Chapter 42 – Large and Small Dogs


“Woof… W-Woof?!”


Azel landed softly on the open deck of the fortress, and that was when he finally noticed me on his back, nauseated with the spinning sensations.

My body was surrounded by dark magic and floated in the air.

At the same time, Azel had returned to his usual human form, gently holding me in his arms.

“Sh-Shal! Shal!”

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Chapter 41 – My Insides are Tingling Right Now

And so, it seemed that we had considerably advanced further while I was enjoying fluffing him to the point when I looked back, the demon lord’s castle was completely out of sight.

Beyond the vast grounds of the demon lord’s castle. Ahead of its walls, we passed through the town near the castle where various demons gathered. Then, further through the enchanted forest that surrounded it, constantly bewitching creatures with its illusions.

It would normally take two days for carriages used by humans, but Azel was still going fast.

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Chapter 40 – Riding on the Fluffball

“Woah… Wow. Cool. Amazing.”

Azel and I had left the demon lord’s castle ahead of schedule, and currently—we were rapidly going through the forest at an amazing speed. 

Oh, god. I know what you want to say.

Even I didn’t expect that I’d be able to travel so smoothly in the demon realm crawling with monsters on both ground and in the sky. It was all happening too quickly.

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空音 (Sorane) – Hug feat. kojikoji – English Lyrics Translation

Original (YouTube): 空音 / Sorane Hug feat. kojikoji (Album ver.) -Official Music Video-

English Lyrics

The Earth where boys run around with their underpants
Has been invaded by aliens
The Japanese people calling for help, and
The Napolitan made by the Restaurant chef begins to dance
They don’t have any emotions
As if they have left it on their “planet” for some reason
And the child asked to run an errand in the supermarket
Got sucked into a UFO

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Chapter 39 – Acts before Sunrise

—Three days after we had agreed to go for an inspection.

I woke up early in the morning when the sun hadn’t even risen yet, since I felt some kind of presence outside my room.

I was an early riser to begin with, so I must’ve been sleeping lightly. While rubbing my eyes, I went to the door to see if anyone was there and opened it quietly.


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Chapter 38 – Outing ≠ Date ≠ Inspection

—After a while.

As expected, there was no way I could learn summoning magic in an instant, so I was allowed to leave the magic sealing necklace loose in order for me to practice. 

The output was just small enough to be able to use life magic, but with this, the ban on magic was finally lifted for me.

Azel looked very conflicted with his desire to grant my wish and his fear of me escaping.

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