Chapter 62 – Seduction of an Earnest, Airheaded, Handsome Hero (Part 1)

My head was on fire, and my heart was begging for more. In order to receive more than this, I had to take our relationship to the next level.

My head spun around as I wondered how I could seduce him into accepting me.

What’s your type? I know you’re a demon and all, but are you fine being with a man? If so… If I worked on my charm, would you still touch me, responsibilities aside?

That was all that weighed on my mind. I kept on thinking about how I could become his ideal type.

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Chapter 61 – Welcome to Touch Me

“……Ah! W-Wait a minute. How did that happen? I don’t like being touched on the chest, though?!”

“O-Ooh? Uhh… Is that so? Sorry, I jumped to conclusions.”

Grrr… Well, it’s alright, as long as you understand. …But, I… I-I like it when you touch me.”

“! Th…at’s good to hear. A-Alright. Then, do you want me to massage you, after all?”

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Chapter 60 – Lending One’s Chest

What’s going on? I wonder if he hates it.

In the middle of Azel’s groaning, I decided to think about the proper course of action for my plan.

But what should I do…?

It had been a really long time since I thought about falling in love with someone and trying to get them to like me somehow, so I didn’t know how to get closer to him.

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Chapter 58 – The Demon Lord in Me (Size Azel)

The moon completely illuminated me as I transformed into a giant wolf.

“You’re the one who hurt Shal?”

I looked down at the sea-dwelling demon with his mouth dyed red and asked him. He was unable to scream since his shadow was bound, and was only able to beg me for help by moving his large eyeball.

I glanced at him, and cut off all the mermen’s fingers surrounding him with precision.

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Chapter 57 – I am for You (Side Azel)

As soon as I heard Ulysse’s words, I ran through the air, desperately chasing the scent of Shal’s magic as I headed towards the city.

It was hard to breathe, as if my heart was about to be crushed. My ears were ringing and I couldn’t hear a sound.

I didn’t expect that Shal would leave on his own.

Why did he leave? Does he hate it in the naval base? To the point of venturing out into the dangerous city?

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Chapter 56 – That Guy, For the Demon Lord (Side Ulysse)

“……He’s fast. Right, he did say something about being a hero, didn’t he? He seems to have a high status, too. His potential is high… Hmph…”

So, after that guy lost the battle, suddenly disappearing with a slightly flushed face and droopy eyebrows…

I opened the front door, thinking that he must’ve gone to the inn like I told him to, but no one was there anymore. 

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Chapter 55 – The Demon Lord for Me (Side Ulysse)

I am Ulysse. A great whale demon with dog-like features, and part of the Ketos1Ketos – or Cetus, from the Greek Mythology clan – Ulysse Ketomago.

The term ‘Ketos’ officially referred to all monsters living in the sea.

In the course of time, we, the unknown monsters, had come to be referred to as the Ketos, or the so-called mythical sea creatures.

My father, a Ketos demon, was the Commander of the Demon Realm Navy. As such, he was titled as the Nameless, Raging Commander. A raging commander without a name. It literally just meant that. The naming crystal didn’t really have a good taste for names. 

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