Chapter 7 – Every Drop of His Blood

Volume 2 – Crimson Dragon

What I had arrived at was a big nation. Then, once the dragons reached the landing site, they all turned human and took me straight to the apothecary.

“Make that antidote.”

I did as I was told and started making that less effective antidote. I even had all the ingredients. There was no need to rush out to gather what was missing. The tools were also complete and tidy. I didn’t have to boil the medicinal herbs in the cooking pot.

However, I made a lot of fuss, asking more of this and that, despite knowing that the antidote I made with Di would work better.

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Chapter 86 – I Understand (Side Azel)

Despite my hesitation and anguish, I reached out my hand as quickly as I could, but it only brushed the air.

I had no time to think. Just when I thought that he would disappear, my body moved on its own.

But I was too late. My tears continued to fall without stopping. I didn’t even know why I reached out my hand, but nothing was left on it.

—The Shal I loved was not the benefactor I sought.

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Chapter 84 – I Don’t Know

Uneasiness stirred in me, and I thought I had to get out of the room quickly.

The hero was stronger than I had expected. Even if the summoning happened too soon, I thought he wouldn’t have had the time to train.

The moment the hero became suspicious of Azel’s lack of pursuit was about the same time I stepped out to get away from him.

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Chapter 4 – A Kiss with the Taste of an Antidote

I continued to eat poison, day after day. I already got used to it before I even knew it. No matter how strong the poison is, as long as you keep on receiving it even little by little, you will get used to it.

“Fwa… Hya… Tii… Ti… i.”

“Sugar, you’re so cute.”

After a year of eating poisoned meals three times a day, I grew up fast and had developed a tolerance for Di’s kisses… But, the paralytic and neurotic toxins were so strong that I couldn’t move my tongue, and my mind was so clouded that I couldn’t think straight.

Di had once poured a lot of poison into me in a hurry. It went so bad that I was unconscious for a while.

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Chapter 83 – I Can’t Tell You

It didn’t take long for us to get from his office to the throne room.

Nothing particular happened on our way there, and of course, the same went for me.

I would’ve walked in, calm and collected, but Azel, standing in front of the door to the throne room, looked at me restlessly.

Doing a poker face was one of my strong points. But the fact that he looked at me like that meant that he must have sensed my unease.

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Chapter 82 – I Don’t Have It

—The door to the peaceful office suddenly slammed opened, and a cupbat jumped in.

“My lord! My lord! In throne room! Waiting! Please!”

“Hah? I’ve already given my audience this morning. I don’t wanna go back to that place until I’ve spent every last second of my precious time with Shal. What’s this all about?”

The cupbat, the Demon Lord’s underling and personal caretaker, fluttered around Azel and called out to him hurriedly.

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Chapter 81 – The Strongest Principle of Happy Office Work

The door was slammed shut. I guess that pretty much wrapped up the paperwork for today.

Reisen seemed to have a hard time wrapping his head around Azel’s behavior. Still, when I reported our relationship to him, he congratulated us so much, you know?

He was surprised to see us so close to each other when we returned after he sent us to do an inspection, but I found later that he had prepared a feast. He held my hand and told me to take care of the Demon Lord.

When I handed him his souvenir, he gave me a crystal with his own tail feathers in it as a gift.

So this is the famous phoenix tail…!

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