Chapter 81 – The Strongest Principle of Happy Office Work

The door was slammed shut. I guess that pretty much wrapped up the paperwork for today.

Reisen seemed to have a hard time wrapping his head around Azel’s behavior. Still, when I reported our relationship to him, he congratulated us so much, you know?

He was surprised to see us so close to each other when we returned after he sent us to do an inspection, but I found later that he had prepared a feast. He held my hand and told me to take care of the Demon Lord.

When I handed him his souvenir, he gave me a crystal with his own tail feathers in it as a gift.

So this is the famous phoenix tail…!

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Chapter 80 – Mama-sen Had Seen Much of Life

Currently, Azel was sitting at the study desk and I on his lap, checking and working on documents.

And Azel was hugging my waist and pampering me while signing and reading the documents, then using his magic to move the stamp and make his approvals.

It wasn’t nonsensical. After a great deal of deliberation, I figured this was the best and most efficient way to work.

Azel seemed to be busy hugging me with his cheeks flushed. Still, his eyes were swiftly reading, and he could control his magic to handle the documents without losing concentration.

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Chapter 78 – The Value of Memories

“—So, I ran away and was saved by the words of the hero I met in the human realm. And now, I’m a demon lord who is just one-hundred percent being himself. What d’you think? Do you rememb… eaah?! Shal?!”

“Nn, nngh… Oh, god. The world is so much kinder than it seems…”

After Azel finished sharing with me his precious memories, he slowly turned to me.

And at the same time, he saw me with tears flowing down and stood up, knocking over his chair with his face surprised.

I didn’t mean to startle him. I was the type of hero who could cry without sobbing noises. However, I felt a slight tingle in the back of my throat, knowing that Azel wouldn’t find it annoying.

But that story couldn’t be told nor heard without tears, right? Ah, god.

I sniffled.

My whole being was crying when I heard Azel’s recounting of the story.

In the present time, Azel was adored as the demon lord by everyone in the castle. He was acting in a dignified manner even in the city, emitting an aura of a ruler.

But, to think that in the past, he had a crushing struggle between the place where he belonged and his heart…!

Even though he seemed to have the strength to be unfazed by anything, he wasn’t like that from the beginning.

The reason behind his childish behavior, despite his appearance, was an understandable sad story.

Love and sadness poured out of my eyes, and I wanted to hug him right away.

“W-Woah, y-you’re cryi…?! A-Are you hurt?! Who did this to you!”

“Y… You did… Hh… Hic…”

“So, it’s me. I’ll kill myself.”


Wait, wait! Stop! Don’t kill yourself.

I reflexively grabbed the body that was suddenly about to run towards the sea and managed to hold it back.

For some reason, there was no light in Azel’s eyes. I mean, his eyes were too black as the dark night and somewhat lightless from the start, but now, they didn’t have light at all.

“D-Don’t do it, Azel…! You should have more fun and happiness from now on! Are you trying to make me a widow already…?!”

“?! I deserve to die for making you cry, but a widowed hero somehow sounds erotic… No, that’s not good! Men won’t leave you alone! I’ll live!”

“Yes. You’re beautiful!”

[T/N: *insert Princess Mononoke meme*]

There was a lot of noise and commotion. Azel looked so serious and determined, so I clapped my hands and said bravo.

That, or it took a few minutes for Azel to sit down and for my tears to settle down.

Yeah. Certainly, I was a hero, and Azel was a demon lord. And we were certainly a new couple. Two grown men going all out.

In case you were wondering, we were the only customers in the cafe, so don’t worry. The circle without anyone else in it was now just like a fence, whereas the clerks were just lined up by the wall in case they were called at any time.

As I watched Azel soothe his overworked throat with coconut juice, I also put the rest of my fish in my stomach and drank some water. His mouth holding the straw was pouty. He looked cute.

—I was glad to know about Azel’s past.

Even the strongest demon lord who could do anything was troubled by something like that.

I knew that he was sensitive, timid, and not very good with emotions. That part of him was also unbearably endearing and attractive.

But… it wasn’t until I came to the demon realm that I learned about it. I couldn’t quite remember the events that Azel had mentioned.

I was the only hero named Shal in the human realm, and I always wore a black cloak when I did my missions to conceal myself from people, so I believed it was me. I was also the one in charge of disposing of any suspicious figures in the castle.

I definitely wouldn’t remember everything that happened in my life at the castle. Still, I wished I could’ve remembered the memories that Azel held so dearly and kept alive.

Why couldn’t I remember? Did I have amnesia or something? Did someone take my memory?

I felt painfully guilty, as if I was belittling Azel’s precious memories.

Seeing me like that, Azel placed his hand on my head.

Then, perhaps he was trying to pat me, but the hand above my head moved so poorly, it seemed like he was moving a computer mouse. It felt like my head was going to be clicked sooner or later.

“Y-You don’t have to remember. I swear that saved my life, and that’s why I was waiting for you to come and kill me. …From the beginning, I was thinking I’d capture you for losing. I wasn’t really sure how to tell you, so I just said it was for the… blood, but really, I just wanted you to be there for me like you were then.”

I squinted at the sensation of the weight on my head and gently watched Azel as he told me his reason for keeping me.

I never had anyone tell me the story behind something like that before.

I really thought I was kept as delicious food, so honestly, I was relieved deep inside right now.

Blood was also a part of me, but that alone may make him fall in love with people from another world. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have such anxiety deep inside.

Azel shouldn’t have known about my anxiety, but he had given me reassurance, my heart skipping a beat.

“I’m such a sly guy. Not to mention, it was a debt of gratitude that I had to pay, but… the more I got involved with you, the more I realized that I was being drawn to you as a person, day by day. I wanted to monopolize you. But… I had never been… in love before, so I didn’t immediately recognize the feelings that had changed… It was really uncool of me to have let you step in and tell me everything. I’m really not very good at this kind of thing.”

“Hm… I’ve never had the idea of falling in love with a man, so I also didn’t even realize despite us having touched each other so much. When I had collected myself, I thought that I wouldn’t have let you do that to me unless you were someone I was interested in… We’re both uncool, don’t you think?”

“You’re a god…”

The hand that had been patting me was instantly brought together, and he worshipped me with a straight face.

No, I’m not a god. I’m your lover, albeit an unworthy one.

I gently ran my own hand over Azel’s joined hands as he prayed.

I caressed it and stared at him. Azel turned his face away, but his eyes were still looking at me.

Entwined with his eyes and gaze, I placed my index finger on my lips with my free hand and slightly lowered my eyes. This way of enticing was too easy to understand that it seemed to have gotten through to Azel.


He caught my hand and gently kissed me.

After separating from him a bit, he bit my lower lip again soon.

We touched each other again and again, changing the angles of our neck and kissing.

As we stared into each other’s eyes, revealing our flushed faces, we kissed each other playfully. It was embarrassing, yet sweet and fun.

“Hah… We better get going. It’ll be midnight before we arrive at the castle.”

“…I’m gonna make a real run for it, so, l-let me have some more…”

“I’ll give you as much as you want.”

We giggled and laughed at each other, met to rub our foreheads together, and now our lips were deeply pressed together.

Azel seemed to like kissing. I would like it too if it was with him. We were on the same page.

Your precious memories. Even if I don’t remember them, that past is the reason we are here today and that we can touch each other like this.

Shall we check out first to see if such miracles and happy feelings are possible?

—Speaking of what happened next…

I’d like to let you know that it was late at night when we finally returned to the demon lord’s castle after two days, and that we ended up sleeping in the same bed.

Gh… He just sucked on my lips and licked every inch of my mouth for the rest of the night to make me feel good with kisses…!

I felt a slight sense of danger as I sensed that my various erogenous zones were being developed more and more sensitively.

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Chapter 77 – The Lonely and Cowardly Demon Lord: Part 2

He couldn’t bear to watch, so he ran away. His movements must have been suspicious to the humans.

But of course, he wasn’t composed enough to care about that. He went to a secluded garden at the back of the castle and curled up.

The idea of being hated was scary.

For someone who had been living in the wild, consuming the blood of monsters, not realizing that he was alone in a place where there was not even a single person who could bear him ill will, this was a first for him.

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Chapter 3 – You Like Me, Don’t You?

I had started my life together with Master. Within a few days, he broke.

“Sugar. Call me by my name, Dianus.”

I grinned and would sometimes call him Master in a mean way. Dianus—Di had become so much nicer to me.

“Sugar. Sugar? Where did you go?”

“I’m here, Di. I was reading a book.”

As soon as I was out of his sight for a while, he would call my name. He would hold me in his arms once he found me. At first, I felt pain and discomfort when I touched Dianus because of the poison, but now I didn’t feel anything. I probably got used to it.

“Sugar. Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t. Once I get used to it, everything seems to be fine.”

“I see. That’s good.”

Di rubbed his cheek against mine. He mentioned before, though embarrassed, that he never had this much contact with people before. In the end, I let him have his way. If it had been the other way around, I might’ve done the same thing.

He also taught me a lot of things. The first one was using Appraisal.

“I used Appraisal on you. You didn’t have a name, so I figured I could bind you to me.”

“Names are important in this world, aren’t they?”

“If your opponent is stronger than you, they can use Appraisal against you. You won’t be able to look at mine without my permission.”

“Do you think I can use Appraisal?”

I wasn’t really sure what I could do.

“You should be able to. It was in your skills. A gift from the goddess, perhaps. Try using it on yourself.”

Di patiently taught me everything to the letter.

“Hmm… 『Appraisal』 Oh, there it is.”

A display that looked like a game screen appeared in front of me.

Name     Sugarion Veno
Age         6 years old

HP          10/10
MP          5/10

Poison Resistance              EX
Pain Reduction                    8
Poison Production              10
Medicine Production         10
Appraisal                              10

Reincarnated from Another World
Under the Creator’s Divine Protection | Under the God of Medicine’s Divine Protection | Demigod | God’s Fallen Child | God’s Beloved One | Follower of the Poison Dragon, Dianus | Under the Poison Dragon’s Divine Protection | Poison Dragon’s Beloved One

“Somehow, there’s quite a lot of them.”

“Anything is better than nothing, right?”

Hmm, the strangest thing about my skills was…

“Hey, Di. What’s a demigod…?”

“Hmm. Something like a god, but not a god? I don’t know, but maybe you’ll be getting some kind of directive from the goddess?”

Eugh, that sounded like a pain in the ass. Well, if the goddess had anything to say to me, I would complain about being thrown into the swamp. That one was horrible.

“By the way, you really like me, don’t you?”

“Master has been lonely for years, after all!”

Di became overly elated and kissed me on the forehead.


My forehead became swollen with sores and made me look unrecognizable for about three days. Body fluids. It was really severe.

“Sugar, I want to kiss you.”

“Are you trying to kill me?”

“You won’t die.”

“I won’t! But! It’ll hurt like hell, okay?!”

“Just get used to it!”


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Chapter 2 – Master and I

Cold. It’s so cold…

My body kept on shivering.

“What a bother…”

I thought I heard a deep, sluggish voice, but I felt a warm body heat nearby, so I drew closer to it.

“You’re cold.”

Hmph. Like I care! I’m freezing to death!

As I snuggled to keep myself warm, I grew sleepier and sleepier, and let go of my consciousness.


I woke up and saw it was dark, but I was relieved that I wasn’t in a swamp. On the contrary, it seemed like I was on a bed.

“Where… am I?”

It was a bit dim, but when I looked around, it seemed like I was inside some large place… like a building made of stones.

“Ugh… Cough! Cough!

I coughed. It was so painful it felt like my throat was burning. It hurt. It hurt so much, I couldn’t stop coughing!

Cough! Cough! Uuh…”

I coughed, spitting out red blood onto my palm. It was poison. The air here was poisoned. My limbs were numbed, and my vision was clouded. I became dazed… and after a while, I stopped coughing.

“Ugh… That was painful…”

The haze in my eyes subsided, and the sensation in my limbs returned as if my body had become accustomed to the poison.

“Oh? You’re alive. What are you?”

I turned towards the unfamiliar voice and saw a hill slowly moving.

“Eek…! I-It’s a dragon!”

A dragon of the same color as the swamp raised its head and looked at me, with purple smoke seeping from its mouth.

“To survive in this miasma, you’re not human, are you? Hey, little one.”

Purple smoke poured out every time he spoke. And that smoke brushed against my fingertips.

“Ack! It hurts!”

My fingers that came into contact with it turned purple and looked like they were on the verge of rotting. It hurt, it hurt so much! It felt like someone was chopping off my finger.

“Why, of course. It’s my poisonous breath. If exposed to it, any creature will die. So before that happens, answer me. What are you?”

“It hurts! It hurts—!”

“Answer me quickly. You’re about to die, so answer my question before you do.”

“Ow… Haah, hah… It stopped. I wonder if there’s anything I can do about this. Did that god really think it through and made me resistant to it?”

My fingers, which had been rotting to death, were back to normal. Hmm, I felt like my hands were strangely small, though?


I hurriedly turned around and saw that the voice came from the dragon’s. Then, I felt something unpleasant, as if something was crawling all over my body and looking into all my secrets.

“W-What did you do?”

“Hmm… You don’t have a name, do you? Do you want me to give you one?”

Name? I didn’t have one. Was it because this world was different? I wondered why the dragon suddenly mentioned having a name. But perhaps, it was because it was inconvenient to have none at all, and that this dragon who looked like a hill didn’t know what to call me.

“A name? I don’t mind…”

“Then, your name is Sugarion. Sugarion Veno. That’s fine, right?”

What was that…? I felt something strange about its words… Was there something in the name?

“I asked you if it’s fine! Say yes!”


My train of thought was shattered into pieces by his intimidation, and I couldn’t help but give an obedient reply. It was the reflex of a corporate slave.

“Hahaha! It’s done. I have bound you. You’ll really hate the goddess for throwing you out here without a single clue. Am I wrong, Sugar?”

“What… do you mean?”

The dragon smiled with satisfaction, forming a wicked grin on its huge face.

“You have become my follower. In other words, you’re my servant. That’s what it means to be named by someone. You never asked anything, did you? Fallen child.”

“Huh…? What’s with that?”

“If you have any complaints, tell it to your goddess. That’s what happens when you wander around without a name and not within your parents’ sight. Perhaps you’re different on the inside, but your outside appearance is that of a child, see.”


There was so much going on that I started to panic. F-First of all, regarding myself… Didn’t he just say ‘child’? Certainly, the Japanese tend to look younger than their age, but I thought being called a child was a bit over the top as a working adult.

“Huh? I’ve become smaller?”

“You’ve been like that since I found you.”

I looked once again and saw that my hands were small. So were my feet. My height was also short, and my voice high, like a child’s.

“I’m a child! I’m turning into a child!”

“Be silent, Sugar.”

“What’s this? I’m like about five years old? I’m too small!”

“I said be silent! Shut your mouth! Sugar!”

My mouth snapped shut, regardless of my will.

“?! …! …! …!!”

“Listen to me. Do you understand, Sugar?”

I nodded my head. I really couldn’t speak a word.

“I permit you.”

“Uwehh, so mean! What the hell did you do?! Uhh… Who are you again? I don’t know your name.”

The dragon seemed to be taken aback, but…

“If you don’t know about the poison dragons, the Venos… then, you can call me Master.”


“Are you dissatisfied?”

“Not reaaally? Mas-ter.”

“You… How impudent!”

However, he didn’t trample me down and even told me a lot of things. I immediately understood why. He had always been alone.

“Why aren’t you dying? My poison kills all living things, you know.”

“It’s probably the power of the goddess. It’s not that poisons are ineffective against me. I’m just resistant to it. At first, I thought I was going to die a horrible death, but once I got used to it, I was fine.”

“Got used to it?! You got used to my poison?”

“I still feel like I’m being ripped apart, but… I’m definitely not dead.”

Master said he hadn’t spoken to anyone since before he became a poison dragon. I couldn’t help but be moved by his words. I didn’t know how long he had been living, but it seemed that he had always been by himself. Whenever he would come close to a creature, it would die. That was how it had always gone.

“Can I come over to your side?”

Master asked. I answered.

“Don’t wanna. I don’t want to be crushed. You’re huge, Master.”

I noticed it immediately. Master was lonely. If I had been alone all my life, it would be… difficult. That was why Master was happy to have someone to talk to after all these years. He said that he would treasure me even if I did some things he didn’t like.

Sure enough, he mumbled something in his mouth about me being impudent, but he didn’t yell at me. He muttered another word or two, then his body steadily shrunk, and there I saw a grown man standing there.

“Do you have any more complaints?”

“Woah… Magic? Amazing!”

His hair was deep green, like the color of a poison dragon’s surface, and his eyes were golden. He was beautiful.

“If a dragon lives long enough, they all learn to use magic.”

He said he was bored, so he decided to give it a try, apparently. Hmm, I see. I walked over to his side and reached out my hands.

“Master. Hug.”

I said to him.

Master looked like he had mixed feelings, but… he held me up in his arms. It was definitely the same warmth that had warmed me when I was shivering from the cold.

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Chapter 1 – I Wanted to Try It Once

Volume 1 – Reincarnated

I had always been a bit strange. If I had been extremely strange, I could’ve made a name for myself in this day and age. But I wasn’t. I was just a bit more interested in poisons than most people.

I went to school normally, got a job normally, worked normally at a black company for three years… Then, on one of my occasional day-offs, I was strolling along the river bank when I found aconite growing its leaves on a warm spring day. I was curious about its poison, so I looked up its characteristics on my phone and confirmed my suspicions. I gently plucked the leaf and went home. There, temptation arose.

I boiled it and ate it.

Yes, I ate boiled aconite. I poured some soy sauce and bonito flakes on it and chomped it down. Wouldn’t you be curious if you had on hand what was said to be one of the strongest poisons in the plant kingdom?

Well, perhaps I was just tired… and wanted to get away from everything.

I was reading on my phone when my mouth and limbs went numb. My stomach started hurting, and I felt regret, but… before I could throw up, drink milk, or call an ambulance, my heart stopped. My heart lacked willpower, huh.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was in what looked like a hospital examination room, sitting on a spinning round chair. There was a female doctor in front of me, and she was very beautiful. She had blonde hair and seemed radiant.

“To be called beautiful makes me so happy! Thank you! I’ll make your face pretty too!”

Uhh, did someone call an ambulance for me?

“Nope. You’re dead. You ate a poisonous plant, right? I can’t believe you. Well, I guess that’s why they gave me a discount.”

So, I died— …Is this the afterlife? Then, is this young lady the god of death? I mean, it’s like I killed myself, so… I guess I’m going to hell?

“I don’t want you to go to hell. I want you to go to the world I created. The guy I sent there went out of control, and things are going horribly wrong. Also, how should I put this… I’m more interested in the other world… And it’s a lot more fun there…”

The young lady slowly averted her gaze.

Uhhh, keep it simple, please.

“In your original world, you died in a manner that was akin to suicide. If left unchanged in that world, it would cause tremendous damage to society.”

There was a possibility that something like, ‘going to eat aconite now’ would go viral on social media. Well, that would be a problem.

“That’s why the god of your original world erased you. But isn’t that just pitiful? That’s why, your soul was put up for sale at a discount, and I bought it!”

She put on a smug face.

Does that mean this person’s a god, too?

“That’s right. Though, you’re quite laid back even though it’s you we’re talking about.”

Isn’t this what happens when you get too disconnected from reality? And, does the goddess want to send me into her world?

“Yes. I just want to do something about that world already! I’m not saying it’s for free, of course. You’ve always wanted to eat poison, haven’t you?”

Yeah, I ate one, and that’s why I’m dead.

“I’ll make you resistant to poison. A special kind of person. You’ll know what it tastes like, how it smells, and feel its effects, but it’ll never kill you, and it won’t leave any aftereffects. What do you think? You can savor as much as you like.”

“Maybe I’ll go—?”

I spoke out loud at that moment. The goddess smiled and enthusiastically stamped a piece of paper on the desk.

“As expected of the soul I had set my eyes on! I’ll be sending you quickly, okay? I’ll leave it up to you. You’ll also have the smartphone that’s popular these days, so you don’t have to worry, okay? Bye bye!”

The smiling goddess waved her hand, and a hole suddenly appeared on the floor where the chair I was sitting on had been.


I fell into the hole, leaving behind one strange voice.

“Phew! Now, we’re all done here. I wonder how Xenogear is doing—!”

Little did I know that I wouldn’t be receiving any more divine protection from the goddess.



She dropped me. I was cold. It didn’t hurt, but I was cold.

“This is… water…?”

I looked around and saw that the area was covered in thick fog and trees, so visibility was poor. Worst of all, I landed on water… or rather on mud. No, on a swamp.

“It’s cold! Not to mention, it feels tingly… Oh, this. It’s poison.”

My entire body was covered in mud and smelled like shit! My limbs got numb from being soaked in the muddy water. I looked around for the shore, but the swamp was stretched out in every direction.

“No… way?”

The cold water took away my body heat. In addition, the poison from the swamp seeped into my body, and I found myself unable to move.

“Huh, wait, wait! God, w-what’s h…a…”

I heard a loud squishy noise, and my body sank.

Wait! Just wait! If I sink into the swamp, I’ll die! It’s even cold and freezing! Will I freeze to death? Will I drown?

“Someone help—!”

My desperate cries echoed through the swamp, but no one showed up to help, and the mud engulfed me up to the top of my head.

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Welcome to Sugar’s Poison Shop ~If you mess around, you’ll die, okay?~


The English translation for the novel “Welcome to Sugar’s Poison Shop ~If you mess around, you’ll die, okay?~” will be uploaded here with permission from the author, Uriko-san!

I got curious about the novel since it was about a protagonist who wanted to try eating poison and ended up dying (only to get reincarnated to another world with certain perks). The story was quite fast paced, and might be good for reading something casual, but overall, I enjoyed it.

This might not be updated regularly since it’s only a side project, but I hope you like her work!

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Chapter 76 – The Lonely and Cowardly Demon Lord: Part 1

—Once upon a time. The Demon Lord, Azelidias, had grown weary.

He was just a stray demon who lived a carefree life. But all his hardships began when the demon lord’s crest suddenly manifested on him after the predecessor died.

The crest manifests itself on the body of a strong demon who had the greatest combat power at the time. When the bearer dies, the crest would naturally appear again to the strongest one at that time.

It was an ancient curse decreed by the ruler at the time of the creation of the demon realm to prevent any struggle for supremacy.

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