Chapter 74 – The Battle of Handling the Payment

I walked, embarrassed by the stares, a different phenomenon from the curious looks and buzzing when I went here alone.

Probably it was thanks to being guided by the route that we had arrived at the clothing store in no time.

We rang the doorbell and entered the store together.

The relief on the faces of everyone in the city as we entered the store and the hopelessness of the customers and the shopkeeper were heaven and hell itself.

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Chapter 72 – The Ultracute Pretty Boy and the Tomato Demon Lord

After that, I refused to wear a pareo, a bikini, and shorts with a five-centimeter inseam, over and over again. I couldn’t decide on an outfit at all.

But it was when I was utterly exhausted that Ulysse shouted at me.

“You said you’d have to get dressed first, but the Demon Lord has been restlessly waiting for you all day at the entrance hall! Don’t you want him to think you’re so cool for being quick and decisive?!”

With that, I instantly got fired up and aggressively went through the pile of clothes. …I wanted him to think I was cool too.

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Chapter 69 – Morning Chirm Too Soon

Volume 3 – The Hero, the Fake Hero, and the Benefactor Hero


I woke up to the soft radiance of the sun and saw that it was morning, just as I had expected.

Then, I got up.

I always found it easy to get out of bed as soon as I wake up, so I never felt sleepy in the mornings. Whenever I was sleepy at night, though, I always felt sluggish.

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Chapter 65 – A Tempter’s Light Attribute ※

“I’ve always wondered about this. It’s hard to tell without looking at it closely, but you’ve got a lot of scars.”

“That’s because I, hnn…! I couldn’t use… restorative magic, so… with only potions… H-Ha…!”

Azel had apparently found a number of scars that were barely visible, and nodded curiously at my broken response, saying, “Humans need recovery potions, huh…”

It seemed that they didn’t have potions in the demon realm. If you had an injury that couldn’t recover on its own, then there was no helping it since potions could not heal up to that degree.

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