As I languidly announced this, Azel, who had been sucking on the nape of my neck, lifted his head.
The body that was sticking close to mine had slightly parted.

“Why would you be troubled?”
“N-nnh… Isn’t it uncomfortable to watch me, a man… writhe like a woman…?”
“It’s my poison, isn’t it. Demons are sexually unrestrained. It’s nothing to worry about. …Well, besides… the Shal crying out in my arms… I think it is… c-cute…”

“So, don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility.”

Saying that, Azel slightly carried my body, lifting it from the floor.
Then, he took a few steps towards behind me, and pushed me against the door gently, but not allowing me to escape.

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Chapter 26 – The Truth Revealed


As I thought back on our first encounter, I suddenly heard a cry of hunger for the second time today.

It was faster for Azel to hide his flushed face than for me to hold my stomach down. Mm, so it was you.

“Urgh… Aah~ …I’ve only had a tea snack, and I haven’t eaten anything decent since this morning, so it’s a natural phenomenon…”
“Hey. It’s not good to skip meals, the key to good health is three meals a day.”
“Aau… I had no appetite.”

My own words hit a sore spot since I also skipped breakfast, but I tossed away those things on top of the shelf1tossed away those things on top of the shelf – similar to the idiom, ‘sweeping things under the rug’..

I’m all good. Since the Hero is strong. Except for the Hero, you should be eating properly, you know?

The scolded Azel looked ashamed.
As for me, I crossed my arms, placing a hand on my chin with a thoughtful look on my face.

To be honest… I’d like to give my blood right now.

But I couldn’t tell him to drink my blood if he was hungry. The reason, of course, was the meaning behind what Gard had told me.

Urk… How am I supposed to tell him?

It’s easiest for me to say it myself, even in terms of letting him know that I wasn’t scared at all by what happened yesterday.

And in terms of the essential value of necessity, I’d like to think that now is the best time to do it, but… it’s like I’m implicitly inviting him.

I thought for a moment, and blinked twice.
I immediately thought, ‘I see, I don’t have to put it into words.’

If so, there is only one thing to do.

“Azel, Azel.”

I called out to Azel, placing my fingers in the gap between the collar that covered my neck, and pulled it off, leaving it open just to a certain extent.

I turned my head so he could clearly see the gap in my clothes, and poked at my exposed neck as if it has been a while.


Now then, help yourself with a nourishing energy drink… rather, the blood of the Hero to relieve your hunger.

I offered out, and said, ‘Mm!’
This technique is the legendary technique of a tsundere boy. There’s no way the person I did this to wouldn’t understand it.

Azel understood my intention and his expression changed restlessly from flustered to embarrassed. But, for some reason, he eventually glared at me.

Hmm? I thought he’d have his meal and check me how I was doing like the usual, but I wonder why he didn’t?

“Urgh… Yesterday, I… probably scared you. It must’ve been painful. You rejected me so strongly, didn’t you? …You don’t have to force yourself to feed me, okay? I’m a vampire, but I’m not the type of person who has to drink.”
“Rejected? …Huh, ah… That’s… different. It’s not like that.”
“Huh? Didn’t you tell me not to touch you?”

The way he was restraining himself while creating such a sad atmosphere made me feel impatient inside.

Azel didn’t seem to know why he was kicked out, after all.

But if you recall what happened yesterday, it can’t be helped.

I see, that’s right. If you looked only at the words, it would seem that I was frightened and disgusted.

I could feel the heat slowly gathering on my face. It’s embarrassing to say that.

Do I have to tell him that?
Azel still had the wrong idea, and was dispiritedly searching me for answers.
I guess I have to say it.

Seeing the sad expression on his face, depressed without knowing the circumstances, I somehow managed to come to terms with my embarrassment.

“You know, yesterday… You probably forgot but… for the first time, I got a lot of blood sucked from me, and simultaneously, for the first time… a-a lot of the aphrodisiac poison had entered inside.”
“I told you not to touch me, because… I didn’t want to let out a shameful gasp at your touch…!”

I guess Azel was unaware of the confession on my side, and had a face saying, ‘Come to think of it, that’s true.’
He completely forgot about this, didn’t he?

I went through a lot of trouble, you know.
After all, I had set the fastest record for coming.

Finally, the two of us were on the same page. We both turned bright red, and looked down for a while.

Silence fell upon the room. What’s up with today? I think I made some embarrassing confessions…?

The misunderstanding was completely resolved, but it caused a lot of damage to both sides.
As two adults who should know better at their age, we’re quite a mess.

And after saying that, it sounded like my appeal for him to drink from me was somewhat sexual.

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Chapter 25 – Bouquet of Flowers for the Rabbit Demon Lord: Part 2

“Sob… Shal… Thanks… f-for the flowers. Uhm… I’ll, I’ll take this as a sign of reconciliation. A gift for returning the favor. I’ll make sure to freeze it permanently with magic, and preserve it so it won’t ever die. It will be the treasure of the Demon Lord’s castle. It’s gratitude, after all. A sign of reconciliation. That’s why… I’ll have to make sure that it’ll be worshiped for eternity.”

“No, you don’t have to do that, so just use them normally. It’s medicine, after all. Please make use of them.”

After he quickly regained his composure, I had to wait and see what he had to say with his troubled speech.

Then, he suddenly took his face away from my head and gave me a look like he wanted to say, ‘What are you talking about?’

He was crying until just a while ago, so his eyes were as red as a rabbit’s.

What am I talking about? That should be my line. You rabbit Demon Lord.

Although the said person was a bit tsun-tsun1 because he was embarrassed about crying, the fact that he said that in a very serious way made less sense.

This guy is a bit weird after all.

I was glad that our reconciliation with a serious atmosphere had a happy ending just a while ago, but it doesn’t seem to conclude.

Well, that’s why Azel is Azel.
He was a little cute, so I unintentionally let out a laugh.

“Why are you laughing, hey… D-don’t tell me, it isn’t enough? Would you be happier if I made it into a sacred object2?”
“No, I’ll be happier if you use it.”

Why would you worship something that’s supposed to be drunk as tea as a sacred object?
How did this happen?

The moon in the demon realm was so bright that I could see the other person’s face well even in the moonlight.

So, I could clearly see Azel looking so dejected, with an expression oozing despair, that I could even see him with dog ears.

“Grrrrrr… You know what? Weaker humans might not know this, but once you use them, it’ll be gone, okay?

Yeah, that’s the face.
That’s the face when Gard treats me like a hamster.

He said it gently as if educating a child who had poor understanding, and I nodded with an enlightened expression.
The feeling is similar to that of a nursery teacher.

However, when I got this close to his face, I noticed he had faint dark circles.

I guess he hadn’t gotten much sleep last night and kept on working.

I made a serious face.
If I couldn’t help him recover from his fatigue soon, my efforts will go to waste.

Holding a lot of enthusiasm in my heart, I placed the bouquet of flowers I held in my hand on the table right beside him and grabbed both Azel’s shoulders firmly.

“Listen…! It won’t disappear, Azel. Even if you use this flower, it will continue to exist. Yes… inside your heart…!”
“W-what did you say…?!”
“So, make this a tea, drink it and get a good rest. Use every last one of the Arymas that I picked and live well…!”
“! I see…! Yeah, Shal picked them… So, it’s like another part of Shal…!”
“That’s right…! I want you to live a healthy life for me.”
“Then it can’t be helped, okay! I’m confident in my health. I’ll make this flower into tea and drink it, kill the germs and live brightly and cheerfully!”
“Well said!”

I deliberately spoke with exaggeration like a passionate spiritualist, and while saying, ‘Alright, good!’ I gently stroked my hand through Azel’s soft, silky hair.

Azel’s cheeks turned bright red at my sudden stroking, covering his face with both hands, and screamed something I couldn’t understand, ‘Huuwaaaeeee…!’

I thought he’d get mad because his hair was getting disheveled, but I guess he’s having seizures.

Yup. This is the usual Azel!

By the way, Azel’s hair was pleasing to touch and easy to stroke.

Come to think of it, when I first met him, his bangs were springing up. We were in the middle of a battle, but I couldn’t help but feel at ease with it.

As I combed Azel’s messy hair with my hand, I suddenly thought back to three weeks ago.

If I didn’t kill him, I’d have nowhere to go, but it was a battle that couldn’t be won by any estimate.

That day, I was so desperate with all the tension and pressure not to be left behind.

He was a cheat Demon Lord who easily evaded my attacks, and even if I did hit him, it was as if nothing had happened.
But he had his weird bangs bouncing around, so I laughed unintentionally.

After that, I was sunk in a pool of blood in an instant, and next thing I knew, I was in a cage. That’s how I got to where I am now.

Life is a series of unexpected things.
Being summoned to this world is one of them.

[1] tsun-tsun – ‘tsun’ from tsundere meaning prickly attitude; Azel trying to hide the fact that he wanted to keep it just because it was from Shal.
[2] sacred object – ‘shintai’ or an object of worship, usually housed in a shrine.

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